Trump is a GWB neocon

Reminder EVERYONE posting on here:

1. Was not alive under Bush
2. Do not know the history of Bush
3. Do not know Trump voted for GWB twice

Other urls found in this thread: 1, 1996&enddate=Mar 1, 2001&num=10&ei=NTo0VKj4GceZ8wbqooHoCw



Oh look Obama leaf can count


Fuck off, Obamaleaf is best poser on this board.

Lol you actually posted an image of the fucker who said "Republicans don't care about budget deficits"

Now that is funny

>inb4 u get accused of being my proxy


There is Obamaleaf

Anti-Trump patriot (me)

Serbian poster

Ukrainian poster

>not using percent increase / decrease

Making this thread again, eh?


The brave men who will save the world from Trump and his crew of billionaire globalists.

>using causation correlation fallacy as to the success of the Clinton years
>placing the production and value of the internet and its expansion of wealth as not the reason for increase in net GDP as well as increased tax revenue

Oh you're still cute

i was alive and old enough to remember hearing reagan's farewell address
building up the military because he knows how important it will be to defend our own soil =/= embracing a decades old 'murican tradition of thinking of themselves as policemen of the world
try harder next time, op kthx

Remember a few days ago when you were arguing about the economy under bill clinton and posted a graph proving the point of the guy you were arguing with, then immediately fled the thread after everyone started laughing at what a retard you are?

That was funny.

Anyone screenshot that? I took one but I don't know what I did with it.

So all the anti-Obama posters in 2008-2016 were patriots top right?

Or is your cognitive dissonance this fucking obvious?

>our cities and roads are crumbling



>building up the military because

he's a shill for Lockheed Martin, Blackwater, Booz Allen Hamilton

What? You think everyone here is 8 years old? That's a strange claim.

The one where I asked you retards a question and you're so fucking stupid that you didn't realize you got btfo.

BASED BILL CLINTON handed right wing retard hero and leading conservative thinker George Dubya Bush and a GOP Congress a $230 BILLION SURPLUS. What happened to it?

You retards are so fucking handicapped, you didn't even know u got btfo. Answer the question you right wing retard degenerate little bitch.

wtf i love saudi arabia now!




That was part of it. Your graph was different though. It nicely illustrated the other guy's post about how the republican revolution of 96 kicked the economy into gear and turned clinton's previous budget mess around.

It was hilarious seeing someone dumb enough to post something proving the other guy's point.

Good times.

omg this is the pic I've been waiting for.
is it apparent to many other city folk that the right is jealous of our obviously more fun lifestyle? This is also why islam hates us right?
oh well, cities are great why do you think all the non-neckbeards left town after high school?

I'm old enough to remember Based Bill Clinton's farewell address where he told right wing retard Republicans to not blow the budget surplus he left them, and to pay off the debt.

Here you go

Yeah! That was the graph that proved the other guy's point about 96!

Did anyone screenshot the thread of everyone laughing at you while you ran like a bitch? I don't have a question I just would like to save the capture of it, was hilarious.

>it's another episode of Obamaleaf posts images I can MD5 filter

>Trump is the real globalist
That's too retarded even for you

In 1993 Republicans claimed Clinton's economic plan would fail and there would be a recession. Then when his economic plan succeeded, they tried to take credit for it.

I think it's absolutely fucking hilarious that you right wing retards always want to take credit for Democratic presidents Based Bill Clinton and Based Barack Obama but you will completely fucking dindu your right wing retard hero, George Dubya Bush.

>using an oped as evidence
>John Boehnor as a reference

It's ok being wrong

all i know is- if i were old enough to vote in 2000 or 2004, i sure as shit wouldn't have voted for Gore/Lieberman or Kerry/Edwards. a rational adult understands that it's team red or team blue; and this was significantly more true in those elections than in 2016; however, i'm not a rational adult. wrote-in Ron Paul in both 2008 and 2012, and i was happy to vote in a ticking time bomb in 2016- the time bomb to be planted in the halls of congress- in the meeting rooms of disgustingly bloated and overreaching federal agencies- in the supreme court- in the ever-expanding, near limitless power of the executive branch- in the gold leaf-adorned atria of the Fed- and the very office where Monica Lewinski was bent over a (then) 116 year-old desk, a gift from Queen Victoria, and diddled with a cigar. yes- i voted to put a true catalyst for change in the White House.

i've never been more proud of a vote in my entire life; get over yourself

>I swear I am not a painfully obvious obamaleaf proxy I just happen to show up in every thread he does, post the same worded comments due to my autism, and just happen to post the same graphs he does in this forum over and over.

>its just a coincidence

the jokes on you since you're also on pol

I'm almost certain at this point that Obamaleaf works for the CIA or something.

No average Canadian could possibly be this god damn obsessed with American politics.

Are you some kind of full blown mental handicap? The budget balance was improving from Clinton's economic plan.

Why won't you answer the question?

BASED BILL CLINTON handed right wing retard hero and leading conservative thinker George Dubya Bush and a GOP Congress a $230 BILLION SURPLUS.


I'm pretty sure he's autistic


Typical right wing retard reaction. You're the biggest fucking dindus on the planet.

All the Republicans said it. Newt Gingrich said it. They all claimed Clinton's plan would fail, then when it succeeded they tried to take credit for it.

You right wing retards know fuck all about your own country.

YOu get absolutely annihilated by me every single day.

>defends US president over immigration ban
really activated my almonds

i suggest you read my short rant further down the thread here gingrich and clinton worked together to achieve said surplus. bush43 was going to blow it regardless. the left and the right both spend to get votes. if we're lucky, Gorsuch shits all over both parties- preventing the stomach churning largesse of vote buying on both sides of the aisle


BASED BILL CLINTON handed right wing retard hero and leading conservative thinker George Dubya Bush and a GOP Congress a $230 BILLION SURPLUS.


The .com bubble was a miracle. Now we have a president who is chasing away innovation and spending millions a day to golf like Obama.

Lol Trump didn't ban Saudi Arabia. Are you retards fucked in the head?

Nah, it's obvious he's a sped autist/sperg. You can tell by how he cannot interact normally, and he does the classic thing autists do where they get mentally stuck on certain phrases/word combinations and they spew them out over and over. You can tell instantly obamaleaf is posting because of the key phrases and the OMG YOU RETARDS REEEEEEEEEEE stuff he does. I think it's hilarious to watch him spaz out over and over. I bet he rocks back and forth mumbling and screeching in whatever group home or disabled apartment he is housed in.

Hahahahahaha look like someone hit a nerve!!!

Guys Obamaleaf is talking in all caps X-------------DDD

He must be pissed about being wrong all the time lmao!

Ok buddy. Will dump my source and reason in a second to anally destroy you once more. Please stand by.

>1. Was not alive under Bush
WTF are you talking about?

so his tax plan was for 94.

Why did it take 2 years and the GOP to take over both houses of congress to improve the economy?

Remember, take the meds, breathe deeply

Gingrich had nothing to do with it. It was the 1993 tax hikes on the rich. Gingrich predicted a recession. Then when the plan succeeded, he tried to take credit for it.

Newt got btfo about this.

Newt was such a failure, he got kicked out the by the GOP in disgrace in 1998. I don't know why right wing retards can't remember this.

Look at the chartRepublicans had nothing to do with it.

No. I want just 1 of u right wing retard pathetic failures to answer the question.

Lol you realize that when all you right wing retards can do is try to take credit for Clinton and Obama's greatness, and completely dindu GOP policies and presidents, you realize that means THAT I AM WINNING.

The Misleading Claim: President Clinton's higher tax rates resulted in an economic boom. We need to bring back his tax rates!
First, let's acknowledge one fact as loud and clear as possible: the economy DID perform fairly well at the time Clinton was President. THAT'S reasonable to conclude. What's less reasonable, however, is to conclude that his tax policy was the cause of that growth.
Democrats routinely point to Clinton's average GDP growth rates and ignore the fact that wages arguably stagnated during his first 4 years in office after enacting the '93 tax increases. [1] This is likely why Clinton's results are commonly averaged across his entire tenure, as to mask the stark contrast between both terms. They discount the fact that Clinton's '93 tax increases were followed in '97 by tax CUTS, after Clinton HIMSELF acknowledged the taxes had been too high. Speaking at a fund raiser in 1995, President Clinton said: ”Probably, there are people in this room still mad at me at that budget because you think I raised your taxes too much. It might surprise you to know that I think I raised them too much, too.” [2] Also conveniently missing from the narrative is that economic growth quickened from 3.2% a year to 4.2% a year AFTER the tax CUTS were introduced. [3]

>part II soon


Obamaleaf is replying to himself now X--------------------DDD

Getting desperate you urban retard?

You got btfo. I absolutely annihilated you.

BASED BILL CLINTON handed right wing retard hero and leading conservative thinker George Dubya Bush and a GOP Congress a $230 BILLION SURPLUS.


Now you're dodging because you're a little bitch. You're my bitch.


It genuinely astounds me that there are over 60 million mentally handicapped adults in America who vote Republican every election cycle.

>muh financial responsibility (whilst spending billions on defence, cutting taxes and never achieving a budget surplus)
>muh pro-life stance (whilst cutting services for the sick, disabled, children and the elderly)
>muh religious freedom (whilst implementing policies which discriminate against muslims)
>muh education (whilst southern red states rank amongst the most poorly educated in the country)
>muh Obamacare (whilst signing a health care plan which is somehow worse)

The economy is not instantaneous and correlation is not causation. The GOP is not the lower taxes and spending party of old times. They're just as bad as the democrats; just more money on defense instead of welfare. It'd be better spent on innovation, but that'd take an intelligent government...

But Republicans, too, are often disingenuous with this issue. While they routinely separate Clinton's two terms to illustrate that most of his economic gains occurred in his second term, coinciding with the election of the Republican led congress and the passage of their tax cut legislation, they attempt to take credit for the economic gains of 1997-2000 while conveniently absolving themselves of any culpability for the 2001 recession, which they dubbed "The Clinton Recession." Either they influenced the economy or they didn't; it can't be both.
People are generally familiar with this left vs right divide, so we'll offer a different perspective. Here's a less partisan argument:
President Clinton benefited from unique and abnormal timing; he happened to be President at the time our ever-evolving society experienced the advent of a brand new, history defining, civilization changing industry, called the internet.
As Edward Conard of the Wall Street Journal explains, "Commercialization of the Internet lifted the Nasdaq from 800 in 1995 to 4,500 in 2000, the largest five-year gain of any major index in American history. Put bluntly, increased payoffs for successful investment and rising equity values simply dwarfed offsetting increases in marginal tax rates. The taxes themselves didn't increase growth." [4]

>part III soon

truth is, clinton got n korea to shut down it's plutonium production and had iaea inspectors in there to make sure.

republicans live in their own universe

all retards

It was a 5 year economic plan you full blown autistic retard.

Are you illiiterate? Blind? Retarded? All of the above.

I even fucking highlighted the section for you but you're too retarded. You got destroyed

Yet again

It was this expanding bubble of over-investment which helped temporarily propel growth. Clinton averaged 3.8% growth in real GDP throughout his tenure. [5] That's rather decent. But the bubble began to deflate in March of 2000 as the once "new" industry gradually stabilized and investment strategies returned to normal. [6] In the year that followed the bursting of that dot-com bubble, growth slowed, culminating in a recession that took place 2 months after Clinton left office. [7] One need not be a defender of George W. Bush to recognize that the downward trend he inherited coincided with the bursting of the tech bubble. It's interesting to ponder how this downward trend WOULD have been part of Clinton's legacy had he simply been President a few months longer.
The point is, the investment trends of the business cycle coupled with the extremely rare occurrence of a revolutionary new industry made for a powerful bubble of growth whose influence arguably outweighed that of any one man, even a President. This atypical level of capital investment, unlike that of other decades, would've bolstered the record of ANY leader presiding at that time, regardless of party affiliation.
So to establish causality between high tax rates and good economic times, one needs more than to simply cite the Clinton era. Clinton was and will always be the only President in history lucky enough to preside during the internet revolution. Much like the advent of the steam engine and the industrial revolution, it's a rare advancement in technology that was part of a long term trend with roots tied to the policies of predecessors. While the 90's tax policies were in no way irrelevant, their positive or negative influence on GDP was likely constrained within the broader influence of the largest tech bubble in recorded history. In other words, you can't simply reinstate Clinton-era tax policy and get the same economic growth.

>sources next

Getting whites out of their rural/suburban fortresses is just another anti-white demographic plot.


>tfw you could actually turn the right pic into a decent place to live if you just invested a couple of weeks of work into it while the city will always remain a hive of cancer

Shill thread

Neat picture.

So if that headline is correct, the unemployment levels last november were the lowest they had been since 2007....when Bush Jr was in office.

So Obama has been terrible his entire 2 terms in office except for his 3rd to last month.

Awesome, thanks for this insight obamaleaf!

and this is where the right wing retards get btfo

This is where it's all over for you.

Republicans said the Clinton tax hikes were the largest tax hikes in history. They said there would be a recession. The economy boomed.

Check the date on pic rel.

You got btfo and you know it.

HILARIOUSLY, The 1997 tax cut that you're bragging about was a capital gains tax cut that Republicans forced that cause the dot com bubble. That's the fucking hilarious part.

Holy shit you're fucking annihilated.

It was a tiny tax cut compared to the massive tax hikes ON THE RICH by Bill Clinton. THE LARGEST IN HISTORY according to you right wing retards.

You must enjoy getting btfo by me.

>President Bill Clinton last night proposed the biggest tax increase in American history






[6] 1, 1996&enddate=Mar 1, 2001&num=10&ei=NTo0VKj4GceZ8wbqooHoCw

t. Shill

This is how I know you've been btfo

You got fucking annihilated kid.

>be shill
>arrive at work around 8AM
>sit in meetings where we're given talking points, buzzwords, tactics to use
>lasts about 30 minutes
>meetings over
>go outside to smoke
>come back
>announce you're starting a new thread and want everyone to post in it
>8:40 thread posted and links handed out
>8:41 overzealous peer responds too eagerly with a picture
>thread compromised
>pretend like nothing happened and try to maintain the facade
fuck man i'm sorry it's like this for you guys.

Obama cut the unemployment rate in half but u right wing retards vote Republican you love it when they crash the economy

>blah blah blah

>irrelevant shit

>random misrepresented graph


He's marely pretending. Its actually 5d backgammon actually.

I can completely tell you did not even read. Now you're just being silly.

The good part is he is keeping his election promises.

The bad part is all the ((((Supreme Allied NATO commanders)))) will use that military to create more instability in the middle east.
These guys will control all that hardware after Trump is booted out of office in 2024.




>i swear...I'm somebody....I BTFO u meanies


>*rocks back and forth*

>pops his risperidone

You already got annihilated. >President Bill Clinton last night proposed the biggest tax increase in American history

Lol you realize that when all you right wing retards can do is try to take credit for Clinton and Obama's greatness, and completely dindu GOP policies and presidents, you realize that means THAT I AM WINNING.





capitalizing and repeating "BASED" ad nauseam doesn't make anything "BASED." i'll refute every claim you made in this thread, shithead. here:
video with full context:

>As we move into the era of balanced budgets and smaller Government, we must work in new ways to enable people to make the most of their own lives. We are helping America's communities, not with more bureaucracy but with more opportunities. Through our successful empowerment zones and community development banks, we're helping people to find jobs, to start businesses. And with tax incentives for companies that clean up abandoned industrial property, we can bring jobs back to places that desperately, desperately need them.

>But there are some areas that the Federal Government should not leave and should address and address strongly. One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration. After years of neglect, this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing border controls by 50 percent. We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants. And tonight I announce I will sign an Executive order to deny Federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

>Let me be very clear about this: We are still a nation of immigrants; we should be proud of it. We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to be a good citizen, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws.

alongside what Trump was saying during the campaign:

bonus (assuming you're not a 12-second attention span shitforbrains):

the truth hurts. Why do u right wing retards hate the economy so much?

Good points. But nobody is here debating anything. We're poking the retard with a stick ;)

>right wing retard can't even formulate an argument

ive been on Sup Forums since the early 80s, kys noob

the worst part of this is you got pinned as the weakest of the pack and are getting bullied relentlessly

it was probably like this for you in high school too

Nobody cares. We're trying to gaslight libtards here. Trump is working perfectly.

You know you've been destroyed when u can't even answer simple questions.

BASED BILL CLINTON handed right wing retard hero and leading conservative thinker George Dubya Bush and a GOP Congress a $230 BILLION SURPLUS.


Furthermore, please name the last Republican president to balance the budget. This always triggers you retards. You always get btfo on this.

Except you don't count on inflation. Those 52.3bn... will be like 20bn of today next year.

So government will have been shrinked, the FED will have been bailed out, unemployment will be unexistent...

Can't you see SP500? It's starting to happen. If he doesn't rise the military, then it will be defunded.

these faggots are literally just fellating each other

>actively claim in my post Republicans cannot take credit for the boom as well
>say the sole credit for the boom was because of the birth of a brand new industry
>still believes I am saying republicans are the reason for the boom

I destroy u retards everyday. Every single fucking day you retards get btfo.

I'm beating u so badly that u dindu GOP policies and try to take credit for Clinton and Obama greatness.

That's how much I've destroyed u retards.

nice source

I swear I've seen this thread before...

Wtf are you talking about. It's spending increases - spending cuts

It's still a net spending increase.

Fuck you retards are dumb.