You have to admit Sup Forums, she has a point

You have to admit Sup Forums, she has a point

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>she would have disagreed with you

So, if she wasnt murdered by illegal aliens then she would have disagreed? Reasonable desu

People often don't know what's best for them.

Well we will never know because her granny got TACOED

Well then nothing of value was lost

Belle needs to be raped

>murdered woman would have made excuses for her killers
This is exactly why the 14th Amendment was a mistake.

This is a new kind of self hate.

>Kill as many of us as possible, I will never blame you.

Implying her GM:
> I'd rather be dead, than presenting facts
> Facts are racist

I mean literally the tweet just says that she was beaten and killed by illegal immigrants.

(You) have to admit, i has a point

Assault and Batturrito'd

They are Native Americans born in a US reservation.

her chimis got changa'd

If you kill your enemies, they win.



Do Spaniards consider Mexicans "their brothers"? Or rather their "bastard spawn which they wish didn't exist"?


They aren't illegals, they are US born Injun mongrels.

Nope...pretty sure as grannys head was getting stomped, she was having a change of heart on illegals...and grand daughter is sippin the koolaid...


Said no Jew ever.

>it's a Twitter post screencap episode

>grandma gets brutally murdered by illegals
>direct your anger at the man trying to prevent exactly this kind of stuff from happening
>literally defend her murderers because you care more about virtue signalling on the internet than about your dead gammy
What causes a person to become like this? Serious question.

I see you. I believe you. Problem with Sup Forums is they ignore facts to promote their own agenda.

The latter for the most part from my experience.

Well then don't let these poor people be persecuted, you bigot. These three should be out on the streets to slaughter all your kind.

Just like how old Gram-gram would have wanted.

How dumb are you, they are Native Americans from the US not illegals, read the damn story.

She doesn't believe in The NAP, so she is a communist, therefore her opinion doesn't matter.



I'm sure she would, like that one Swedish girl who was a refugees-welcome SJW but ended up getting takes raped and killed by niggers.

All the more reason to not let women vote. Either way, we win.


>Mexicans rape family members and no ones cares.

Many such cases.

>only i can use my dead relatives for sympathy and to push an agenda
>she has a point

not really.

Marxist school system does that to weak impressionable people.

>would have disagreed


Subhumans. Our brother is Italy.

Wew okay, it's fine now. Don't worry.

if you let someone murder you, then you really win

>What causes a person to become like this? Serious question.


Native American US citizens, people keep calling them illegals, I guess Belle was right.

>racist agenda

"American" isn't a race.

maybe YOUR grandmother has no problem with getting beaten into the ground, pretty sure my grandmother would have a problem with it.

yup and that is why she is dead.
I'm pretty sure her grandfather would have been more guarded. Even if he was "hispanic" himself

women are incapable of thinking for themselves, and more families are being broken apart every day. without fathers, girls will take most of their thoughts and beliefs from media and college professors.


There's that word again.


It's the same way Americans regret ever bringing niggers into our country.


fucking truth
for every woman that doesn't think like that their are a million that do

Implying her GM:
> I'd rather be dead, than presenting facts
> Facts are racist

I mean literally the tweet just says that she was beaten and killed by inbred thugs.

(You) have to admit, i has a point

Is it better now?

Empathy is a hell of a drug

T. Pancho Hernandez


Then your grandmother can burn in hell with the rest of the traitors.

>she would have disagreed about you being mad she was murdered

I don't think so, sweetie.

Instilling the notion that racism is the worst thing possible.

It is literally better to die than be a racist in their mind.


It's better to be violently killed by a race then it is to blame that race for being violently killed.

>their brothers


Only christcucks who says that they have more in common with other christians than their own people.

There are other countries in America that we appreciate like Argentina.

Our brothers are the portumoors.

Equality mindset
Greatest virus ever created

What did she mean by this?

She's making frog coffee.

Please God let this dumb bitch be the next to get culturally enriched.

Spaniards and Mexicans only like each other for sex. After that, we pretty much hate each other's culture.
Sex is great tho.

She cares more about the identity of the men who murdered her grandmother then her grandmother. What the fuck?


I don't think you realize the severe lack of respect towards the elderly America has.

Apparently you don't know that cause 3 wetbacks jumped a fence for mo money, and your grandmother was killed for it. The only racists in this situation are the wetbacks, they should have killed another Mexican.

If her granddaughter doesn't defend her grandmother's honor, we will.

Get ready lads.

I prefer a mexican rather than a pan flute peruvian/ecuadorian. Sometimes fuckers do crazy shit, but I like happy taco culture and how they are annoying the yankees. hehe.

I would, not even kidding, rise from the grave to murder my family and wipe my genetics off the face of this earth.

its 9:00am and i'm triggered as fuck.

>if you let them kill you, you win

>she would have disagreed

Hahaha riiiiight.

An elderly lady from texas. I'm sure she loved beaners and wanted open borders. I'm sure. What a crock of shit.

Makes me want to puke

>I would, not even kidding, rise from the grave to murder my family and wipe my genetics off the face of this earth.

She was ok with it in the first place, went to south africa to help niggers and she probably blamed whiteis in the last seconds of her existence.

This but to be fair she might be avoiding her feeling about her grandmother as well.

I prefer having sudacas and catalonians 6 feet under.


>they dindu nuffin
>I bet my grandmother was applauding them as they murdered her
>fuckin racist

>Your grandmother gets brutally killed by a bunch of spics
>Unironically call someone who wants that kind of bullshit to stop racist and defend the murderers of your own fucking grandmother just so you can virtue signal and feel morally good about yourself



Oh i'm happy she got killed. Every racemixer should die. But her father had a a duty to bring her killers to justice. And the cucklord shaked their hands. It boggles the mind how some people are so far gone.

Oh and I forgot to add pic related

Enforcing immigration laws = "racist"


I've practiced to not devote any or at least too much dramatic energy when reacting to reading stupid shit on the internet. But this made me break that training and get confused.

Do these people think they are in Hollywood cameras? That their virtue signalling will bear fruit at some point by the lack of respect they've shown to their daughter?

they feel spanish/italian heritage
and there shall be no more race mixing after this!

>What causes a person to become like this? Serious question

It's the old axiom: The system you have created is perfectly designed to give you these results.

America's education system is run by Marxists.

This smuggie is more for muslims, but it works here bcs Mexicans like to behead people too.

kermit sipping tea meme

Mexicans are savage little indians midget beans compared to peruvians and ecuadorians


>le niggers murdered my daughter face

Peruvians are niggerized. They have the highest black admixture in south america

>cant say mexicans or spics
when will it end

When it comes to people like this I always wonder what the fuck broke in their brains. Can someone please explain it to me?

It is some kind of pathological reaction formation? What the fuck happens here?

That bitch litallery defending murders of her grandmother wtf

Because I think she wants criminality to be taken care off not ethnicties of people.

>in-group loyalty

Pick one