This is the daily best Finland thread. It's for everything Finland, from current events to politics and culture. Municipal elections are April 19th, vote for Adolf Nigler if you're in his riding.

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mämmi :DD

Why don't Finnies like Trump? Every one of you i've had the unfortunate pleasure of speaking with hate him for some reason or another.

I don't hate him.
I simply think that it is unfortunate that he is not literally Hitler (who did nothing wrong).

Sauna xDD

seems rather empty,
is this really 6th thread?

cos shillary shilled and fear mongered europe

Don't worry, eventually all Finns come.

IDK what number thread this is, I've made probably over 10 in the past week.

Finnish women worst women.

You can do anything to them in bed though.

This treads theme...


We should live up Irwin's expectations.

What about Stratovarius?


>What about Stratovarius?

I don't care much about power metal. I prefer slower and more depressive metal.


B E R G E L E : D D D




benis :D D D D D D D

>ywn be Finnish

Why does Finland smell so bad?
Not hating, just curious.

Eenglish lyrics for Mudface and liquorice clown

Out every mudface and liquorice clown
Who have been grilled in a jungle by heat
This land belongs to Finns
The Ryynänen's and Horttanainen's

Here proper sweat is the men's deodorant
And every guy is almost like Antti Isotalo
If talk doesn't help,
Then a knife will, for fuck sake!
Here loud women spend their nights outside
And if the style doesn't change, then with a shotgun it will
The result of a family argument here is "air out"

Son of Finland, do not let others
Into your wonderful land

Out every mudface and liquorice clown
Who have been grilled in a jungle by heat
This land belongs to Finns
The Ryynänen's and Horttanainen's

The politicians here are as redneck as the people
It has always stood at the border with a gun
We have always fought like hell until the end
In this country people have always laughed only drunk
Otherwise even the husband has frowned in his wedding
Alcohol must smell
Because that is Finnish style

Son of Finland, do not let others
Into your wonderful land

This land belongs to Finns
The Ryynänen's and Horttanainen's

This land belongs to Finns
The Ryynänen's and Horttanainen's

Out every mudface and liquorice clown
Who have been grilled in a jungle by heat
This land belongs to Finns
The Ryynänen's and Horttanainen's

Out every mudface and liquorice clown
Who have been grilled in a jungle by heat
This land belongs to Finns
The Ryynänen's and Horttanainen's

Can confirm the fisting part.


Not hate i think 25% hate, 25% like and 50% doesn't care

>Why don't Finnies like Trump?
>Liking anyone

Too b honest, People here are weird - they are proud about having fought against commies, but are now very socialist, they envy anyone who makes money honestly - but not when by some "trick", or by chance, and many cries about someone trying to not pay taxes - but they themselves don't often pay anything really - and get 50 different types of benefits.

He is too left-wing

Seriously why are Finnish people so ugly compared to other European races ?

Because we are not shallow degenerates

Why is Finland biggest alcoholics in world?

I'm totally serious.

Cause mongols

State buys the Vodka for pros.

I guess that makes sense.


Pepe the lord commanded so

Why do finnish women love big anglo cock?

You don't need to bring the bantz. I know of the state of the majority of people in Germany. I basically want to move out because the situation is hopeless.

I want to move out of here too. Where should we move?

He's too friendly with Russia and Russia isn't friendly to us.

why do so many fins use image boards?


The United States, but it is difficult as fuck.
The Czech Republic is pretty based, moving there is doable and they almost have a second amendment.

m8 that's Adolf Nigler and his wife from Finland.

This is the average Finn apparently.

Any Suomi here ever fuck a Finn that looks like this?

I'd sponsor you guys

I've never seen anyone, who looks like that. Even remotely.

just wove to alaska
>climate like finland
>freedom like usa

fin land best land

MFGA! Halla-aho for president post dank finn meme if agree


How are they hostile to us?

There is no such thing as sponsoring, you can't just say they good they can come.

It's either , H1B, Marry an American chick or a huge investment.


>Not hate i think 25% hate, 25% like and 50% doesn't care

I kinda agree, I'd make the split even 25% and add category: people who feel schadenfreude from all the shit storms he has caused.

Also your pic... Rikosmuseo isn't really a public museum, it is more like archive. There is also Police museum at Tampere, where they display that collection.

Autism. Winter that is too cold and dark combined with summer when it is too hot and 22+ hours daylight.

British who lived in USA for a decade here.
It's well more cucked than Germany desu, only you can own guns.

Then again you can own guns anywhere in the world, if you really want to.

The girls love Europeans, I got so much free pussy just get a use of my accent over there too. The men are pretty autistic so there's not much competition.

I lived in florida, statin island and North dakota btw.

Do you have sister that I can marry?


never underestimate the power of autism in finland

At this point i'd suck dick to get a Green card.

as a matter of fact, yes. If it jsut so happens that this post would yield the infamous combination of certain significant numbers i will post pics
>autismo-speak because system thinks i be spammin

I'll roll for that.

I like Trump I think he is a cool guy and doesn't afraid anything.

for same reason anglo women love big finnish cock.
it's big.

Daily reminder that Finland wouldn't have the civilization to create Finnish memes and Spurdo if it wasn't for Swedish imperialism. And don't forget the Fennoswedes rule Finland with a fair but iron fist and Pekkas bow to their power.



I have US citizenship, I hear gay marriage is legal btw..... ;))

Lucky son of a bitch.

Miehittävät laajaa alaa meidän maista, vähän väliä tulee uhkailua NATOsta, jostain keksitystä lapsien kaltoinkohtelusta tai myrkyllisestä ruuasta, venäläisten tiedustelijoiden ja erikoisjoukkojen määrä Suomessa on palautettu kylmän sodan tasolle tai jopa korkeammalle, on ilmatilanloukkauksia, maakauppoja strategisten kohteiden ympäriltä, jnejnejne

Taitaa tämäkin mennä kuuroille korville, koska Bäckman on paras ja Putin.


>little mongol rape baby
>big dick
Oh you..

between the saunas, throat singing, and autism, finns are fascinating. I wish to learn more about your people

how accurate is this

daily reminder that sweden destroyed most proofs of finnish culture before swedes just make them look better.
go get culturally enriched in your muslim ghettos

my gf is british :^)

we'll all make it some day, Muhammed

Now is a good time to invest in the rake stock. It will skyrocket soon.

i kekke'd

Thanks, one less hag for us.
Our women are dogs, the men are hyper Chad's though.
Me included.
>10/10 handsome
>9 inch dick
>suave intelligent and charming
>UK :92% white
>Finland:0% white
One drop rule ghengis

Kyllähän nuo maakaupat saataisiin kondikseen jos vaan olisi munaa kikkailla.

Sanotaan että ollaan rakentamassa rautatietä sinne ja sitten perutaan projekti sen jälkeen kun on maat pakkolunastuksen kanssa ostettu.

i felt

goddamn what a legend.

Niihin ollaan itse asiassa puuttumassa.

Fennoswedes are the jews of Finland, the banking system is disproportionally filled with them. They ironically also make out a majority of most famous Finns. It's a confusing situation for the average Pekka.

We Fennoswedes are as Finnish as everyone else. t. Fennoswede

Black is not new white

Nope. You claim to be Finnish only when it's beneficial to you.

Wait, is this real?

What do finns think of azudai

Doesn't he support TTIP? Could I get a quick rundown on whether TTIP is good or not?

Maat meni jo eikä niitä tulla saamaan takaisin nyt eikä 100 vuoden päästä. Ainakin itselle niistä uliseminen 70 vuoden jälkeen kuulostaa vähän samalta kuin joku Saksa tai mikä tahansa muu maa vaatisi sodissa menetettyjä alueitaan takaisin: ei kiinnosta. NATO:n laajentumisen takia uhkaileminen on Venäjältä itsepuolustusta ja lähinnä USA:n vastustamista.
Se mitä Venäjän media tai yksittäiset poliitikot vouhottaa Suomen lapsikaappauksista on ihan samaa kaliiperia mitä Suomen media tai yksittäiset poliitikot vouhottaa siitä, että Eurooppa on täynnä Venäjän palkkaamia trolleja. Miksei täällä nosteta samanlaista haloota kun Ruotsi loukkaa Suomen ilmatilaa?

Ryssät on perseestä ette te niitä halua trust me


Kuten sanoin,
>Taitaa tämäkin mennä kuuroille korville, koska Bäckman on paras ja Putin

Tbh I don't give a shit about Trump or any other leader, but it's pretty funny how easily people get angry when you say shit about their favorites.

En haluakaan, liikaa ryssiä = käy kuten Krimillä ja ihmiset haluavat liittyä Venäjään. Mutta toistaiseksi Venäjällä ja Suomella on ihan hyvät välit.

Autism+Most Finns speak relatively fluent English+Everyone has Internet access+it's too fucking cold outside

>Miksei täällä nosteta samanlaista haloota kun Ruotsi loukkaa Suomen ilmatilaa?

Koska Ruotsi ei tietääkseni oo valtaillu viime vuosina muilta mailta alueita.

Yea it isn't public museum but everywhere in the world there are crime museums that are open for public. There is no reason for keeping it closed for outsiders, they have historical stuff like this official beheading axe that hasn't been used for 190 years

This thing happened 73 years and 3 days ago.

Wats habben here :D

No enpä pidätä hengitystä kauhusta että Venäjäkään tänne ihan lähivuosikymmeninä hyökkää.


No halusit tietää, miten Venäjä on meille uhka ja sait vastauksen. Ei vain tunnu kiinnostavan. Omasta mielestäni ainakaan sotilaalliset toimet, propagandakampanjat ja muut eivät tarkoita hyviä välejä ja mitä tulee noihin varastettuihin alueisiin ja murhattuihin suomalaisiin, niin Venäjällä olisi täydet mahdollisuudet koittaa hyvittää rikoksensa mutta sillä suunnalla ollaan lähinnä ylpeitä asiasta.

Ei tarvikaan, mutta ei se silti tarkoita etteikö toisiin asioihin voida kiinnittää enemmän huomiota. Suomella ja Ruotsilla muutenkin sotilasyhteistyötä joten esimerkki oli muutenkin perseestä.