How many more weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago does Trump need to take before you cucks realize he conned you all?

How many more weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago does Trump need to take before you cucks realize he conned you all?

Oh, Jesus. Eight more years of this fucking shills.

Let's talk about the russia think

>nigger can go on weekend vacations
>white guy can't

You are such a fucking racist

He likes being there. I have no problem with it.

Im confused. Are you suggesting Hillary would have been better? Hehehe... Hahahaha.... What is your point?

Shills out in force

What hillshill?

why do you care mate? you're not american.


We don't even get paid, unlike you wasting your life for 0.02

Sharebull has got the sads after yesterday's hearing

Trumps gone on a weekend vacation literally every weekend thus far.

>Americans waste their tax dollars on trumpy's family outings
>china is busy building an empire
>Americans will think this is a joke
>8 years from now, China will be the one setting the grounds for all trade and military action
Can't wait for these American fucks to go away.

What's wrong with our F├╝hrer spending weekends at the trash pigeon nest?

right, and working in the weekdays... so what's the problem?
>inb4 being dah presidant is a 24h jurb!
>inb4 it costing da tax payer muney!!!
no it's not, fake news.

Thank you for your reply. 0.02 rubles have been deposited into your account.

Nah. Brock will go to prison eventually. Just you wait.

Trump literally complained about Obama doing the same thing

oh look it's another ciber volunteer making a fool of himself

i guess i hate trump now

And? I don't work on the weekends either.

Neat projection kid

All of them.

Obama was golfing while he was needed, like when he took a vacation during the Louisiana flooding

Trumptards will literally defend anything Trump does.

It's kinda of scary

Checked that for you my neet

Where else would he conduct policy and strategy meetings? He obviously can't take a shit in dc without it leaking.

CNN breaking news: Trump polishes with wet wipe after shitting.

how many weekends did Obama sit around in the White House?

Every weekend for the next 120 years.

Then I might start to have a problem with the fact that he is old as fuck.

No one cares if he golfs at his own golf course. Deal with it!

And why shouldn't he?

Shut up, Airstrip Two.

I just don't get it. You libs are supposed to be faggots. Are you seriously telling me you'd rather suck Soros' cock over Putin's?

If that's the case, liberalism really is a mental illness.

Yeah, no one deserves to have a day off. Especially golfing which is the worse leisure activity imaginable. Why cant he spend his weekend crunching numbers or bringing peace to the middle east? Obama never took a day off and that is a scientifically proven fact.

I hope the world burns, preferably leafland first.


It was a waste of money to rebuild and protect Japan. They should have just grown us rice after the war.

Don't forget Evan McMullin and 'The Reagan Battailon'. Sup Forums needs to realize they might even have more influence than Shareblue.

If he ordered a drone strike on you, yeah I'd defend that.

Yea, Trump was a mistake. After this term nobody will ever take anybody from this side of the political spectrum serious again.

Because these weekend trips cost the taxpayer $3 million each way, and he likely profits off of the gov't use of Mar-a-lago through various fees. He's scamming you.


>Person doesn't agree with me
>Must be a liberal
>Those faggots suck cock

I just don't get it. You reps are supposed to be cucks. Are you seriously telling me you'd rather suck Putin's cock over Reagan's?

If that's the case, conservatism really is a mental illness.

kill yourself shareblue faggots. You contribute nothing to society and you will always be this way.

Well you aren't the most powerful person in the world. Geopolitics don't take a break on the weekend.

It also doesn't cost the American taxpayer $3 million for you to travel home and stay there for two days.

Stupid American still thinks Trump isn't cucking him.

I love Trump and would literally give my life for him. I'm waiting and training for the day he needs me.

He's not safe in Washington and every square inch is bugged. All the strategy is being discussed in Florida. It's also why his family remains holed up in Trump Tower.

Why are you so unreasonably angry with Donald Trump?

There's nothing you can do as a foreigner to oust him out of power. The election was held in November, you can't redo history.

You need to accept the present, you need to accept reality. Honestly if you don't step away from the PC and accept the election results and just make endless threads like these, you're genuinely a delusional person. I worry whether or not you're paid to do this, at least the people who make dildos for a living aren't delusional about their paychecks.

Are you, CorrectTheRecord/ShareBlue/Unknown Journalist fishing for hits on Sup Forums/OP?

I'm pretty sure these are antifa or loose but organized SJWs from reddit. I don't think gov't shills or paid shills would even care about Sup Forums.