Seriously, Sup Forums, what the fuck are we going to do about the eternal normie?

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Here's the full resume. Cringe as fuck. Reading through it became more and more clear that everything in it was based on a hollow desire for the broadest acceptance.

>good on him for the stem degree tho even if it'll only allow him to be a beta provider

>liking inglorious basterds

>No tinder because I dont objectify woman
thats sure to get all the girls!

>Inglourious basterds
>the office
>the killers

>im 15 and these are my interests general

Is this what resumes are supposed to look like now?

>B.S in chemical engineering


This is the average attention span of an employer now.

As a dating resume it sets a precedent of extreme faggotry as the gold standard.

Even reading this carbage made me feel emasculated.

>My Time
so assuming he sleeps 8h a day, he spends around 5h a day on academics, which is bullshit for a chemical engineer (maybe its different in America, but I had 6h of class a day, and then you need to study and work on projects afterwards as well)

also, he spends 3h a day on netflix, yet his favorate movies are that?

And god I hope by adventure time he doest mean the show.

He does...

>resists tinder degeneracy
Good man; if only women held themselves with the same regard

>never lost a snapchat streak

Why isn't this guy drowning in pussy already?


>he isn't even allowed to date hot high school girls

The eternal anglo...

Then how the hell do you spend 2h a day on it? unless he is making fan animations this makes no sense.

>bragging about resisting tinder for feminist reasons without mentioning a single word that could plausibly turn off a left wing cunt like "degeneracy"

if it bags him a Jesus-y girl, I guess good on him, tho. trying to be devil's advocate but damn he looks like a complete pussy.

yeah, the time is off. he just thinks this makes him sound smarter, more fun/relatable. i never knew anyone in engineering who studied so little.

American universities are made for retards. They will just go through the easiest way to teach you without using your brain

Does the one thing mean he runs a FB account for his doggo? Weird.

(((religious functions)))

This normie tier bullshit omg. Spends a quarter of his time on religious bullshit...?!?!?

I give him 2 and 1/2 years before he goes full woman hating MGTOW

Well, I mean, if you're not going to get a job at college might as well waste time on some other bullshit.

what a fucking cuck

His interests and the way he types are exactly like a woman.

Was raised by a single mother if I had to guess

>no money
>average looking
>college junior
>can't find a girlfriend

Really charges the cashews.

I'm sure he'll find a hot man to fuck him up the ass.

Normies are one thing, but I also go to Michigan State and the people here are on another level than normies. Literally everyone is into the exact same shit (in pic related), people don't like anything that is out of the norm. That could be the resume of everyone at this fucking school. People think I'm weird here for hosting underground rap shows because it doesn't involve spending money at the coolest bar in town, which happens to be a fucking chain. But the dating resume is such a perfect example of the dating culture here, people don't decide based on connection or how much they like the person but rather how many positive traits they can get given all of their positive traits. It's very mathematical and structured in a way. Maybe that's normal but where I'm from people just meet and if they really hit it off they date, not caring about other factors like their internships or whatever. Good thing I'm dropping out

>No tinder record because I don't objectify women for the sake of "getting ass"

literal confirmed virgin faggot


sounds like another "standard" person

his activities are pretty much creativity no manly activity

>shows Jews to be horrible bloodthirsty monsters who kill innocents
>not redpilled

please let it end

women are literally unconsciously converting an entire generation into willing drone-slaves to service the chad hierarchy


let it end

This is beta cuck shit.
Chad has a tinder, he isn't in constant communication with mommy, he isn't staying in and watching Netflix and he certainly isn't spending any measurable time in church or running a doggo's social media account

>Crying during Marley & Me
And every women's cunt just turned into the Sahara

Redpill him or her.

Holy shit. Wow that's fucking terrible. He's going to get cucked so badly. Hopefully it redpills him when he catches his girlfriend/wife banging Chad and he doesn't kill himself

I don't know what you guys are talking about, this guy looks like the average 4channer.

That sounds like hell user, you can tell from the "resume" of that cunt that he has absolutely zero personality or uniquely defining traits.

You're making fun of this guy, but how many women did you fuck this month, Sup Forums?

Did you even hug one? Did you even hang out with a male friend?

all young guys want is to get their dick wet.

They are dogs. Women should go after men who are over 30 years old. We are much more sophisticated. *tips fedora*

American Universities are not offering educaion, they are offering a degree.
You pay a shitload of money, so you are a customer. And the customer is always right.

>crying during Marley and me
>religious functions
>face timing my mom

wew lads

>drives in style with a Honda civic
In what country is a fucking Honda Civic stylish and kcoo?
>doesn't objectify women
>insists on getting a 'honey'
Love his consistency though.
>great at acting like a dad in public
>cries during a movie
Jesus Christ this guy

Literally all of his interests are based around what girls at the school like, and all of his hobbies are based around doing things to get girls. He has no personal identity. It's the same reason that everyone who has a party here plays the same playlist of early 2000's songs. Because that's what the girls want to listen to, and the cucks and cucked frat boys bend over backwards to make the women happy. This is just life in this hell hole


Also P A Y D E N B T S

agree, but this post made me kek and reminded me of the old Sup Forums banner of the guy in sunglasses labelled badass, uploading urafagit.jpg

The only 3 things that matter to women are
>Facial aesthetics


If you need apps to get a date you're a fucking loser. Someone needed to tell you pathetic Millenials.

Tillman was an asshole who got blown up by his own men.

>Schutzalter of 14 years
>Feels tight man.

Hey, dude
I'm in engineering and do like a few hours over a whole week, mostly just homework
High Bs to mid As

>tfw people always think "just be yourself" is a meme but it's actually the truth

Yeah by jealous manlets and facelets

This. 14-15 year old girls are by far the hottest. Americans will never know that feel when a qt young teenage girl glances over to you and you don't feel creepy about it.


His favorite movie/tv show/band couldn't be more entry level if he tried. It's not even that they're bad media necessarily, but NOBODY is actually that dull. What an unbelievable ponce.

Burgers are so jealous, that they even tried to force the EU to raise the age of consent to 16, but they couldn't even do that.

Is there a creature in existence more loathsome than the normie?

I cringed hard after reading the Objective and closed the image. Enough. I hate everything about modern society.

>good thing I'm dropping out

Unless you're dropping out because you or your family can no longer afford your education, you're a retarded loser.

>be american
>see cute girl
>get shot by her dad

he looks and writes like a ftm tranny. Are we sure this isn't a chick?

Wow. This is straight cancer. This is honestly one of the worst things I've seen a normie do by far, and high school was filled with fuckers like this

Wow cares, let him be a fag I guess. He will end up with some crazy feminist girl anyways

Why does this make me wanna punch him?

married so yes, yes. sorry, not everyone is a virgin like you m80

treating the mom well is good and good for landing a quality female. bragging about it is what's lame.

>In what country is a fucking Honda Civic stylish and kcoo?
that's tongue-in-cheek/self-deprecating

>everyone who has a party here plays the same playlist of early 2000's songs. Because that's what the girls want to listen to, and the cucks and cucked frat boys bend over backwards
but that music was better than the shit of the past 5 yrs tbqh

are you a genius?

I think The Office US is bad, but I agree. The enraging thing reading this isn't any one item--almost all of which are forgivable on their own--it's the amazing culmination of desperation/brainwashing

>Inglourious basterds
As a white millennial kid...

Putting a jewish Revenge Porn film where a jewess burns a whole movie theatre down to the ground, murdering german innocents along the way besides Hitler and his closest people, as a favorite film is kinda off

That fortifies my peanuts.

this recently happened to my moms friend's son kek, they knew the wife was a total bitch too, the guy hanged himself

The office is bad, the killers are actually a pretty alright rock band and inglorious basterds is a fun movie. But it's 100% surface media, as though he licks the skin of the apple of culture without ever taking a bite.

who* cares. I'm a nigger

You are now aware that there are right now as we speak a myriad of normies sitting in coffee shops around the globe blowing on the "froth" in their cup while crafting a status update for facebook

is there a thought more enraging ?

>Be American
>See cute girl
>Get sent to Iraq
>Get blown up by Amir the goatfucker
>qt girl gets tag teamed by Jamal and Tyrone

I did this about 15 years ago and handed them out at the mall

why is this "viral" exactly?

normies are late to the party as usual
fresh OC incoming

He goes to Michigan State dude, not exactly geniuses coming from that school.

>is there a thought more enraging ?
Trump cucking himself to globalist politicians even more

>tfw the Hitler Donald of summer 2016 will never come back

Actually no, holy shit, the fucking thought of that really does piss me off

I would have had my girlfriend invite you somewhere then mug you

Trump's weakness is his absence of ideology beyond himself , he's kind of a normie.

Haven't seen one of those since forever

Nobody's perfect, and he's still waaay better than the alternative would have been.

Don't fucking drop out

Let those other losers drop out

I could see this blowing up in his face. Like that one youtube who said he prefers a woman who shaves her armpits and he had to go on an apology tour. What women are just a job to you? I bet you have a tiny dick!

tfw black and all i need to do to get white pussy is to show up at party and some slut is always all over me, she usualy have bf who just watches kek.

>tfw shitposting and contributing from coffee shop

This guy screams beta provider and is totally down for his future gf to be open in the relationship.

The concept itself is pretty nifty, but everything this resume shows about the guy is turbocringe.

Typical feminized college cuckboy.

That's the most nomie thing I've seen in ages

Man you faggots are obsessed with the idea of nigger dick, people around here can't go 5 minutes without mentioning bestiality. Ask yourself if you're cucked for real.

Sorry just not a fan of spending thousands of dollars to get indoctrinated by the state while I waste time and my life getting a degree that is useless. If I want to work in a boring corporate job, I'll just do an apprenticeship and get paid to learn things that will actually help my career, as well as get ensured a job. I don't need to waste money on unpaid interships either, and it only takes a year. That's if I feel like it. I might try my hand at entrepreneurship for a while, and see what socializing in my hometown can get me. My dad wants me to manage a dispensary he's starting, so that's and option too. But I'm not a "college kid", so I'm not gonna waste my time there with shitty normies like you.

i loved Inglorious Basterds when I saw in theaters in '09 and the Killers are good

but nothing he put is offensive and much of it is signaling.

Why is modern contemporary culture so banally shit and people take pride in marathoning crap shows like GOT and The Big Bang Theory but nobody actually wants to watch or read anything with depth or substance?

Fucking normies reeee

>men literally submit a resume of themselves to women

What a world.

Fools! College is a joke, and anyone who goes there (FOR ANY REASON) is an even bigger joke.


because they don't give a shit about what they are watching or reading.
they don't watch those shows because they interest them, they watch those shows so they have something to talk about in office.
obviously they pick shit that is easy to understand because you want your smalltalk to be inoffensive and something with depth might risk an argument.

these people are simply as shallow as you could possibly be.

Resumes are such a stupid thing in today's economy. If the person hiring you doesn't have intimate knowledge of the work you've done via third party sources, you're never getting paid what you deserve.