Newfag since 2010

going full roof

Are you a hot grill or a boipussy?

Include me in the screenshot.

wanna see my grill?

let's see that boipucci


kek wills it

You look like you're dressed like an emo kid from 2006

You ain't doing jack shit. You just look like you're going to the pride parade.

k.. keep me posted

>2013 filename

plz be my mass murderer ai gf

bowlcut you won't! please let the bowlcut REEEEEEE

just post it

hold my cookies and watch this


Jesus you're so normie it fucking hurts. I'm done here. Everyone sage and go home.

^^Digits says you wont. If no digits then kek wills it.

Go for the high-score fgt

bang bang

an hero

hi mom


you can call me dad

>completely degenerate goth faggot
>Opinion discarded

Kek is with you

Good luck friend


At least clean out a hood street corner, not a church. And kill yourself beforehand too you enormous faggot

Hope you beat Breivk`s highscore

I just want to state to the FBI viewing this thread that I only visit this site ironically and support all actions taken by the United States and Israel.



This desu. No one from Sup Forums has ever actually shot up anything. /r9k/ is the violent board.

fite me irl

some of youse cuntse are alroight
dun head down the station nek minute

what is this level of samefagging ?
how is it to live with autism ?

You're wasting everyone's time you fucking retard.

sage and report


I would kill you irl if you outed yourself