Why is Sup Forums trying to destroy Chuck Schumer's niece?

Her Netflix special was brilliant and she is a comedy legend

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Are there people who unironically find her funny?


Oh shit did I miss the anonymous get together to rate her shitty video one star?



No, it was normies who were giving her show shit reviews.

>Why is Sup Forums trying to destroy Chuck Schumer's niece?

why does OP assume this is Sup Forums and not a general audience that does not find her work funny?

do you have any sources to make you think otherwise?

Oh phew, I didn't want to lose my anonymous card

>Muh vagina
>I sleep around
>I can talk all crude, like a man
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How is this even remotely funny?

I did my part.

It wasn't a raid. She legitimately got terrible reviews and is blaming it on the "alt right".

I thought the sarcasm was pretty clear

We aren't, she's just blaming us for not being funny like most leftist.

Face it: women are funny.


If you don't laugh at this you're a sexist, racist, xenophobic mysognistic bigot.

>glorious response to trolls
>responding to trolls

You can almost feel the playground demeanor in her comments. The quotes given reek of "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." But intact they do hurt tubby Amy, because she has to let people know they don't.

>muh vagina

Uncle Schumer says those Nazis hate us, oy vey.

Always remember: a leftist will blame others what they are most guilty of.

I laughed at her, but probably not for the reasons she wants, how does that work on the sexism scale?

Women are funny. Get over it

Or just not humored by it.

Of you read comment on it you will see it's either real people or elaborate trolls.

Many men don't find this woman funny. It's appearent many women don't find her style of comedy funny.

It's almost like only the Ministry of Truth finds this funny and wants to shame us all for not being progressive enough.


The question is why did anyone watch her to begin with? Has she ever done anything funny? Not that I've watched any of her she seems incredibly boring.

Any criticisms of her must be due to an elaborate hoax perpetuated by hordes of alt right nazis, because she's a strong womyn who don't need no personal responsibility.

She's seriously Chuck Schumer's niece.

That (((family))) is degenerate AF

No, her show was just really bad and shes blaming her failures on the boogyman and her family is powerful enough to force the narrative.

Netflix ratings worked by grouping users with similar taste together based on their viewing habits and assigned a star rating based on the ratings within that group in order to estimate what sort of star rating you might give it, it's not the actually rating the show truly has from all viewers. We never raided it and even if we did wouldn't be possible for a small short term raid to give her special a one star across all user groups, it had that rating across the board because she's a hack and even people who like that sort of comedy thought it terrible and rated it accordingly.

propaganda 101: accuse others of what you want to do.


the question should be, why has Sup Forums been spammed with amy schumer threads in the last five days?
>reddit got stuck in her crotch and tanked her reviews!
>the alt-right had loose stools and crapped all over her new show!!!
>now Sup Forums is to blame for her vaginal 'unfreshness'?

how about she's just not funny and the fact netflix sponsored her most recent enterprise is a good indication of where her career is going ...

This word has lost all meaning

better blame the election and amy schumers lack of comedy on TROLLS

those darned TROLLS are what done it!

and we would of won if it wasnt for those TROLLS

Time to bring back flaming.

No but one of the few things she fits is the narrative.

here's her "glorious response" so you don't have to click the link,

>"The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do," Schumer wrote. "They organize to get my ratings down... and I want to thank them. It makes me feel so powerful and dangerous and brave. It reminds me what I'm saying is effective and bring more interest to my work and their obsession with me keeps me going."

>"Anyone who reported that "viewers aren't happy" with my special, it would have been cool if you did a moment of research before posting," Schumer continued, taking aim at the outlets who published articles with headlines like this. "I am only alarmed by the people printing their organized trolling as 'news' this is what the current administration wants."

>"I thank you trolls so much. It fills me with hope and power to see you all furiously posting so as always accuse me of whatever lies you want. Call me a whale. Call me a thief and I will continue to rise and fight and lead."

note: there were no organized raids on any forum, its fake news. One that they're pushing because her special bombed.

when she says,
>It reminds me what I'm saying is effective
her entire special is about her smelly pussy.


>guys my special is actually REALLY funny! Anyone who thinks my special isn't funny is an alt-right troll

>Star from Iron Fist blames Donald Trump/alt-right for bad reviews

This is basically comparable to the democrats blaming the Russians for all their fuck ups.

>my show doesn't suck guys! It's the alt-right!


the entire last season of south park was a hit piece on her, her inability to be funny carried a plot for an entire season of a show, think about that one.

but she wont fire back at the comedians who make fun of her, because she wouldn't win. So she rants and raves at anonymous people who can't fight back

It was so retarded and cringe-worthy I seriously wonder if she was drunk when it was filmed.

"My pussy smells like a barn animal!"

"If a guy doesn't wanna go down on me I'll shove him off a cliff! LMAO!"

It was so fucking incoherent she couldn't even deliver stolen jokes properly.

It was one of the lowest rated pieces of shit ever to be put on Netflix.
It was lower rated than most of the C-rate horror movies.

She's Chuck Schumers daughter user, the Comcast giants pushed her into the spotlight when no one wanted her


>thinking she is relevant enough to be brigaded

how do people support this delusional cunt?

There is no excuse for the choreography in a show that supposed to be about martial artists being that bad. I'm watching it anyway though since the Asian girl is a babe.

So they're claiming the 'alt-right', Sup Forums, and reddit joined netflix by the hundreds AND PAID FOR A SUBSCRIPTION for the sole purpose of shitting on Schumer's performance?

Do these people take themselves seriously?

Is this that 'fake news' I keep hearing about?!

Girls are funnier than guys user, get over yourself.

She is Jewish, and they see fictitious boogeymen in all facets when they don't get their way.

>t. schumer

Just post what hilarious inspiring bullshit she vomited from her barnyard cu the and be done with it. Quit posting clickbait on Sup Forums, and/or kill yourself.

fat assed asian girls are a treasure. Made better that she spends nearly the entire show bare foot and in yoga pants

but the show was really super bad, I only finished it because she did wonderful and terrible things to my dick

She had like 2 funny skits on her TV show. They drug on too long and were spoiled by the end tho... And that's with a team of writers.

Fake news. Any self respecting right-thinking person cancelled their Netflix after their "Dear White People" bullshit. Amy got shit on by her fellow cucks because her whale-pussy just isn't funny enough to build a career out of.

What rambling, self inflating, nonsense.

>a comedian so bad she got an entire season of south park to attack her

Oink Oink Zio Pig

That's good. Thank you.


pick one

Literal walking potato

Are there any female "comedians" who don't ramble on about being whores or being awkward?

With a body and face like that, it is no surprise her behavior is a total meltdown. Imagine the hate towards decent-looking people.

I don't care go away Amy, also your uncle is a very evil man

Idk Satan. How does it?


>doesnt know that Russia blackmails our piss fetishist president

how long are you going to be in denial for fucks sake it was independently confirmed

no wonder she advertises her pussy like it's going out of style, it's been out of style her whole life.

muh vagina.
>you go girl.

>feeding trolls
>implying there was some sort of mass raid that Sup Forums put together to hurt her ratings


Joan Rivers comes to mind I guess

We aren't. She's just not funny. She rose to fame because her uncle is a U.S. senator and by stealing pretty much every joke that wasn't "I ate a food" and "I had a sex." Now, because normie Netflix subscribers found her just plain bad, she's trying to claim the "Alt Right" is responsible for her one star rating.



There are funny women, Amy Schumer isn't one of them.


....Jesus fuck most women really are just horny children. This is BEYOND pathetic.

Anybody have that clip of her arguing on some radio show? When she doesn't have a script she's a stammering, bumbling wreck. This level of rhetoric right her is her absolute best...

>Those comments
Why are yahoo commenters always so based?

It's stunning and brave, okay?! Gosh!



inb4 muh feminism

Narrative officially BTFO by her fat ass

mainly old people comment there. theyre pretty redpilled and know how to formulate memorable insults. unlike the 16 year olds on Sup Forums

My fiance does user, it's horrid. I have seen her watch shit with Amy in it, but she never laughs. But there's always Facebook articles shilling Amy, and it makes her think that everyone supports her, so she does now. I try to keep her off Facebook as much as possible.

"Call me a whale." - Amy Schumer

Ok, I will.

The pity laughs.


>but she wont fire back at the comedians who make fun of her, because she wouldn't win

Feminists just can't bring themselves to admit she is a terrible comedian. As long as a female comedian is talking about her vagina women are like a deer in the headlights.

>this is what the current administration wants
Holy christ. How unhinged does one have to be to blame evil drumpfy for this?

Holy mother of kek!

She's hot and funny. I want her. You're all retarded.

Roseanne is now tweeting Sup Forums screen captures on the daily.

Honestly, I used to hear clips of her on satellite radio, and thought she was kinda funny. Nothing fancy, just some simple jokes that zigged when you thought they would zag.

After all the hype, I opted to try her special this weekend, as I like stand up, and hey, why not?

It's just bad. I tried to be open minded, and not think about her Uncle, or her commie gun grabbing bullshit, but just give it a chance and have a few good chuckles.

I chuckled once.

It just wasn't very good.

Also, as a peruser of Sup Forums and Reddit (yeah, I know), where was the movement to fuck with her reviews?


Its pretty obvious. The establishment tries to push its members to the front of the media to influence the masses. Ex: See Amy Schumer's uncle.


Why do you

Faggot cunts

Do this

When you post?

really makes you think

user, drop her. Drop her while you still can. Please. Your future is suffering. I know you're lonely, but please wake up, user. user!!7

She's really his fucking niece?!
Is that why the hideous cunt won't go the fuck away?

No. A swede blew her out of the fucking water on election night when she was backpedaling on the whole "If Trump wins I'm leaving the country" idiocy

First of all, you guys need to cool it with the Amy Schumer hate, she's done nothing wrong, and this shit does nothing other than bring unwanted attention to Sup Forums. You're all a bunch of pathetic man children and if you don't stop, you'll have to deal with me motherfuckers.

>so powerful and dangerous and brave
Please tell me more about your smelly vagina.