Urgently need some more statistiks on jewish treatement of hostcultures prior WW2 and post WW2 and shit they've meddled...

urgently need some more statistiks on jewish treatement of hostcultures prior WW2 and post WW2 and shit they've meddled with

>be me
>anti semite, for obvius reasons
>got a good friend whos leaning a little to the left
>talk about jews
>he dismisses everything i say as "generalization"
>i wanne proof him that there are statistiks backing me up

can Sup Forums help me?

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How do we know you're not a spy?

>can't hold a fucking argument without posting on an imageboard for help

So basically what you're telling us is you're a retarded nazi with a stubborn tendency to believe things you have no facts to back up


incoming stormfront edge lords gonna come in here with some under-analyzed pseudo history, that'll be great fakts for you OP

wouldnt say that i cant hold my own in an argument.
more of a thing that he dismisses everything as generalization, and he doesnt bother to look up my sources, since most of the material is aquired throug books and videos.
i would like to have some more "easly understandable" statistiks for him

Riddle me this OP

If in EVERY single European country, the Jewish population in 1933 was less than 2%, and of that 2% most were poor villagers living in segregated communities mandated by law-- what the actual fuck do you have against them

>t. Rebecca Rosencrantz

maybe because the said 2% in germany of the population has been put into positions of power, making up the majority of publischers for news, media and politocal authoritys, suppressing right and voice of germans

assuming you are just as bad as articulating and analyzing as most racists:

The very ideology of anti-semitism is rooted in ritualistic scapegoating and generalization. It's been thousands of years of people blaming ills of society on one ethnic group-- because they lost a war or they can't get their shit together.

It's way fucking easier to say "those guys are the issue" than to actually solve the root problem. That's exactly why you need to take 'statistics' out of context to 'prove' Jews are ruining the world, instead of actually spend some time thinking its more complicated than that.

Aw yeah and they rose to those positions out of pure luck? What mechanism do you attribute to the rise of Jews in pre-nazi Germany?


>some people made bad shoops of historical photos therefore millions of people never died

do better

actually they have been put into power enforced by the contract of versails after german empire lost ww2

sorry that im not a murrican who speak reads and talks perfect english

>all gentiles somehow all arrive at the same conclusion by pure cooincidence

Or perhaps you can name even a single, solitary group of people with a long history with and positive view of the Jews

Sarah silverman in thread atm


Germany 1919 Bolshevik putsch. All Jews -1.

Patton on the Jews.

You'll probably be surprised to learn that you can buy pic related on Amazon.de. Get it and redpill yourself beyond a point you thought possible. Naming Jewish attrocities will be easy then.

They deserved it kike

If I recall, mein Kampft covers this in the beginning saying that the Jews were occupying all the office jobs while ignoring the war. They did it by prioritizing other Jews in selecting those types of jobs. It's not uncommon practice, Chinese do it all the time. Also something about losing the first war. I don't remember.

thats fine, your english is very good

you're talking about the stab in the back myth. this was largely perpetuated after ww1 because the Weimar lost and needed to blame it on someone, so they blamed it on the Jews.

whos that?


You should read the culture of critique before being an open anti-semite. Also the "muh generalization" argument is easy to defeat since when asked to judge a group as a group you judge based on the mean, not on the extreme outliers.

A (((comedian))). Better not to think about it. Her nudes were horrible.

Jewish comedian

>be someone on Sup Forums making counter argument
>instantly labeled a Jew

you guys really make it easy to see the delusion on this board


Here we go again..


so if the mean are villagers living in shtetls, and the extreme outliers are rich politicians...it's a generalization to be anti-semitic.

def gonna grab it next month need my salary money is a tad tight right now or can i rip some pdf's for now?

Most Jewish people I've met are pretty damn cool.

Maybe instead of hating DIE JUDEN you should like, work harder at making your own life better?

Honestly you anti-semites sound a lot like racist black dudes who blame THE WHITE MAN for all your problems.

The mean in America are shitlibs who genuinely believe "ending whiteness" is a moral imperative.

I don't blame the Jews for my problems. I don't really have any life problems, I am relatively pretty successful. I do see what the Jewish shitlibs in media, education, and the courts are doing to my people though and I see the destruction caused by globalist elites at the top, who also happen to be mostly Jewish.

how bout the financing both sides of the wars and intentionally leting it drag on longer (dont know where u read it or how valid it is desu havent said anything about it myself yet

again like I do not understand how any amount of clever infographics prove your point

Like do you actually believe all Jewish families sit round the dinner table and discuss conspiracy to take over the government? You think the average Jewish guy on the street wants to kill every gentile?

Try having a view that isn't based on paranoia.

whew, it's like one of the JIDF OP this thread just to set up another to argue for shekels !

Nobody believes that and no one has said that Mr. JIDF.

You realize Jewish socialists for example have an issue with inequality and especially rich Jews in power positions?

I don't see how you can say the average Jew in America wants to end 'whiteness'. I think the majority of them consider themselves to be white first off, (regardless of what you think), and secondly are prospering in European society around whiteness constantly.

i swear to god i typed desu

If noone believes the average Jewish family sets dinner on the table and talks about fucking everyone in the world over, then how can anti-semitism possibly exist?

So in reality you're talking about a handful of wealthy individuals who happen to be Jewish, and blanketing the entire Jewish world because of that.

honestly i just wanted some sources but you know the internet escalations happen fast and random

So many fucking jews attacking Sup Forums now with pro jew posts... I hate nu-pol

Fucking reddit jew faggots

Gas the leaves

You are kike if you love kikes

My problem with anti-semitism is that it's not the top who get their houses of worship firebombed, their kids beaten, or their lives extinguished - it's the middle-class Jews who are just trying to live their lives.

How familiar are you with the Talmud? Why would I respect a people who call me cattle and believe that nothing they do to me (murder, steal, rob and swindle) is wrong? In fact they believe that they are entitled to it. Why is the holocaust the big name genocide? Why not the communist revolution? Why is only one group immune from any criticism by virtue of being Jewish. Why did we feel justified in installing a nation for them? Why should we have? Who owned 90+% of the slave ships ferrying Africans all over the civilised world for sale? Why do Jews dominate the pornography industry? Who are the ones propagating cultural Marxism and critical theory in our schools? Answer these for me. Humor me since I am but a dumb racist and don't know any better.

Helo yes, EU-internet police. I would like to report a crime.

Fingol, shut the fuck up.

You've never even met a Jew in your life. To you Jewish people are about as real as Ice Trolls and Wood Elves.

Because of the constant piss of hate coming off this board some Dillon Roof autist is going to open fire on a synagog and kill some doctors and an accountant.

thank you for your help citizien but you shouldve turned left at the last crossing to get to fuckoff.ave

Those "middle class jews" are cheaters and liars like the rich ones but these are just stupider... They didnt get to steal enough of the goym's money

Gtfo fuck out of pol you fucking kike

I know you work for the master leech Soros

Day of the Rake when

I am screen capping this to report to the authorities. They will find you.

Also: why is it "racist" for us to have a wall and a homogenous white society, but its fine for Israel. You really need a better response than racist. Trotskyite scum.

holy crusades
i shat a nugget
plz dont i have lif
i hav hom
dun do that

did i take your bait enough yet?

I work in the film business as a producer so yeah, I've worked for many a Jew and never been ripped off.

The only time I've ever been ripped off is when I worked for a WASPY Canadian dude who stiffed the entire crew.

Do I hate all WASPY Canadians? Fuck no, I'm one too, some of us are shit.

I challenge you to actually go into a temple and ask any of those questions to actual Jews instead of hunched over a computer believing Jews want to kill you.

Because of the Roman Empire and Jewish diaspora, Jews ended up becoming exiled and stratified in European countries. There became a position of "court jew" in many medieval societies where royalty employed jews exclusively to handle accounts and gold, because of Christian restrictions with dealing money.

This evolved into the cultural assumption anti semites have today, which is that Jews are money grubbing and selfish.

A lot of questions you're asking are valid, but they can come from a place that isn't absolutist and has room for thought besides "all Jews are out to get me".

Literally no arguments or facts just memes.

This is what Sup Forums has become? SAD!

Please note: this is "man" is calling for genocide of muslims. Please Arrest him NOW.

I dont have to meet any jews in my life, I dont want to get to know any of them because they are human trash.

They only want to kill the white race

Spew shit propaganda in schools, movies and other media ... Disgusting (((modern art))) projects where no morals are left

They poison our women and men mind against each other thru feminism and mgtow bullshit

Any More you like to add?

its depressing :( *insert sad stolen reichspepe*

I am aware of their issues with each other. Israeli nationalist Jews also have issues with the globalist elites. They still get upset and have a fit about anti-semitism in the media whenever anyone points out people like Soros being evil. They still let them off literal child rape in the courts. They still let Israel be a place of refuge for any Jew who gets in trouble with the law. And people like Soros still defund shitlib elements like FEMEN when they make their way to Israel.

Your second half is just a complete kike lie. Jews do not see themselves as white. They see themselves as a protected minority whenever it is convenient. They also have a strong in-group preference for their own kind. While this is a positive trait that I want whites to have ourselves again like we used to it is very destructive when it applies to a small minority group, especially when the majority doesn't see that group as an outsider. Jews are able to practice nepotism to gain power and influence, and since they see themselves as a minority they actively work against the interests of the majority.

No, I am talking about all Jews. Its not a conspiracy where they all sit around a table in the smokey backroom of a bar plotting the enslavement of the goyim (well maybe some rabbis do in fact do this). Its just Jews naturally supporting the interests of their own people whether it be conscious or unconscious.

None of that happens. Its usually a self-inflicted hate crime done to get sympathy.

The Jews always were the real cause of all the genocides in the world, they even caused their own deaths, wich is sickening when you think about it.

Soulless worshiper of Satanic baby blood drinking mass murdering war-crazy liars and deceivers

Statistics are open to interpretation. If youre after a bad jew graph I don't know if one exists.

Better to consider material like The Culture of Critique.

k boys ill sign off for now ill be back in 2 hrs if i find the thread again
dont get too crazy in here

So you're all for supporting your own people...except when it is another ethnicity doing so?

And this entire board is now about discussing and plotting the rise of white nationalism, and marrying within the white race and preserving it and that's theoretically okay because?

People have always hated them, persecuted them, and killed them. The culture of isolation and in-group preference was actually a forced phenomenon in Europe with rules like "you are Jewish so you can only live here in these houses, in this region".

I'm just saying there is a LOT of nuance and complexity to everything in the world, and it takes away from credibility when some things you're saying conflict imo

>People in this thread advocating for ethnic cleansing
>All crime against jews is self-inflicted

lol pick one

Video of this?

Name one argument that Sup Forums uses against jews that BLM and Black Panthers doesnt use against whites

I'm not asking Jews. I'm asking you. You are the one asserting that I only believe these things because I'm a racist. I'm asking YOU. The assertations of many Jews are well written and established by their own hand. You wouldn't call a new racist for acting in the best interest of their in group, but you would call a white man racist for doing the same thing. Why is that? While you are at it go ahead and answer my initial questions instead of mis directing.

I'm fine with Jews supporting their own ethnicity but when they do it within white countries it hurts white people. As a white man I likewise must protect the interests of my own tribe. If you come out as pro-white at all Jewish hell will descend on you. They'll smear your name and try everything they can to shut you down. You don't even have to be anti-semitic, they'll do the same even if you are all "they look huwite to me." Heck you don't even have to be explicitly pro-white. Come out as pro-American regardless of race like Trump and you're still literally Hitler. Jews have to go.

Its true. Most EVIL NAZIS just want to deport Jews and they want it done legally by the state.

>So you're all for supporting your own people...except when it is another ethnicity doing so?

You're describing exactly what Sup Forums opposes.

>People have always hated them, persecuted them, and killed them. The culture of isolation and in-group preference was actually a forced phenomenon in Europe with rules like "you are Jewish so you can only live here in these houses, in this region".

So your argument is literally that countries which would normally fight each other about all manner of petty and inconsequential shit somehow all communicated and reached agreement on this one particular issue. Truly remarkable.

Leaving that singular historical marvel aside, what's your excuse for why Arabs hate them?

This Wikipedia page is very recent. I would think something like this would exist farther than the beginning of 2016. You've missed the point I made on how the Jews could hold positions of power pre-nazi Germany. Hitler said they were ignoring the war by pushing to follow the treaty of Versailles by Jewish politicians which later lead to right wing assassinations. Jews were at the time a minority in Germany but they dominated political and public sectors of germany. Most people attribute this to the collapse of Imperial Germany. But, the Jews also controlled large spheres of influence through out the western world not just Germany. The key point I was trying to make was in reference to how the Chinese are capable of promoting and integrating their own, to control economic, and political power. As an example, Malaysia has a Chinese minority but they overwhelmingly control the country's wealth. The Jews could very well establish the same religious and semitic control on important sectors of pre-nazi Germany.

This JIDF kike is going for a fucking medal today.

Also, in the past when I have asked these questions to Jewish people, the answers all hinge upon them being gods chosen. If they are truly chosen, why did they need western civilization to carve them out their holy land. God set them to wander for a few different things. Idolatry and not following the word of their god.

I don't have the statistics. In Azerbaijan there was a German city called Helenendorf. During the 2nd world war Germans got ''exiled' to Siberia and died there. From all over the Caucasus and Russia Germans had it worse. I always wondered isn't it the same with what Nazis did to Jews? The Soviets got rid of its own Germans, and Germany did the same to Jews.

They encourage interracial breeding and homosexual promiscuity.

To explain how a group of people are able to dominate society so thoroughly, I would say it is that Jews have a singular mindset. They aren't United on all fronts. But, they are together on the problems and solutions that concern the Jewish community. It's rare or I can't think of any conflict between the Jewish community that has led to war. Have Jews ever fought other Jews?

Anyone got a dollar?

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You have never met a Jew you met some underlinging. You are close-minded and unaware of how the world works. Remember when shit hits the fan we are throwing you cucks in first to die because you`re useless. Fucking commie cuck.


People still believe that jews were slaves in egypt and that a jewish god sent frogs raining down from the sky so that they could escape, then unironically think that jews have just been oppressed in every single country they've been in ever since.

fucking kikes man

read up: