Happy Nowruz my Persians fellows

Nowruz is almost only one tradition that is remaining from Persian origin. Keep valuing your own culture rather than those filthy arabs.

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and dont trust the jews

Everybody like Iran.

Iran is anti zionist.
Western countries....

Azeri master race reporting

Azeris are Persians

probably more turk tbqh

Best of luck with the election spastics.

You can't _______ the Qassem.

Everyone likes Iranians, nobody likes Iran, not even Iranians.

t. arab in denial

>Everybody likes iran

Kek yeah sure

norooz pirooz

Hello Ayeb, your whole family will vote for Erdogan the 16th April ?

In shaa Allah

>turk reading comprehension

Hey Persian fags, how did you celebrate your new, we know how your women do...

Kek smites you with a Tsunami

DNA tests show that Azerbaijanis are Iranian in terms of race but speak Turkic since Old Azeri went extinct due to being turkified

we fuck each other in the ass after gym, then go eat kebab

Persian women are no whore you aussie

Yes and those areas have been belonged to the persian people and have been persified for a long time they're no turk but persian

Same to you brother

ooh i don't know about that buddy

Not Persian but Iranian. Persians are a group of Iranians just like Azeris, Kurds, Afghans, etc are.

Does that mean 9 days or celebration for 9 be days or something

They are Azeri, mate. Not Persian. Stop talking about shit you don't understand

My ex is Persian, she really knew how to blow.

If you're lucky Gassem Solemani will save your women from Jewish inspired racemixing fucking every white guy in sight more or less in front of you, for some reason you don't notice.

Of course every country have whores, but Iranians compared to for example russians is nothing.. you know nothing of those cykas

If we're lucky and time favors us I'm going to save persian people, those islamic fuckers care about nothing but gold and power, they treat their women like dogs like those arab fucks... Cyrus is disappointed

Talk shit about Russia more they're the only thing stopping you from getting your shit pushed in right now.

Those sub groups which you mentioned are persians aswell, for example Afghanistan is a persian country.

Fuck off and die Khazar fag

Haha little fool, Russia needs our help as we need theirs. Russia had to help us during the Shah not now, when everything is lost.

Persian civilization existed way before even those Khazar fags existed you maggot.

Pashtuns are not Persian. Tajiks are a persianified descendants of the Bactrians (Iranian ethnic group). You are confusing Iranian for Persian. Iranian means Aryan and the Aryans were the ancestors of all Iranian people today like the Persians, Pashtuns, Kurds, Tajiks, Balochis, and even Ossetians. Persians and Afghans are a subgroup of Iranians.

*iranic family tree

Let me clear this out and make it simple so everyone can understand

Persian = ethnicity
Iran = a persian country

Tell me more about how Russia needs your help

please, do not give away all of the Persian Gulf shores... all of that belongs to Iran


Not in teheran


Iran is not like those shittards country that can't manage to exist without help of other country like Saudi Arabia getting their ass supported by USA
Iran will manage like it has always been, we come from ancient time you maggot.

Ey Irân, ey marze por gohar
Ey xâkat sarcešmeye honar
Dur az to andišeye badân
Pâyande mâni to jâvedân

Yes I remember when those arabic fools tried to take our golf paying google to rename it to arabian gulf, HAHAHA haven't your papa told you there are things you can't buy with money...

Gf is Persian. Happy Persian new year!

That's not even first post you faggot lol

So to paraphrase, you don't need Russia's help because

Yes we're wise people like we've always been. When you fools didn't even exist my ancestors brought human rights to this world. OH YEAH

And now WE are ruled by pédophiles and religious gangsters
Stop living in the past

Lol go look up where the word Iran came from. It's derived from Aryan. It's not a persian country otherwise it would be called Persia. It's called Iran to show that Azeris, Kurds, etc can also belong in an ultra nationalist sense. Persian is the official language and dominant ethnic group so I get why you would think that. You got some history to research.

I'm not living the past, but you guys are forgetting the past... yes and Iran is fucked up and religious fucktards are in charge, what I want it to restore peace to middle east by restoring the glorious persian lands and give freedom to the people...
tfw persians in ancient time had more freedom than they do now... gather the persia army and let's go matmazel

Shah ismail was a turk
Safavids were Azerbaijani dynasty
Afsharids were Turkic dynasty
Qajars were Turkic dynasty
Oh and its Novruz,

So? Persia had many dynasties and those were turks but they've been persified.

well you've done a pretty good job of exposing the faggotry of your race in this thread. i hope you do go back to your own country the more of you that get killed when russia tires of you the better.

I go to gym now bye but remember the name is Dasriel I'll make new threads untill persia retunrs to power

>we wuz persians
lol fuck off turk

who da fuck let you here, untermensch?
I wish your whole race to die off

Without fail every Persian woman I've met went from zero to whore in the time it took me to get her 100 ft out of her father's sight.

Yeah you are right but if you research Shah Ismail and Shah Tahmasp made Safavids superpower. Second Turks were NEVER persified even Azeris speak COMPLETELY in Old Azeri language. Thirdly dont take my first post as a negative or angry.I am celebrating Novruz by flaming torch . Fourth you are Persian right

No my friend we wuznt persians. BUT WE WERE KINGS N SHIET NIGGA I SWEAR TO GOD MAN

When will Persians get rid of islam and let zoroaster back into their lives

No they aren't, they're Turks.

You are right my Paki friend

t. another arab

>tfw nobody will ever congratulate me on Nardughan

who here /notsemitic/

I think you mean Ahura Mazda

Another subhuman diaspora leechrat is proud from abroad. Such a bravery

Apparantly my great grandmother was the queen of Azerbaijan

WE are not like him
He has a nigger mentality

Yes my Persian friend, now go shit up some other thread you filthy fuck roach I hope your mother is behead in front of you death to turks deaths to Kurds death to Arabs

Let celebrate this new year by drinking the blood of our enemies

T. Another alt right-ard

go fuck your own muslim ass

Kek. More like Shahbanu or Shahzade. But seriously tho where are you from?

Azerbaijan the meme country most of humanity has and never will hear of who can't even beat Armenia

anyone else notice that's a pretty aesthetic uniform?

Hitler liked Iran

but you are useless shitskin low iq subhumans that can't maintain civilisation. Inb4 some 4 meme doctors from diaspora. not wanting you around us humans is a normal long term planning
The only good thing about Armenia happened in 1905

Zoroastrians are pretty bad too.
Best possible case: Secular "Islam" like the Shah was trying to do. Just Islamic in the name only, for the sake of history, with no cultural or spiritual attachment.

>but uneducated lunatics who think fucking 10 year olds are a god-given right and want to destroy anything even slightly western are okay!
>we need to defend all minorities, even if the minorities we're defending would kill us all in a heartbeat :) i'm really progressive™ :)
Reza Shah did nothing wrong.

Oh please what century are you living in I don't know of one person who doesn't have friends and family abroad

That being said if you are dirt poor and live like a nigger I can understand why you would be proud of the shit hole you infest

Turkish master race, 2000 year masters of the Iranian shithouse cleaners and their slavemasters



I was born here but My mom's from Lorestan I believe?

>implying I'm wrong
I might be a retard, but you are delusional my arab friend

>unironic WE WUZ KANGZ thread from a second/third generation refugee/immigrant

Fucks sakes, how can one person whose ancestors/parents had to escape from their own country and seek refuge in a foreign country can act nationalistics. Atleast, our cunts at Europe actually originate from the lowest of lowest. You are suppose to be child of high class of pre-Islamic revolution Iran. Act like intelligent human being and stop being nationalistic unless you atleast live in your own country. I am not even sure you even have your own home though.

>yfw all your culture comes from Iran

you would still be horsefucking m8

Muh 2017
>don't know of one person who doesn't have friends and family abroad
I do. Those are diaspora. No one likes them. We are not talking Whites to White, shitskin. You can't compare shit like you to a Frenchman moving to Belgium. There should be 0 of your inbred rat kind in Europe. Inner European travel to be figured after

Azerbaijan the tiny meme nation of powerful turkroach warriors who with all the help their mongoloid brethren could afford them still couldn't beat tiny insignificant Armenia who continues to embarrass Azerbaijan daily

Good job killing the Armenian rat. Finish the job and wipe out the gypsies and kurds

Classic butthurted snow nigger
>He didn't have is Daily vodka
>He got aids
>Living by -30 celcius

I am not arab mister proxy

Why do you inbreds confuse disgust with butthurt? Anal discomfort is what you are experiencing right now

You're projecting hard and if you're so proud then show us how white you are and let us judge you by it prove yourself you half brained mountain rat

That being said compare the impression Iranians abroad leave on the natives to Turks that mass of half cast mongoloids burdening every society they infest

I am in Europe and your not nigger stay mad I have an English gf who I plan to impregnate and have beautiful Caramel coloured kids with

sandniggers and arabs are the same thing.
>I'm not shit, I'm diarrhea

Which Yeti are you?

not true

we do respect iranian culture

but our language, customs and militaristic fetish is Turkic

romanticism and prose is slightly persian yes

Ok Einstein

Iranians are nice. Hope they can solve the problems in their country, neutralize all potential terrorists, and prosper.

Nope, they are nomad mongols who were organized into a country by Lenin and didn't have any more creativity than to steal a name from a Persian province.

He is an Azeri rat embarrassed by himself and he is projecting he can't stand the fact Russians absolutely despise him and his kind

muh dick
Have you heard of physical removal? That is your fate
stay mad cousin fucker.