Was he /ourfriend/, Sup Forums?

Was he /ourfriend/, Sup Forums?



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>t. capitalist pig

Fuck off with your national bolshevism and stalinist shilling /leftypol/ subhuman trash

>le 56% flag
>Jewish clay plotting against the glorious motherland

Opinion discarded.

No, Lenin might have been and Rurikid princes but this man was psycho

He was the man every /pol ack wishes he would be

but he was literally a jew

Lenin? Fuck off schlomo. Stalin was the only USSR leader approximating baseness.

Yes, he was one of the most based men of the 20th century. Lenin and Mao are around the top of the list too.

Nice attempt at smearing Uncle Joe. Next time he returns, it won't be so pretty for you, shlomo.

Marxism-Leninism frees men from the shackles of bankers and elites.
Anti-communism is basically goyim Stockholm syndrome, the ideology.

One of the most based leader in history

I like Stalin because he killed a bunch of commies.

Get fucked Trotskyfags.

fuck off commiecuck



wow, absolutely judaic from SoLZHEnitsyn


He could have cooperated with Hitler to wipe jews off this planet but he didn't. Plus he was a commie faggot which automatically makes him a subhuman.

Worse than Hitler.


If anything, Stalin is better than Hitler in every statistical category.

The Jews did the world a favor by ridding us of this commie monster.

>Wanted to purge the Jews
Of course. Not to mention, capitalism is the economic Jew.

Hitler literally betrayed him by invading Russia. He didn't betray Hitler.

>t. Jew

>t. brainwashed shill taught a distorted version of own country's history by the elite

Unlike Stalin, Trotsky had military talent.

>there are 3 million troops amassing on my border
>look at me, I'm Stalin, I believe Hitler, I'll just demobilize my own troops
>oh no, my entire Western front is gone within 24 hours :(
Fucking tankies, I swear

>Trotsky had military talent.
>lost war to Poland


Daily reminder real Marxists are anti-progress and anti-technology.


Take the true national SOCIALIST pill

I don't care what kind of "military talent" that mad man had. Internationalism is Jewish cancer and Stalin helped stamp it out with his purges of the Trotskyist filth.

My nigga.

You have distorted history to make your NazBol thing somehow fit into the historical narrative. Proletarian internationalism is a cornerstone of Marxism and the Stalin government consistently upheld it. Look at North Korea, the soviets helped out a shit load in that war because proletarian internationalism means solidarity among the international working class.

I swear, the more I read about Trotsky, the more I think he deserved an icepick.

This: It wasn't a betrayal, it was just Stalin who was stupid enough to believe that Hitler had no plans for Russia. On the top of that Russia wasnt prepared for war because Stalin had been kinda busy getting rid of all capable military generals.

>t. yet another proof that Fukushima had some real impact on modern Japan.

>Sup Forums
Hello, /leftypol/

>executed thousands of polanders because he didn't want them to retaliate when he began his genocide campaign in their country
>put people on an island by the thousands with no food/shelter during winter, leaving them to starve to death, gunned down people who swam away
>nearly started a war with his most important ally because they were both autistic subhumans willing to die over some worthless fucking island, effectivally btfoing the communist movement
>the entire korean air war
>britain handed them pows after ww2, most of the pows commited suicide and the rest starved to death in camps

>what is socialism in one country.

He was an opportunist in every sense of the word.
"Trotskyism" has no actual substance. It's basically beating a dead horse that somehow has managed to avoid completely rotting away all these decades later.

>Anti-communism is basically goyim Stockholm syndrome, the ideology.

Goyish, not goyim. Goyish is the possessive form of goy.

>Stalin who was stupid enough to believe that Hitler had no plans for Russia
>What is Spain-36

I`m not even talking about new T-34, KV-1 and so on, and so on

Jews wre literally sponsoring him

oh and

>genocide your army just before ww2 because they hurt your feelings and might stop you from getting yummy meals every morning
>your army then suffers a few ten million more casualties in ww2

He ordered to make a cuck movie called "Circus" (1936). He imported spics and nogs too

>It wasn't a betrayal,
How the fuck wasn't it a betrayal?
> it was just Stalin who was stupid enough to believe that Hitler had no plans for Russia.
Or he was smart enough to realize that it would be a losing move by Germany, and couldn't predict Hitler being THAT stupid.

No does not respect communist manifesto

There is a lot of confusion about this.
Here is what Stalin actually said on the topic:


"Socialism in one country" was just the policy of trying to build socialism in the USSR without waiting for the global revolution to finish. Trotsky wanted to continue WW1 with Germany so as to push the German workers into revolution. This was his "opposition to socialism in one country". Far from being a universal theoretical or ideological concept, socialism in one country was a pragmatic decision for the specific point in history where a war-weakened, technologically backwards newly-formed USSR decided to consolidate its economy and develop socialism without waiting for the rest of the world.

But later on the USSR in fact did help support other socialist revolutions in other parts of the world. Like Korea.

The first Soviet government was entirely Jewish.
Stalin's purges was explicitly to remove them. He cherished communism and the power it gave him though, so he's just as much cancer as the kikes that destroyed Russia and killed 60 million Russians and Ukrainians.

>muh 60 million

Stalin ate all the grain, then told the clouds not to rain.

t. hohol

To quote a bit:
>Lenin teaches us that "we have all that is necessary for the building of a complete Socialist society."

>Hence we can and must, by our own efforts, overcome our bourgeoisie and build Socialist society.

>Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and those other gentlemen who later became spies and agents of fascism, denied that it was possible to build Socialism in our country unless the victory of the Socialist revolution was first achieved in other countries, in capitalist countries. As a matter of fact, these gentlemen wanted to turn our country back to the path of bourgeois development and they concealed their apostasy by hypocritically talking about the "victory of the revolution" in other countries.

>This was precisely the point of controversy between our Party and these gentlemen.

>Our country's subsequent course of development proved that the Party was right and that Trotsky and company were wrong.

>follows jewish ideology

No wonder you are cucked, Sven

>Cucked ideology
>Somehow DDR and USSR the least ''cucked'' compared to rest of EU

I think you forgot that capitalists want cheap labour and 0-debtfugees!

Commie countries had no no-go zones and no need for riot police.

Enjoy sharia law.

>is okay with his fellow countrymen being enslaved in poverty by Jewish bankers and elites under capitalism
>somehow thinks he "opposes" Jewish ideology

Something like 80% of the NKVD was Jews.

Rather telling that after settling the Jews two centuries prior, they expressed their thanks by slaughtering goyim.

Right, you know what commie countries too had? No food, no freedoms etc

Right, all those left-wing capitalist amirite :-DDD

World, like politics, isn't black and white you dumb gook

>communist intellectuals

>shitskin and jew worshipper goes to praise manlet kike shitskin
what's your point?

>morally superior grey-area-ism

You boys aren't going to like it when you find out that Stalin's lack of defensive preparation for Hitler's invasion was actually because he was preparing a gargantuan invasion/offensive of his own, and Hitler's sudden, inexplicable decision to invade Russia before the fall of Britain or beginning of operation Sea Lion was actually a pre-emptive strike mere weeks before the date of Stalin's own invasion, meaning that Hitler in fact saved the whole of Europe from being swept over by the Red Army and we genocided his people for their 'crime'.

Putin's got a lot of that tasty info in the KGB archives, and the allies won't come out of it looking very good.

>Right, you know what commie countries too had? No food
Last major famine was in 1947.

Is repeating dumb memes all you can do?

>Stalinist art
>USSR immigration policy

The last uncucked relevant country was Sweden. With race eugenics until the 1980s and other nice shit

he was pretty much superior Hitler in every way
of course Sup Forumstards will be slow to accept that because they don't know history
I personally think he's a fucking monster but that's probably because I'm not a semi-literate mentally ill NEET like some here

Have you ever opened a book on economics?
You are a NEET. you are a well known Russian pro-Putin shill. You are paid to post shit

You don't understand that this people felt a moral obligation to "liberate" other lands, they just couldn't escape the militarization of the zone.


Revolution in peace, democratically elect socialism.

>constant growth even while the rest of the world had repeated recession

Real growth means production of what people demand.

yeah man let's just completely forget about Kagan his right hand Jew


Yes Stalin was SO COOL just look at his cool hat and moustache also he totally would have never ever turned on Hitler! Just like he never turned on Japan and Poland! Nazism (anti-communism) and Communism could have ruled the world in peace!

>strasserists were going to kill all ayrans because I said so

Wow it's nothing

lots of commie scum died so at least there is that

Unless there's a half of the world out there shaking nukes at you.

USSR didn't use GDP anyway, it used en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_material_product

> hey look there's a mass murderer who's super evil
> wait not that one, that's the one I jack off to
The doublethink of socialists, in one post.

why would you dismiss the opinion of your master and commander?

Not an argument. The USSR was run by incompetent morons

>Was he /ourfriend/, Sup Forums?

Are you ready to die and sacrifice your relatives for the global victory of communism? Then, yes.

Pic not related but still funny.

No, goddamnit

So true

Nigger even Bakunin, founder of Anarco-Collectivism was a rabid antisemite.