"Black people are violent and subhuman."

>"Black people are violent and subhuman."
>Last two world wars were started by white people in Europe.

Yeah okay...

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Wow really makes me think, Neon Palestine.

Jews aren't white

Slavs aren't white

>white people hold their aggression in until they explode and genocide half the worlds population...
>black people chimp out and kill their neighbor because deh looked at em funny.

Yeah they were literally the only people who lost land to the Italians in WWII. And they got beat by the French.

there we are. Thread debunked

lol nigger

black people are to disorganised for large scale violence

Germans aren't white.

Blacks have nothing worth fighting over. They still do though but in horribly disorganized fashions.

>white people hold their aggression in until they explode and genocide half the worlds population...
>black people chimp out and kill their neighbor because deh looked at em funny.

okay so blacks are the worst, whats your point

Never were, or aren't anymore?

First world/developed countries of today are what they are now because of war. War is good.

Can we gas these coping liberals already?

Germans are subhuman too

Meanwhile Africa has been at war with itself for what, 50,000 years straight?

Arguably it was actually Africans that caused WW1, as Germans being cucked out of land at the congress of Berlin gave Wilhelm the idea germany could only have its 'time in the sun' through war and not through diplomacy like Bismarck wished

SD 2018

I don't think many are under the illusion that whites aren't violent.

We just prefer organized violence. Hand it to the state, instead of ruthless chaotic chimping.

White people are sheeple, who are easily organized and fooled into giving their lives away for some cause or another.


To be honest watching repubtards rage gives me a chubby. Would love to go half mast tho. Anyone republican fags want to prove me wrong that Trump should not be prez?

No, the fact is, whites are smarter so we're better at killing. So while we do it less often, when we do do it, we do it right. All it proves is that niggers are too stupid to plan ahead and wage a proper war.

That's because European wars don't happen often, and when they do, it's big.

There are terrorist attacks in middle east almost every fucking day, look at Syria as well, WOW SO PEACEFUL.

And then there are nigger warlords in africa waging endless wars using children soldiers, MUH NOBLE SAVAGE.

Fucking stupid ass faggot OP.

When white people fight we produce great technologies and innovations - jets, plastics, nuclear fission, etc. When niggers fight they become more culturally and technologically impaired than ever before. The same goes for sand niggers, they need to use our weapons because they're too fucking stupid to organize their people and their people are lazy moths fuckers who think they're too good for menial labour. Come to think of it libtards fit this description as well.

That only shows how ducking irrelevant blacks are. You think there's going to be a world war because of Africa? Whites are the only race worth a "world war", nigger.

Apparently not or else there wouldn't be any niggers or sand niggers left

>Last two world wars were started by (((white))) people in Europe.

Fixed for you


All wars are bankers wars

>Special snowflake phone poster wants attention
Who's the real nigger?

Not white people bro, Jews did that.
White people followed because they're as easily fooled by Jews as you are by Whites

That's not how it works.

Agression is caused by dispute of resources(or potential resources).

The difference is that sub-saharan africans don't know how to work in group, so they'll just stab their neighbours for a chicken. Europeans discovered that if they united with their neighbours they could beat other peoples and earn even more resources.

Beside IQ, work in group is the difference between sub-saharans and europeans

Hitler was jewish

Black people couldn't execute a world war even if they wanted to, the best they can do is hack each other up with machetes over trivial disagreements. If they could on the other hand they probably would, but for stupid reasons

>Last two world wars were started by white people in Europe.

Whatever you say Tyrone. We all know the black man is culpable for WWI.

both are true statements

Violence is not equivalent to war

>white people are superior race"
>getting bred out of existence by black and brown men
>just a few million immigrants into their nations cause white people to either suck their dicks or fear them

Really makes me think.....almost like whites know they're inferior and can't compete......

Used to have war every year in Europe some time ago too.

Before the last great war.

>rewriting history
Checks out

Too much comfort caused it to them.

They forgot their bloodthirsty nature, and now most of them are unable to do anything(Sup Forumsack case) or will actively refuse to help themselves(liberals).

Anyway, it isn't the first time a dominant "species" become subjugated by a once inferior "species".

The direwolf used to be a apex predator, but he was replaced by their weak and smaller cousins(grey wolf).

White ppl rnt wite

das rite

Nice proxy Hans

That's because the biggest issues black people could possibly have wouldn't shake the world hard enough to cause a world war