It's over, Russia will kill Europe

Hungarian secret agent reveals in detail how serious the Russian threat is

Thankfully reddit is here to save us:

keep me posted.

Russia can have Western Europe for all I care. It's obvious the people there don't want it.

Many people have no idea how Russia works, they still use good old seduction technique either with hookers or with long term relationships with sleeper agents.
And on bigger scale - lies, propaganda, trolls and bots.

>You either die a villain or survive long enough to see yourself become the hero

Yeah, international leftist rags are making me start to like Putin.

Western Europe is just blissfully ignorant. For one thing, people don't see what is said in Russian state-TV (and virtually all Russian TV is to some extent controlled by the state). They think that "RT is just different perspective, another kind of lie, just like West is spreading", which is actually so. kurwa. wrong. This attitude is EXACTLY the goal of Russia. Divide, deceive, conquer.

A free democracy is undoubtedly the best place to live in if you're a citizen, especially in peacetime, but it's not the most effective apparatus to wield against your enemies if you're the leader. In the West we have, for over fifty years, gradually turned away from war and envisioned a peaceful future where we prosper from trade instead of conquest, where we focus on infrastructure and education instead of military, and generally look forward. Our mistake was in assuming that everyone else would see it the same way, because living in peace is only possible when all your neighbours also pursue peace.
So now the Russians use our lack of censorship against us by spreading lies everywhere, and they use our free elections against us by sabotaging them and pushing their own candidates. We need to wake up and realise that Putin is actively working against us and our way of life. We need to be vigilant, we need intelligence agencies that can counter disinformation and cyber sabotage, and above all else we need to push hard to teach kids skills like source criticism, critical thinking, understanding evidence, and generally give them the tools to determine truth from lies already in school.

Muslims are great tho.

If you mean EU by Europe, then they should go ahead.
Finish this shitshow already.
If you think the Russians will actually destroy Europe, then you'll be disappointed.

I'm just reposting reddit shit on Sup Forums to make sure I'm not going crazy.

reddit feels like a world without ties to reality. it is absurd.

Oh, good luck!

Thouht you were serious about that Sjw bullshit

do you actually have a point?
or do you think there are no russian agents in europe or maybe putin is just a kind old man who wants to distribute friendship necklaces?

>Russia will never buy you a hooker


I think they're gaslighting non-commies on purpose.

Daily reminder: All anti-Russia hysteria is Jews pissed off Russia supplies Syria and Iran with weapons because they want Israel to be the sole military power in the Middle East.

Realize this, and then all the agitprop you've seen in the past two years begins to make sense and fall into place.

Where did you get that idea?

Shill go home. You ain't Portuguese to begin with. Vai-te foder carago.

the interview is mainly about how the hungarian political leadership is interfering with intel work even though russians operations are happening in europe

I dont see what the isuse is with this material

the europe subreddit is known to be pro-eu so not sure what kind of reactions did you expect there

>Israel to be the sole military power in the Middle East

but thats impossible unless everone else in the middle east gets glassed and or gassed

Nigga forget aboot Saudi

Saudi Arabia got BTFO by goat herders. Iraq's military is laughable and dependent on America. Turkey and Egypt have treaties with Israel.

Who did that leave?

Syria and Iran. Both countries Jews have pushed for us to attack.

>russians operations are happening in europe
Happening where? Are they succeeding?

>I followed the events in Cologne closely, where it could be seen how beautifully the whole thing was built up.
A secret service offensive is being waged against the European Union
and influence operations in which the Russians have serious professional experience and traditions are part of this. Russia plays a part in aggravating the migration crisis and especially in using it for propaganda and gaining influence. When it comes to the events in Cologne or other sexual offences they are active in emphasising that the German or Western authorities and the media are attempting to cover up these crimes.

Top memes at this article btw:
>Migration crisis is Russia's fault
>German media and politics did not cover up the incident
Literally misinformation.


for example information warfare, so the internet mainly

the interview also discusses that hungarian far right groups with weapon stashes had connections to russian intelligence, they were only raided after a cop was killed

anyway I am not going to go into a PROOFS PROOFS PROOFS discussion, if you want to think russia is not interested in influencing europe I am ok with that, whatever floats your boat

Do you guys still don't think this board and every Western major internet hub is infiltrated to the max with people waiting for opportunities of propaganda?

Europe's leftists tried briefly to peddle the lie that migrant sex attacks were the result of Russian operations. They also tried to say Le Pen and Farage were Russian agents. It was mostly Jews who peddled these lies, but still.

>Hungarian secret agent
>Portuguese flag
Hello NATO spy

I've heard this before, maybe it's true, or maybe it's deception from our own leaders? but let's just assume this is true for the sake of argument. why have our leaders in their infinite radiant wisdom and glory pissed of so many people that they go and vote for "racist" "populist" Russian puppets? This is all on them, they are the ones who fucked up.

Stop putting words in my mouth, retard.

Yep. Usam uma bandeira de confiança para semear a desinformação e nem sequer falam a nossa língua. Boa tentativa.

I'm starting to prefer ruskies over the EU desu.
EU is pure fucking cancer.

Vê os posts com o meu ID se faz favor.

>butthurt belt continues to whine about russia

never saw that coming