The Mexicans of Britain

Why are polish people the Mexicans of Britain(in terms of having shit jobs and being rude to the natives)?

Have you ever met a Mexican?

I've met both Polacks and Mexicans. I much prefer Polacks. Mexicans are more of a plague locust than another human. At least Poles are white

Because they come from a poor country and rather than fix it they'd rather leech off of a richer one.

I want to see how britain will function when all the poles leave

>At least Poles are white

Don't care, Poles fucking suck. I've only ever met shitty chavvy ones that are poor and anti social. Fuck Poles.

>I want to see how britain will function when all the poles leave
As if they would leave such a gibsmedat state like ours

Delet this

Tbf, 80% of Britons I've met aged between 18-24 are how you described them.

Most Poles enter the country (child Poles) around 3 years old and grow up with our ethics, our education and our recently adopted "British values"; this turns them into what you describe just as it turns pakis, niggers and so what into them.

While I agree there are too many Polish people (my GF is a joint citizen of Poland and the UK and she agrees there are too many, too) we must keep them before we deport the other minorities as the Polish are more likely to vote a right-wing party than a fucking nigger or even a milennial white being.

>Polish are more likely to vote a right-wing party
Surely the nationalists would stay in Poland all the poles in the sixth form I went to were left wing as fuck

At least they are religious as fuck and good at strip dancing. Your religion is cocaine and your putas are fat like albondigas.

They're already going because the zimbabwe-tier pound isn't worth it to them.

Are there any real Mexicans in England? Asking for a friend

fucking mexicunt shit can't even spell "delete" properly.

Not all right-wing followers are nationalist, y'know. And you can be left-wing and nationalist, too.

But anyway, not necessarily. I'm unallowed to criticise Poland in my house but she's not allowed to criticise the UK either otherwise I would legitimately call UK Border Force.

I bet all the Poles in your Sixth Form were also integrated with the British kids who also were slightly left-wing and arse licking one another whilst performing hedonistic slaggish behaviour in their spare time sucking cock?

That's rich coming from a Brit. Your tourists are notoriously obnoxious, can't handle their booze and act like fucking apes in public.

I wouldn't say that we behave worse than you in general. In fact, I'd say it's the other way around.

But then again a lot of the people that left for your dreary island were leftist cocksuckers dreaming about living off your welfare. Oh well. To be honest, we don't want them here either.

I seen one on a Russell Peters comedy concert from O2 arena. It may be on Netflix.

My uncle is Mexican American and they think he's Egyptian when he's in Europe.

>Tfw half Mexican and half Polish
Am I the worst mix ever?

no, pakis are

lol even pakis are less safe labour voters than them

Dude, I'm part Mexican, Greek, Spanish and Jew.

How bout dat?

I love lamp.

>Mexican, Spanish
>Greek, jew
So your Mexican and Jewish?


And I'm ok with it.

The people you're talking about are leeches. They're scum. They wanted to create a welfare state here - and when they failed, they simply fucked off elsewhere.

Generally speaking, it's your fault you implemented those ridiculous policies in the first place. You put the dream of "living well without working" in their heads, poisoning countless countries around the globe, and now you're angry that human parasities are coming to partake in your fucking experiment, to live your neomarxist dream.

It's nice that you're finally coming around and I hope you succeed, but don't blame other nations for your own mistakes.

The fuckers you're talking about are a minority, they're not respected here and as I've said before, they aren't really welcome here - which is why they left. Saying that all Poles are like that is like saying that all Brits are like your typical degenerate chav.