Watching Trevor Noah in a politics class. How do people find this shit even remotely funny...

Watching Trevor Noah in a politics class. How do people find this shit even remotely funny? It's not even a political bias thing, Noah cannot make a funny joke for his life.

Yeah he's not funny. Probably why they stuck him in BET

Ask your teacher why you're watching a comedy show that has no basis in actual political discourse and is comparable to watching a child explain why they think trees grow.

Why don't you say that to my face, whiteboy?

lmao we watched that half coon make unfunny shit jokes in english class last week

What political class?
What video?
What was the discussion like?
Trevor is one of the biggest cucks on tv today.

This passes as learning about apartheid in US schools now( He is from SA). Common core everyone. Most the kids probably think he is British and the rest probably cant pronounce apartheid.

The funny thing is that his kind is the first to go in the race war he's agitating for. He's neither white or black, he'll be on his own.

Intro to American govt
Electoral college
Discussion was on electoral college, but there's an emphasis on reform or replacement of the electoral college

>people pay money to go to school to watch comedy central

It's fucking sad I know. Personally considering alternatives to college at the moment though

It's embarrassing. I would walk out

This is also what I took from this thread
I'm a literal dumbfuck that quit school in 10th grade. Worked construction, learned how to weld & now I make more money than I know what to do with. I'll own my first house by the time I turn 30.

Blue collar master race is the real master race.

Is he white or black

your teacher, I mean

He's black and doesn't like whites. That's it.

Whenever there was bullshit like this in college, I always left the classroom. Wasn't going to waste my afternoon.

That being said, it only happened a few times in the mandatory libarts shit classes.

Strongly considered it
I'm considering dropping out and going blue collar. I think working manually/with my hands would be very satisfying.

is your teacher black or white

Truth be told it's hard work and not everybody is cut out for it but it is very rewarding
as gay as it sounds you make as much as you put in. making money in America is easy as long as you work hard no matter what you are doing

White woman.

Why is college so expensive?

Because we take classes to watch comedy central and print out white privledge flyers.

You're probably right, but I also don't trust Sup Forums as a source for what is funny and what is not. Liberal jokes or jokes about Trump? Unfunny twat. Cuck. Hack. You guys think everyone that makes fun of conservatives is untalented. You generally have shitty senses of humor anyways(LE KEK XDDDD REPEATING NUMBERS MENAS OUR GODD IS GRACINg us hahaahaHAHAAHA!!)

Same here. I once had a professor unironically show us a Michael Moore film. I walked out of there so damn fast.

of fucking course

Bigger question is why comedy central's youth targeting political shows for USA are both hosted by Britons.

You're a limp wristed fag

Dumb nig what do you expect

Whites don't like him

My campus has a whole building dedicated to LGBT shit. Not like that money could have been saved to lower tuition or improve the other buildings on campus amirite?

practice your fake laugh OP, you'll need it for that job you plan on getting.


>while you still have your sanity

So is this guy a negro/spic/jew hybrid?

Not even Mengele could dream of designing such an abomination.

Let's be honest: you didn't do shit. Maybe you fell asleep or didn't pay attention, but you did not storm out of your classroom and go "Haha, fuck this, I am TOO REDPILLED to watch this LIBERAL PROPAGANDA!" This is one of those things people tell themselves they do in their head even though if they did it it would just make them look like a retarded sensitive twat.

Some of his shit back in south Africa was meh tier, back before he was shilling for an agenda.

Yep, this is the Daily Show now:

>Talk about Donald Trump for 20-30 minutes
>Throw some insults in there for good measure
>Have a libshit guest on for 10 minutes

Dumb libshits are eating it up though.

Yes he's there to draw in the intellectual black crowd, the way Larry Wilmore did('nt).

I'm pretty far left but he's just not that funny. He's pretty smart, though, but little more than a talkshow host.

Why are you watching him in politics class? Will you be watching Gavin Mcinnes too? When I took poly sci, we didn't dive into ideology much. In fact I couldn't guess what my professors ideology was. He seem like a political droid. You hire him, he goes to work for your campaign and only cares about winning. He got into the math and mechanics of polling, ground game, even sign colors and brand recognition, but it wasn't ideological. Which surprised me that none of that came into play. But it did help give me a matrix like view of political campaigns, seeing the ones and zeros and looking through the rhetoric.

This has been bothering me as well.

Whether you agreed with Jon Stewart's position or not, the guy had a talent for pulling you in and making you laugh. He had wit, he was clever.

Trevor Noah just doesn't have it. The jokes are so base and do nothing for me.

I wish it was more like that here. More focus on how the government works. But I feel most classes like this are only meant to push agendas. Hotbed for indoctrination

I'm guessing he's more for the liberal whites who want to feel like they have a black friend. I don't think blacks watch him either.

Watch the show. Trevor Noah is really not that funny. At all.

I agree with you, but I actually found Jon Stewart and Colbert when he was on the Colbert Report capable of delivering jokes well. They were pretty funny. I disagree with them on a number of things, but they were funny.

As opposed to Trevor Noah and Colbert post-Colbert Report, who are painfully unfunny tryhards.