A friend of mine got picked up by ICE

A friend of mine got picked up by ICE.

A friend of mine from Latvia overstaying his Visa got a DUI 6 months ago. He was headed to his car this morning and they arrested him. Not larping

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Is that a problem for you? He was breaking the law.

But did he get potato for ride back?

Kek I'm going to become a border guard because of this post, thanks for the inspiration

And? Is this bad?
"I thought it was only spics" stormfront please go. We said illegals have to go back, by god illegals are gonna go back.

Latvia? That's a country?

Visa overstay AND DUI

Not surprised from a dirty slav.

>oooga booga he white he should be immune from visa laws in Trumpreich

And this is thread worthy how?


>overstaying a visa

what a fucking pleb, he got what was coming to him


>american education

>overstaying his Visa
>got a DUI
Why do you think he's getting deported you giant fag?

Over stay Visa + DUI...
aww. poor him. Guess he can either reapply or...just fuck off.

Being white does not excuse being a degenerate to that degree.

>Is that a problem for you? He was breaking the law.

Not a problem at all. Just thought I would share.

Tell him we said bye.

Did you turn him in or something?

If not then you're considered an accomplice and will be put in a camp.

Its in western russia

I always thought it was like a generic term for a common territory within another country like Chechnya or something.

Huh. The more you know. I learned some geography from Sup Forums, nice.


>Expired visa

Good. Living here is a privilege, not a right.


sage and report, not politics

I did think with all the disgusting spics around here. They would come for him last.


It's about time. This is fantastic news. I called ice on my neighbors. I hope I am home when they come...

Why do we care?

It appears that "whites" are criminals too? i'm shocked.

>broke the law
>in rather serious ways
>bwaaaaaaahh why are they kicking him out
off yourself

Hear knock on window
"Open door, is potato man"
I open door
Was not potato man


Trump publishes list of illegals crimes.

>overstay visa
Unacceptable, what a dangerous fool

So was the ice cream sandwich sent home or not?

my brother got deported because he couldn't fucking stay out trouble here

I don't give a shit, he couldn't integrate and was making life hard for the rest of the family, fuck him

>I'm from the US & A and speak only through acronyms

Congratulations, you sounds very tacticool

You lazy americans, go hunt for the brazilians traitors there, get them in a plane and let them out in the middle of the atlantic... plz senpai.

What a dumb ass.

Didn't say you should care just sharing how effective Trump's policies are working. I'm not against him being deported. He broke the law and justice is served.

good riddance


You sure know baltics, Ahmed


Calm down , Dr Doom! Latvaria is a nice place. No, really.

there's a good reason why you have to get a visa und why you shouldn't overstay, it's against the law

Get legal friends next time.

overstaying your visum is a crime... time for him to do some time!

>overstaying his visa
Shouldn't have. Go home.