When will you eurocucks learn?

When will you eurocucks learn?


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Holy fuck, this is amazing.

Why is eastern europe such a meme? It just shows how dull the west has become.

This idiot is gonna get us killed. Time to buy an RPG I guess.

how is he gonna get us killed
stop being such a c uckie

>Handling an attack helicopter
Yeah, nice meme

Submarine when?

>Human rights groups have reacted with horror at video showing migrants being rounded up
>A video from last year showed migrants being forced to lie face down in the mud

ooooh noooo they are getting dirty so inhumane

did they never see an isis video or what the fuck

said Hans while Jamal is railing his wife

he's a big guy

Holy shit, so you Bulgarians can buy military equipment and nobody gives a fuck?

p much
you can get a gun licence and carry a gun around as long as its concealed at 18


put a pipe bomb in your pants cuz nobody blow cock that hard

DESU repubtards raging gives me a chubby. Would love to go full mast tho. Any tards want to prove me wrong about Trump deserving to be inpeached?

Is it hard to get a license?

Compulsory conceal carry
Jazz club nice.gif

>(((human rights groups)))

So this is the power of Slavs.

top kek

ultimate libertarians

He will literally crash and burn. Screen cap this.

a friend of mine has
i think you need to have an amount of shooting experience at the range
then you have a physical and a mental test

Need an an-cap meme ball for this.

An example to us all.


Ok Roman

You guys are doing gods work, keep it up.

we're fucked in too many other aspects though so it's almost like it doesn't matter

>you will never hund refugees with an attack helicopter


>Handling their wives and not Ahmeds balls
Pick one

How so?

>you will never slav squat on bulgariabros gunship of muslim destruction

No, if you face problems just bribe the cop 500 eur and you can have in about a week

economically,demographically and culturally
bad paychecks
bad healthcare (its hell for elders)
more and more gypsies and turkroaches spawn at the shittier places in the country
more and more young bulgarians go to study abroad because our educational system is fucked and corrupt(like most of our institutions)


Also, "Any refugee, who runs, is a jihadist. Any refugee, who stands still, is well disciplined jihadist."

This is a quote of century.

this, and there is basically 3-4 cities Sofia, Plovdiv Varna nad lets say Burgas that the salaries are good enough, all the rest of the country is getting 1/2 of the price for the same amount of work done.

Actually Sofia (the capital) gets the highest pay check, literally 130 km away from Plovdiv and for the same job (Senior C/C++ developer) you get 2k after taxes a month and in Sofia you get at least 5-6. Yet the living standard and the expenses are not that high. So you can imagine the clusterfuck in the capital, ppl all around the country goes there.

Thats why I am moving away from this shithole. (Bulgaria)

You can legally buy Hinds as long as they're demilitarized. Lots of them being sold throughout east Europe. Same goes for all soviet hardware.
You could get the guns working again with a bit of work, but that's obviously illegal.


>Immunity from prosecution.

Yeah I'd fucking kill for that desu. In western Europe and America you'd get skinned alive for doing what he does.