Muslim vs muslim thread

muslim vs muslim thread

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>go explode yourself


Based irandude lmao

That's gold

It's not that funny you LARPing retards


Freezorg 100% /OURGUY/

I suppose that, when you live in a joke of a founyry like Holland, it doesn't seem that funny, Aquafresh

I didn't realize the Aisha thing on the cooking show was based on Sunnis and Shias.

>just kill yourself you Sunni subhuman, but do it in a remote area where you don't harm other people
Damn, that's some solid bants

Ohh I have a few





I unironically almost cried laughing. The Weeblord at the end fucking killed me

>implying this Shia Persian is wrong
Right on every way
Based as hell

A bit of modification after i steal it and befor i use it.

"Comparing different sects of islam is like comparing different shades of shit."
"Comparing radical and moderatel muslims is like comparing different shades of shit."


Handlotion made the keyboard slippery, João?

Alluah Akbar

I'm ready to just have a war and slaughter all of the muslims with no exceptions and wipe their uncivilized ideology from the earth. Half of them are brainwashed savages who think the only thing that matters is some old book and that it's justified to rape and murder anyone who isn't equally brainwashed. The other half don't do anything to stop the barbaric factions in their religion and have the potential to be indoctrinated to be the same, like a pool of gas waiting to be sparked and ignited. They are not compatible with the rest of the world. They're living in a forgotten age and the rest of the world has long advanced well beyond it. They refuse to clean up their act and so they must be destroyed. Humanity as a whole has come too far to let one little part of it hamstring and drag it down.

It was actually your mother's squirt, Arjen

Am Sufi and this is pretty funny.


How's life in West Algeria!?

Also, name some famous tunisian footballers so I can bully your country next time, please. Can't remember anyone, Cathargoman

*East, sorry