Is Sweden Dead?

Has Sweden been torn apart by the feminists? all these stupid memes i've seen. is is true? as a child sweden was my life goal. its the perfect temperature range. here, have an anime girl.

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Yes it's all true, don't come here.

It's culturally inclined to resentment so third wave feminism naturally works, source

Anything Marxist devolves down to this; no one is capable of success by their own merit and must have cheated or been oppressive in some way, so instead of accepting someone better than me I'm going to bring them down a peg... For equality!

Sweden was stillborn and always destined to do this at least once.

A real swede. This is very disheartening. Well I may as well ask how Finland and Denmark are doing? I've heard bad things about Finland citizens but it would be better than my situation.

This Madoka is cute I like this Madoka

finns are autistic and danes are fighting back

but madoka is (((Gay)))

is it so bad that you would want to leave? a lot of these feminism laws seem to be based around parenthood, which i don't have to worry about. i've also hear that women are generally favoured in court, but I dont think i'll have run-ins with court.

They are exactly the same.

Are they really worse than normal Australian citizens?

No I would never leave, the world is still a thousand times shittier than here even with all the migrants. Anyway fuck off we're full.

>danes are fighting back

way too late, last year there were more children with immigrant backgrounds than not

Oppression Olympics! Where everyone's marginalized but nobody really is!

I wasn't expecting happy news from this thread. my hopes were further lowered.

No, I wont. people are migrating for a reason. sorry but i'm in that group. you cannot stop me. you can only dissuade me.

More like "why can't you just be mediocre like the rest of us?" in Sweden.

Oppression olympics is actually about deferred responsibility and free blame, it's most common amongst people who believe in fatalism and next amongst the neurotic. This shouldn't be hard to understand, people don't like being reminded that they're the greatest influencing factor in absolutely all of their fuck ups. It's easier to blame the white man for his insufferable whiteness.

I can stop you.

>Anyway fuck off we're full.



I'm looking into costs of living right now, even though it wont be relevant later. so far you haven't convinced me that its worse than here. yes, bad maybe. but not as bad. I will invade. in time.

Nah, I moved to the US from Sweden and things are still a lot better in Sweden than in the US. It's just a disgrace that our politicians decided to create all these problems we didn't have in Sweden. Sweden is now starting to have the same problems that the rest of the world have been dealing with for decades and people act like it's doomed and beyond saving. It's ridiculous.

But yeah, swedish politicians are some of the worst in the world, they've managed to ruin one of the best countries in the world and turned it into a bland trash heap with all the crime and violence and still pretend like their politics is a role model and something that others should follow. Gas all politicians and the whole fucking swedish media.

The new and IMPROVED sweden fucking sucks.

No, you're browsing Sup Forums. It's greatly blown out of proportion.

It's not great, but it's nowhere as bad as it's made out to be and a lot of people are wisening up. For example, you'll see a lot of anti-feminism in the comments on Facebook etc with a lot of likes. Don't get me wrong though, the loud and dumb "patriarchy"-crowd certainly exists, but they seem to be getting shut down more and more.

Very informative. thank you, for the inspiring words.

YOU SEE!? it is the right choice.

Döda dig själv Anglo jude

ledsen men jag är inte en judisk. Jag är en fånge, kanske.

Väl förtjänt

Vem är anglojuden egentligen?

Not so much feminists but just leftists in general. Too much welfare, so now there is a large percent of population that wouldn't have made it in a real country, immigrants, sick people etc. Welfare system collapsing. It's fine if you live in a rural area though with good home security and know how to avoid paying a lot of taxes. The fact is tehre's a super developed infrastructure so roads + internet etc. is fine even when you live some ways outside. Funny thing is this lazy uselss people is what is turning things around since now they're starting to notice they don't get as much gibmes. That's what it takes in order for things to change in a welfare country.

The bottom line I guess is this: You'll be fine in Sweden if you have money and live in a good community with other people that does too. Just like in every other country.