White People Memes General

ITT: We post huWyte People memes and discuss.



>western civilization

Yea, what a real disgrace we've been

>redo high fives
This one is true and it needs to stop



>wear shorts in the winter

Guilty, niggers can't handle the cold.


Except the Injuns, I guess.

Ya. Our ancestors lived in cold.

Is there no material that you post the same image in 8 minutes?

Sorry messed up.


Lmao that one and the two hands on coffee mug while saying mmm had me dying

Get that white nationalist garbage out of here.

Oh my God, did Jason Compson III wrote that post!?





>implying white people did something wrong

Gas Jews
Bomb Muslims
Shoot Niggers

lol South Africa is first world, but all of East Europe is not?

also try getting a map from before 1989 mebbe.

You better take South Africa off of that shit


There's two Germanies, it's a Cold War map

bitches can't handle men who feel good about how they look. she probably spends more time on makeup and hair than he spends at the gym. not by much, but still.

>american education


I- is there a problem with casseroles?



>estonia part of russia
delet this reee


Brunch is GOAT meal


Stalin should have just deleted your godforsaken "country"


lol niggers

Actually Asian people call me boss all the time and I've never heard a white person say that

Is that a map of the ancient Finnish empire?

Italians aren't white.

>Cold War memes

Kill yourself tugalord

The moon landing was a national effort of a multi-ethnic country

Except any neighborhood with a rich ethnic history and culture that has been gentrified and overrun with TGI Fridays and Whole Foods and shit.

Whites are constantly getting dominated.


Maybe we should renslave whites?

Why do they do this?

Stop touching her nigger.

The eternal butt chin

It's their culture faggot. They are superior you just don't understand.


Phew, this is a salty post.

The melinated people actually invented the moon.

had a mild kek over the coffee thing

They eat nasty shit.

Why are some people on Sup Forums so fucking easily triggered?
>Oh my god some people claim that white people do funny but kind of stupid things
>These assholes need to learn to respect the white race for all their contributions to humanity
Fuck off captain autism its a joke.

These are hilarious. How could you be offended at these? I can laugh at these, if you made a bunch about black people you'd be called racist and banned from Twitter and probably fired.

M8 I'm native and I think you're trying too hard


Said the American

Australians aren't white let alone people.

Vegemite is the condensed essence of God Himself and if you can't appreciate it then you are going to Hell

Hey guys stopping by for a poll would rather not give out my site to you guys at the moment. Please be honest while answering. Question one how many of you actually voted for trump? Out of 100% what percent are you actually serious while posting on this site? If you did vote Trump did you think you made the right choice? Thanks guys I'll be back for more later.



I voted for Trump while I was on holiday there



Fuck you, chief

My segway guide in new orleans was black. Also we were the only ones there and it was bretty fun.


They tan and inject collagen, because they want to look black.

Japan is white

nigger detected



Shit white people do:

-exploit other races
-sponsor terrorism
-sponsor feminism
-become shemales

Why do they look like pigs?

>Except any neighborhood with a rich ethnic history and culture

Statistics say that most of US whites have black ancestors.
No wonder you try to escape reality by making racist memes.

Why is Turkey considered first world an balkan countries aren't ? Roaches and souther slavs are both piss poor


Okay. I'll use nigger

I'm white and can have a laugh at myself, but most of these miss the mark.

Guilty of a few of them though.

Haitians fucking eat dirt.

Fake news


She looks more like a African Albino than a White

Who got triggered besides you? Thats just insensitive internet humour.



actual niggers



>implying user made this post
>implying effortless fact meme that triggers niggers is shit

My slamjamdar is dinging Jerome

>South Africa


More gross white people food.

It's a Cold War map about Capitalist countries, not White countries