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Thread for discussing the superiority of state forty-eight.

All posters from Arizona, and former Arizonans welcome.


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Post your favorite and least favorite part about the grand canyon state ITT


>Anti-Trump billboard in Phoenix controversy:

>Gilbert bar kicks out veteran for having neck tattoos

>Arizona cities rank happiest places to live:

>Secret service investigates Trump death threat from Chandler

>>Gabby Giffords pushes for stronger gun control:

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posting in a Don Frye thread.


Trump billboard is on the 1000 block of grand avenue if anybody wants to check it out. The artist is already getting death threats for it apparently lol.



On that Gabby Giffords article it says:

>Arizona is among the deadliest states for gun violence. The number of gun deaths is 40 percent higher than the national average.

I wonder how high it would be if we deported all the illegals?

Fuck yeah Don Frye!!!! The only time UFC was cool.

Chandler reporting in.


West valley reporting

We couldn't if we wanted to.

McCain made some deal with the devil to rule over arizona for an eternity

Yeah the UFC was definitely more entertaining back then. I still watch it casually here and there, but most of the fights nowadays lack the rawness that they had back then.

Nobody from Arizona will ever become the president.

Atleast we aren't from Turkey lite

Gtfo Mohammed

Goldwater almost won in 1964. He was an Arizona senator. Lost against LBJ.

Goldwater would have prevented so much.

I heard people lost their minds here when Goldwater lost.

I don't see this lasting long. I say it'll be totally vandalized within 3 weeks.

I'll check it out on my lunch break.

Anybody know what's going on with the current immigration policy here. I know that lady who was illegal and stole somebody's identity got deported recently, what about everybody else?

Are they only deporting you if you commit an additional crime?

I'm pretty sure it's only if you commit an additional crime. Trump might be working to fix that though. I Haven't really been paying a lot of attention to the immigration policies so far.

Reminder that pima county is a lib shithole

I don't know what it is about Tucson. But that place attracts all types of hipsters. It's basically the Portland of Arizona.

I'm trying to figure out a way to somehow get a shitload of mylar frog balloons attached to this billboard.. any ideas?

pic related

I don't know, I'm not sure I would go with that idea. Personally I would just find a way to climb on top at night and spray paint some kind of message.

You could also buy a paint bomb somewhere and use it.

its not that bad there, just the college area of downtown is shit, I've lived in both phoenix and tucson and tucson is better, phoenix too big and hot

It's definitely not terrible there, but it does seem to have a lot more hipsters than Phoenix. I think it's the "Rustic" look that appeals to them.

yeah that may be true, i lived in oro valley, so didnt see that up there but worked near downtown, its to be expected in any college town though, i still believe northern arizona is better than both

How does this creep keep getting elected. I know not one person that has voted for him.

Bumping the thread with some nostalgia from a few years back.

A bunch of people go to ASU and troll all the muslims there.


I've lived in Prescott since the late 90's. The scenery is nice but it gets boring after a while. Mostly because the town is so small.

I've been up there a few times, i love it, im a home body so I dont go out much anyways, but i do see that being an issue for some