Lets have a thread deticated to our new racist symbol of the Alt-Right

Is Julia /ourgirl/


Good meme but just post it in other peoples threads. too off topic for Sup Forums.



lol winner.



/ourgirl/ confirmed


I approve of this thread


>not counting to eleven elevens

Is it weird that Julia is really attractive?

Yes that is very fucking weird
Proof you aren't a normie


thank god for that

That'd be weird to get a blow job from a muppet desu

>tfw no qt autistic muppet gf

Any more of these?

needs more tranny abby

I fucking love these Julia memes.

Bert/Earnie sodomite gassing pl0x

>put your dick in her mouth
>there is a hand inside

You retards realize that muppet is cannon autistic, right? Shouldn't you hate her? For being neural irregular?


Kike detected

She is /ourmuppet/ user, these nazi muppet memes are going to be on CNN eventually.

Most of the people who post here are on the spectrum. I'm sorry that you're so new that you take a lot of the eugenics talk seriously. Maybe try Reddit for a change?

Sup Forums was never about hating autists, we're autists.

It was weaponized autism that got got Trump elected and stole Shia's flag.

The globalists created us with vaccines and having our mothers wait until 30 to have us. Now we seek to destroy them.

You know a better autistic girl?

you have to get out nufag

This. Girls should get their first child at 18.

It is inevitable

I know a girl who had a kid at 19, never given vaccines and he's the most spastic retard I've ever seen


Autism =/= metal retardation. The poor kid just lost the genetic lottery.

why did we fall in love so quickly with her?
alsso post more julia memes if you have any


single mother?
how old is he?

To add to this they encroached their agenda on the autists hobbies, such as video games, with that ruined they have nothing better to do but systematically destroy globalism