Why are poor college students in favor of immigration?

Why are poor college students in favor of immigration?

>immigrants inflate rents
>higher taxes makes it even harder to found a family and buy a house

What is there motivation?
>Do they just want someone to look down upon?

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Virtue Signalling is important when social media is your entire life

But they don't post their voting ballot in Facebook

immigration has serious economic downsides for them
makes no sense to me to vote in secret for your own downfall

They don't need to post their ballot on the internet, they make it very clear who they are voting for.

They arent impacted by immigratiom because their parents are paying for their uni education/rent and their wealth protects them from living near niggers


It's easy to be in favor of immigration when your only exposure to them is jew media and only meeting the rich ones.

that guy looks like he's ready to film his girlfriend fucking nbongwo for his 'art project'

>their wealth protects them
So much this.

Indoctrination and virtue signaling.

Indoctrination and a partial shielding to what the real consequences of these things are.

It's indoctrination.

They make everybody take "diversity" classes now in College, regardless of major.

>don't pay rent
>don't pay bills
>never had a job in your life
They never experienced real life so they act without thinking

Those people literally work for UN migration organization and part of their job for which they get paid is to naturally work with migrants. It's not a question of poor students, it more of a question of selling your country out for UN money.

Be against the west
Be against yourself
Be against your continued existence
Listen to leftist ideology, they simply believe they deserve to be swept away to atone for their sins.

Please stop embarrassing yourselves.

The real reason is because they have to big of a heart, not enough brains. They see the big bad world and see how many people don't have the same benefits that they do, and in many such cases, they whole heartedly agree that importing immigrants will somehow, even remotely, make some kind of effort to better the world. In reality, it doesn't make any difference except burden the tax payer in the long scheme of things. Out of the billions in poverty, importing a million or two does nothing in the grand scheme of things. But when it comes to liberals, they believe it in their hearts that it's the right thing to do. What must start doing is slowly, show them that these immigrants must be accountable for the actions of their nations and work with their nations to build itself back. We don't get the strong of any country in the form of an immigrant, we get the ones who flee.

Virtue signaling and they've probably never been affected by immigration. Plus, it's hard to have any kind of anti-immigration or controlled immigration views in post-secondary without being outcast.

Everyone is in favour of immigration, as it is a part of any western economy, the question is, why are your college students so much in favour of uneducated, savage dimwits flooding the lands?

Tho, I guess it is mainly within the borders of social studies, as their students are cancer, all in all, the harder the college the less shit you can hear coming from it.

Don't give them the benefit of saying they have big hearts.

They don't.

They're vicious cunts to anybody who doesn't follow their stupid cult and they want to be charitable with the resources of everybody else. Most of these fucking cunts never volunteer their time or help a charity unless they can figure out a way of letting as much of the world know as possible with the least amount of effort.

he probably isnt a "poor" college student. most college students in germany have wealthy parents and since uni is free in germany they dont even have uni debt.

and after graduation he will work in a field where there is no competition from third worlders and will have good income for the rest of his life.

he simply cant see the problem.

anyone thinking "this person needs help" and not "how can i make my situation even better than it is so i dont end up like that person" is either mentally ill or virtue signalling

>being middle-class
A lot of university students are middle class, living in leafy suburbs of major metropolitan areas. To them, migration means having foreign food and seeing migrants in the city, as if they are on some kind of human safari. The migrants they know tend to be few, rich and westernised.

They don't live with the consequences of migration. In the UK, for example, the earliest and most vocal critics of migrants were the poorer sections of the working class. Why? Because low-skilled migrants moved into THEIR neighbourhoods. Anyone who could leave, moved away, leaving only those on the lowest end of society. Today migration is reaching such critical mass, that even the leafy suburbs are being invaded as there is no space left in cities. Most students don't really see the problems because their lives don't include migrants.

Usual stuff about media and education being indoctrination. The indoctrination also requires that you show others that you believe, to demonstrate your adherence. This is virtue-signalling. You make posts online, attend protests, everything to show that you believe. If you don't, you might be one of those alt-right nazis.

>imagined escape routes and no concept of the future
A lot of people I talk to about the deteriorating social situation often start not accepting the point, but will acknowledge after enough examples are provided. The common reaction is "meh, I will just move to New Zealand / Canada / Japan / Austrilia if things get worse". Everyone has an imagined utopia where they feel they could live out their days in peace from the hordes. It's a false dream.

They also have no concept of the future. They don't see themselves as part of a civilisation but just hedonistic experiencers of pleasures. This is why most don't want kids, live in an extended adolescence, where 30 somethings have the interests, maturity, and mannerisms of 16 year olds.

Because they don't have to compete with them in the labor market or pay taxes to feed their enormous families

They think immigrants are just white people momentarily LARPing as ungrateful, foreignly cultured brown people.

Because they literally can't logic. If they did they would realize all that, especially housing costs. If they had to talk to anyone with rationality who could take them to thr end result of their ideas they would all have to end up sounding like this guy
> lower wages and displaced workers are just a temporary thing, we'll just tax the companies more to compensate!

Activists groups target them.

Because your women are in love with BBC Hans, and since you cucks, with a little help from da Joos, let them have a taste, now there's no way back.

They're stupid fucking kids. No logic or reason behind it.

brain washed, it's the normie thing to do and say so they submit even if secretly they don't believe it

They have zero life experience, most of them never even had a part time job, they don't know shit and got all their opinions from their Marxist Jewish dyke University Professor.

White people and their rules are so mean.


They understand most of the negatives of immigration, but weight that against the fact its helping the immigrant.

We on the other hand dont give a fuck about those normie immigrants and realized the benefits outweigh the positives for our own personal interests.

Because we'll all ive in a socialist utopia where money grows in Designated Money Dispensers



They're indoctrinated to vote against their self interests. Then when they get shafted, they turn to the only solution they've ever been taught: government welfare.


Answered your own question

Some white liberals just want to see their gf's and soon to be ex-gf's blacked.


Because they also want to make it legal to steal from those have more more from them, so the government can redistribute it to themselves and the migrants.


It's a combination of ignorance (not having full possession of the facts), being willing to ignore facts in order to virtue signal, and indoctrination by the media and the narrative.

Poor students probably aren't in favor of mass immigration, exactly for the reasons you have mentioned. The students you are thinking of were raised by lefty middle class+ parents and are not affected.


Thank you frog.

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>But they don't post their voting ballot in Facebook

A lot of them do, though.

>Why are poor college students in favor of immigration?
>>higher taxes makes it even harder to found a family and buy a house
They're not thinking about having a family or owning a house. They're concerned with government gibs in the form of grants and scholarships.

Also, students (especially in north america) tend to be immigrants (i.e., chinks) themselves.

>implying college students understand the results of their poor decision making.

pfft that lamb is like a 6/10 at most.

It's indoctrination and hubris, thinking they are more enlightened than the barbaric morons who came before them, and wanting to virtue signal how utterly righteous they are.

How do I get some German family to let me live with them?

>that pic
Why are his nails polished?
Why does he wear those sandals?
Why are his hips wider than his shoulders?
Why is he a dirty commie?

They look so weak and unhealthy all of them.

These stories remind me of old Onion article

The short form of your post is, "virtue signalling,"