While Trump reels around like a blithering idiot on Twitter, the rest of his party is laughing at him.
Get this through your head, Sup Forums.

Who cares what the rest of the Republican party thinks? Most of them are effectively Democrats.

Thank you for enlightening me with your quality thread OP. I guess I'm with her now.

You're welcome.

Wtf I guess I'm a #cruzmissile now

Melania is a shit first lady.

She has less than a month to order the massacre of women and children to stay on pace with the top all time k/d first lady Hillary.

WTF I hate drumpf now

>his party
>implying that he literally didn't win most of their elections for them

Reminder: He taught them, as promised.

wow. Now I hate trump and I am a raving liberal. #bernie

I am actually hard from the panic of the left ans reps.

Anyone wanna see?

You liberal dimwits keep forgetting: Of registered voters:

Republicans are ~25%
Democrats are ~35%
Independents are the majority at ~40%

Independents put Trump into the White House. Once you understand this, your life will be easier.

Jesus your post was so good it changed my worldviews.

It's like you have an anonymous source who is telling you all this.

Is this the same anonymous source that also told you Donald Trump would drop out of the race to save himself embarrassment last year?

Or the anonymous source that told you Trump won't be inaugurated on the 20th?

You write like a schoolgirl intern that gives CNN, MSNBC, and ABCNews their headlines. An autistic mouth breathing retard.

You're all in denial. Trump is crashing, and nothing can be done about it.
His party still won't stand behind him, even though he's in OFFICE now.
You're the laughing stock of the world.

Fuck off to 8ch /leftypol/, shill.

Wtf i hate trump now, we cant let him get his hands on the nuclear codes.

please also have this trophy for being a millennial.
> /pol loves you !

This election was just the little people--YOU GUYS--unloading your jealousies and inadequacies.
It was an apparition. Come tomorrow, when your idol and his orbiters are dragged before Congress for his impeachment hearing, you won't be laughing anymore. You'll finally come back to reality. You'll realize that you have accomplished nothing.

I think you are being overly generous here...

Any actual evidence of this?

You'll have accomplished president "if you like the cock you get the shock" pence.

Still saged

>His party
65 million true blood Americans who won't be swayed or deterred.
> not party apparatchiks and boot-licking scum like yer-self.

Help! There's so many spiders here!

Killed my boner

Next you're going to tell us how Bernie can still win the election, right?

Shinzo Abe and Merkel begrudgingly stand next to Trump.
You can see it in their eyes. The world knows this man is a joke.

There's a ton of spiders here. Do you prefer them, or the other insects?

>lefties still think it's about Trump

Holy Christ would you guys have preferred Cruz?