Trump is lying on twitter again

>trump is lying on twitter again

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You can't handle the bants sage?


N-not my god emperor


They are looking for kyle..

wow lots of asians and spics on pol... wtf

What else is new?

fat chicks and nerds

he is tweeting

You shills still aren't getting it. Nobody gives a fuck if he lies. That's not his job. His job is to drive you libtards into the insane asylums where you belong.

saged and hidden faggot


every time

>37% approval rating
>lowest in presidential history
> has to cry on twitter every damn second
If you honestly voted for this orange bastard, you are a part of the problem.

>implying millennials voted

>just wait til he's elected you'll see how presidential he will be
>his Twitter posts are just for the pri...general election

Drumpfcucks ladies and gents


>find a group of conspiracy theorist outcasts who are actually not autistic and who understand interpersonal relations and global politics and group psychology
>openly attack said conspiracy theorist outcasts
>making them even more paranoid
>kickstarting the meme machine
>be so obvious about it that it becomes a joke among the outcasts
>half of the Shilling isn't even Shilling but are just shitposts
>no one knows the difference
>all it does is validate the beliefs of the conspiracy theorist outcasts because you have literally proven there is a conspiracy against them

Bumped because of Drumpf supporter salt.


God shills are out in force today

His approval rating is 50%

Nice job nerd virgin

Those polls are fake, fucking shill.

The 'Americans aren't White' thing isn't a meme anymore. I'm actually starting to believe there's no White people in the United States.

You seem really angry, like super duper angry.

Have you thought about taking a break from making angry threads about Donald Trump? Can't be healthy for you OP.

>Trump is lying on twitter
that's an euphemism

Lol nobody who voted for him gives a shit if he lies, we just want him to literally and physically destroy cultural marxism and the radical useful idiots that infest our society. If he has to lie to crush some DNC/commie scum under his boot then so be it. We literally do not care about anything but winning. Obvious shariablue shills are obvious.

How will Trump destroy cultural marxism without cancelling the First Amendment?