Heeey, Sup Forums, have you taken the gaypill yet? Together...

Heeey, Sup Forums, have you taken the gaypill yet? Together, we can create an All-white twink paradise where we'd fuck each other forever, doesn't that sound wonderful?

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go back to /lgbt

But I love you

>we can create

Two poles and no lady holes ain't going to create anything, fancy lad.

Doesn't mean we can't try ;)

off yourself you gangrened disease farm of an excuse for a human

everything you need to know about sodomites


No, fags should be dealt with properly

Bruce and Shazza not Bruce and Bazza, Cunt!

>all twink paradise

At least everyone would be physically healthy. Mentally on the other hand is a different matter. I for one welcome our twink overlords

>tfw no Sup Forums bf

I´m not a twink and never wanted to be one. Twinks are cute but they lose their charm even faster than women.

>Sup Forums is some dirty wop

You aren't wrong. Generally you need to build muscle and go for an athletic build. Otherwise you will lose your charm.

>fucking each other for ever
one generation is not for ever, also anal sex is not even sex, also gtfo to lgbt degenerate bitch you are not welcome here.

Have you seen Sup Forums meet ups? A surprising amount of people that look Balkan or Turkish

Texas telling us what to do lol.

Oh, so sexual preference is a choice now?

Men are not supposed to fuck each other once they are both adults.

The only acceptable relationship is between men and teenage twink.

Everything else is degenerate and brings shame to both.

Stop using that non-native Sup Forums-tan. Sup Forumstan is a jaded man in his mid-20s who dresses properly.

Kek, what?

Would you fuck Link Sup Forums?

I'm lonely, but still not gay enough

A long as we need the (((Ovarian Jew))) to reproduce, yes

Get off my board faggot


Absolutely, immediately.

I don't understand why it is that many individuals on here are against homosexuality in all forms.

I get it that many in the gay community are rather promiscuous and don't care about developing sincere human relationships but are only using people for sex and are spreading stds at a disproportional rate. I also get that many of them engage in regressive politics due a collectivist culture present in the gay community. But if a gay individual lives a modest life style and seeks to develop genuine relationships with other gay people and not be a whore and doesn't fall trap to regressive politics, while living a productive life for his/her community, what logically could be wrong with that?

Being homosexual is an innate characteristic of someone that is not subject to genuine change, best to accept it and allow them to be happy in a healthy way to provide in what ways they can while alive. Many gay people have done this throughout history, like Peter Thiel, likely Leonardo Da Vinic, Alexander the Great engaged in bisexual behavior, Hadrian, Alan Turing, etc ,etc. Hell, even the stormfags can look to Ernst Rohm who was pivotal in beginning of the Nazi Party.

>can't get pregnant

that's a big no thank you from me, I'm all about procreation not degeneration


Your girl can't get pregnant if it's a boy

I want to burn you alive at my village's stake.

Shit, forgot to include you as well. My above post is my rebuttal.

>tfw a friend is my perfect daddy top
>tfw he's married with children
The dream dies.





>that fuccboi can be slow

Because we don't deserve that much recognition. Instead of using our sexuality to flaunt it for the left we do it for the right. I understand we do need some recognition to our existence but at what point does recognition turn into attention whoring. I think if we are to integrate into the right we need to drop the attention whoring.

Do what ever you want. But give back rainbows. They were something special and pretty in the world and now you've made them gay. Not cool.

I speak for everyone here on /r/pol when I say that we love you too and will always luv u fore ever and ever

>tfw no Sup Forums load in my /r9k/ hole

I'd love to take you for a ride in my helicopter, don't forget to bring your fellow fag mates and communist buddies too!

Why is the pol-mascot shit-skinned? This is a fucking white supremacist board, not latino/arab hub.

Why do you kikes and niggers keep trying to get Sup Forums to like twins kike and niggers? It's not going to work.

Well, I was just trying to converse and not attention whore, if that's what you are implying. But yeah, in the west we are accepted for the most part and alot of the activism can surly die down and transition into being just an accepted cultural facet, at least in the west.

fuck off

>implying most of Sup Forums isn't shit skins pretending to be white.
Welcome newfriend.

Yeah Sup Forums needs to be the aryan. /LGBT/ needs to be brown haired blue eyed

Wasn't implying at all just offering input. I can't offer any criticism honestly. I think we can agree our image as a group needs improvement to say the least.

>tfw no redpilled trap qt13 gf

Yeah, but that implies people in the community changing and becoming red-pilled. Hard enough getting a date, let alone a red-pilled one. Too bad boys like you don't go to my school lol

>Have you seen Sup Forums meet ups?
I only saw the /fa/ meetup, the one with the guy who shot up a church

Zero sustainability. Develop an artificial womb, then we can talk.

>Instead of teaching women how to be women again just fuck sexually frustrated men with an anal fetish

I wonder what's the best way to change the viewpoint of many in the community? Perhaps when many wake up to how much the middle eastern refugees dislike them when they take over? Guess it'll just have to be one at a time and cascade from there.

>not redpilling your dates

user plz. My bf was a lefty and it took 3 months before I got him to listen to Alex Jones. Now he thinks he is conservative. You just have to be persistent and eventually they will be a right winger.

The only good thing gays are good for is slave labor.

>pic related

wrong pic. This one is the right one


You can't do it en mass. If you get an atheist bf get them to go off on religion and tell them stories about what Muslims do to gays and women. I mostly used cultural incompatibility as my means of deliberalizing people. I say we should build their countries up so they aren't harming us and are stronger and more liberal themselves

lol you clearly haven't gotten over whatever high school friend you got fat with

I've got experience in the modern fag community and I've got something to add here. Basically everything's centered around the idea of getting them while they're young and making them into little lefty clones.

It's genius actually, they make a state funded "LGBTQ+ Youth" group that has meetings every week. They get posters put up in schools, get mentioned in the media and loads of other shit that gets their name around. Then they have one big thing, every year they have a massive faggot parade. Naturally young, well meaning, apolitical degenerates go there to be sluts while they're still able to (it helps that the community is smaller hence lower standards).

They make a speech or have a free breakfast or some other shit that draws young people without much money and a desire to fuck people their own age to them. Then they invite them to go to the group, an innocent thing in theory and the young degenerate is still thinking with his penis so natuarlly he goes to meet some slutty people he can suck off in a McDonalds bathroom.

Then they bring in "non-binary" bullshit and convince the poor bastard that all of his insecurities are because he's actually "non-binary" and that he can be cured of them easily like this. So the kid believes them and starts doing this weird androgynous shit, and people in the normal world naturally make fun of him and joke with him about it. The predatory "Youth Group" then swoops in with a hugbox and tells them that they're being bullied for who they really are and the only people who really accept him are the people in the group.

Now they've got him isolated from his old life, they've got him relying solely on them and they start forcing him to adopt lefty ideals, or else he'll be rejected and no one else will ever really accept him.

In less than a year this normal kid has gone from a well meaning citizen who just wants some sex to a lefty puppet. Take care of your fags, don't let the left indoctrinate them.