Can men and women just be friends?

I'm writing a report for my pol sci class based on this topic.

Yes in rare cases.

>already happy in relationship
>some of my roommates are girls
>lived with them long enough to see their disgusting habbits, deeming them unfuckable
>still enjoy their company
Id say we're friends.

60% of Sup Forums is female

If I was back in school I'd probably just take the opportunity to vilify on the professor for giving an assignment that was so discriminatory on it's face and then organize a march of my non-heteronormative classmates before dropping out and parlaying my progressive credentials into a sweet media gig.

clearly not. friendships are certainly possible but it's all a game and dance to find someone to mate with. The only reason any man is friends with any female is because he suspects he could get her pregnant... even if he wont admit it.

Yeah, it's actually pretty easy if they're slightly ugly, like 4/10.

No. Rei is a doll without personality and Asuka is a psycho. You cannot just be friends with them. It's fuck and drop with them.

No unless she is Ugly.



Yeah if they're not really attractive

yes if neither is attracted to the other

plz no bully


it's why i straight up hate women desu

If all of them dropped to there knees and wanted to have a huge orgy you would not say not. You'd have a fucking harem

You're going to fail your class. This is like writing about your favorite star wars movie for French literature class.

I have a long time gf and I hate women but live my gf. Explain that.

These, I have a really heavy friend that I think is great, but I'd never sleep with her. (Plus she's married).

If you intend on being a beta forever, any woman can (and will) be your "friend", aka their personal emotional tampon that they "talk about their feelings" and share all their problems about the men they're fucking.

If you make yourself unavailable and less of a fixture in their life, you'll never be put in that position and you'll inevitably have the leverage to escalate things and fuck them

Source: experience. When I realized many years ago that answering to a girl's every problem and whim when "she needed someone" never amounted to anything other than "wow you're such a nice guy", I went cold turkey in them. When I changed my approach, women chased me because I was not their to pick up all their pieces.

I mean you offer a little help to show you know something, but you don't become their grounding for help

ofc brit, and then you cut your dick off ya faggot!

Yes. I've been friends with birds but the attractive ones have been in long-term relationships and the others have been too young, old or uggos. Never had a mate that's a bird who was tasty.

a few years ago when i was younger and hornier, maybe. At this point I don't think with my dick as much. Still I'd be tempted, but the reality of having sex with them (repercussions etc) is a big turn off to me

When you realize women don't possess any real original thoughts, ideas, hobbies, or activities, but instead are mere reflections from an authoritative male figure, you realize the answer is an absolute and resounding "No."

i just fuck my best "female" friend until she ended up drooling like a brainless zombie barely able to speak.
the worst part was that she wanted to fucking cuddle and me to stay the night.
i left at 3 am fuck that gay shit

No, women are highly selective receptacles for alpha genetic material and incubators for alpha offspring. Men are for tricking as many women as possible into being receptacles for their genetic material. Their interests are intrinsically at odds.

if the guy is a fag or the girl is ugly

Sometimes to rarely. Men have girls they have fucked, girls they have not fucked, yet, and in rare cases girls they simply won't fuck even if drunk.

Girls are usually more selective. However, sexual tension may always exist between 2 friends.

Thinks like marital status, drugs and alcohol, self contol, and overall level of tension are all variables.

I have worked with girls before that if we both weren't married, we would lock the door and do it on the desk.

I was good friends with my one of my best friend's girlfriend. She was actually enjoyable to hangout with, had interesting shit to say, and didn't drone on incessantly about pointless shit. We ended up fucking and word got out and now me and my friend don't speak anymore.

So no, it can't be done.

wait a minute how is this relevant to political science

I was close friends with my best friend and his gf when she came along until I fucked her. Twice. We never told him.

Yea dude fucking females is so gay !

Yes. I have lesbian poker buddies. Better bros than most.

the cuddling and staying the night part you dumb shit.
i felt like she had emotions for me, after that she was caressing my face, and holding my hand with the fingers interlocked, you know like a couple, and i aint bullshitting with that. i made her clear that me fucking her was purely to use her as a meat with holes nothing else.

based Peruvian


If both are unfuckable and the man isn't in a relationship sure. Otherwise no. Why on Gods earth would you want to hang out with a woman you aren't fucking anyway? I just don't get it.

It depends on your class /sexuality. I find that with upper middle class and upper class that there is more commonly "Platonic" male and female friendships. Or if you're gay, obviously. I have always had trouble with this because most women, regardless of how educated, are really uninteresting and if they're not attractive I'm not going to waste my time socializing with what's essentially a lesser version of a man

No. They can not. And when you formally define both what "just be friends" means, and what men and women are, and couple that with real life documentation. You will soon realize that not only are you a fucking retard for needing to verify such a thing for yourself, but also that you are a double retard for ever having allowed such an inherently stupid question plucked straight from the downie farm (are you a potato?) to take root inside your thoughtbox in the first place when the answer is the most obvious fucking thing in the world. This is what the post-cuckstainity/tavistock world gives us. Worthless fucking people who ask worthless fucking questions about shit everyone who isn't an analytical shortstack already knows the answer to. All designed to waste time and distract people from things that would mitigate the cabal's control over them and freedom to act with impunity via the long arm of the corrupt terrorist state.

In nearly every way. Equally, diversity, gender roles. Pick something.

wait a minute how is political science relevant to Sup Forums - POLITICALLY FUCKING INCORRECT, NIGGER

Sorry Phil. You should've known better.

Yes, but why would they?

If you still call it a friendship with a stayover every now and then, I guess that's entirely possible.

If they've known each other for a looong time yeah

Lose some weight, fatty.

Yes, so long as both are in working relationships.

>don't possess any real original thoughts, ideas, hobbies, or activities, but instead are mere reflections from an authoritative male figure
Sounds like Sup Forums to me.

Only if you want to be her gay friend.

It's funny because I'm actually trying to date. I'm having good relations with a girl and you know as a man I want just more than friendship. If she'd say no I would forget her. I don't believe in friendship, unless you are a cuck or a fag

Obviously 80% of them can.

yes it is possible, but only with your wife. And only after she is fully sexually satisfied with you.

Sorta kinda but not really. If she's attractive, I'm always going to want to fuck her and consider her to be a possible sexual partner.

This doesn't mean we can't be friends, it just means that the idea of sex will always be simmering below the surface.

Read the sticky newfriend.
>This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

Funnily enough, I got banned for magic mushroom thread despite it being a debate on whether or not it should be legal. Which is a political issue.

It's possible OP, but unlikely. Unless all sexual feelings can be put aside somehow, it really doesn't work because one is always secretly hoping to be with the other one, and one is generally taking advantage of these feelings whether they realize it or not. This is why women love gay dudes. They crave the male attention, protection, ability to not be fucking retard about basic shit, etc, but want it without paying the pooter price (they always want free shit and who can blame them for trying). This is also why they collect beta orbiters. At least with the gay dudes, their intentions of never fucking him are clear (though they probably secretly want to fuck him too).

Anyway. Sure, you can go out and have fun with a girl who's your friend, but she's not going to fuck you and her boyfriend is going to think you're weird and probably not want you around. Most couples won't tolerate a 3rd wheel for long. You'll just naturally drop off as they seclude themselves for alone time.

And let's say you've got a female best friend who tells you all her problems. What happens when you get a gf? Now you have 2 women demanding all of your attention to prattle on about the dumbest shit you can imagine and you're going to have to choose who gets priority. The one fucking you will obviously win. Also, who wants to listen to a double dose of all that garbage? I can only imagine how tough it is for men with like, 3 daughters and no sons.

tl;dr - no.

im good friends w a chick
i know shes into me but Im not attracted to her physically
she occasionally sets me up w girls so i have it good
she way too emotional and needy for me to tolerate and i dont wana have to date her for 3-4months to wait for her to put out
would i let her give me head, ofc but not interested in banging her.
so yes in rare cases they can be.

No. They can be """friends""" as women define the term, I.e. an individual I use for social status, entertainment, resources, validation and safety.

But not as men define friendship I.e. a person you can count on in any situation to be on your side and vice versa.

Take it to your fucking fake news blog, fag.

Why on earth would you want to be friends with a woman?
I went to an all boys school, straight to a building site, never needed women in my life other than the one i've been with for 7 years.

If you willingly hang around with a woman that you aren't fucking, you should really question yourself as a man

Not really

I think there's always an unconscious intent to fuck, even in long-time friendships.

It may get suppressed, but that's how it started.

Also nobody wants to be friends with unattractive girls desu.

There's this married chick in my grad program. The cuck husband lives in a different country and actually let her do her 5year program in the USA. She's probably really lonely and I can take advantage of her, but I don't want to be a degenerate tho. I tried being friends with her before I found out she was married and I cut contact after. She still tries to do nice things for me like bake muffins and shit. Should I fucking her pol?

post nude pics of her on Sup Forums

No. Women cant be friends with anyone.


Women do have original thoughts, ideas, hobbies and activities, they are just vastly different than what most males are into. Women like scrapbooking, home design, sewing, laying out a garden etc etc... My son likes to play in the mud and throw his toys, my daughter doesn't like to get dirty and prefers to play with dolls, draw dresses and flowers.

Its the same shit with STEM fields and the gender disparity. It has nothing to do with discrimination, men dominate engineering and tech because they are more mechanically inclined and like to see the hows and whys things work. Women don't, they like the visual aspect and outer appeal of things, they also have good organizational skills and the emotional aspect (motherly instinct) that goes well with medical stuff.

You're mad women don't think like men do or that they do shit like shoot guns and watch football to impress guys instead of innately liking it. "Wahhh girls dont wanna talk about cars and politics with me they are so dumb!"

Most of the women i've met were empty, no real hobby, mainstream opinion and just trying to sell themselves for attention/money. You can't be friend with someone who has no soul to begin with.


Depends on the ratio of her hotness / your ugliness. If that ratio is 1.5 or above, consider it. If it's 2 or above and you have a legit chance, you should go for it. No real marriage would withstand such a separation anyway.

I befriend the ugly girls to get closer to their hot friends

If you're handsome then no.

Yes. My best friend is a girl. We have known each other for 10 years since college and only see each other a few times a year, but we often visit each other on holidays and we talk about video games and topics pretty much every day.
It works because we dated for 2 years and even moved in together but both ended up just deciding we were friends co-habitating and not romantically interested in each other. Since we tried it and it didn't work, and don't get me wrong, she's very attractive, there's never been any question about anything further between us. She's been with her fiance now for something like 4 years and Ive been with my gf for 2.

Having your own lives and not being romantically attracted to each other can allow it to work.

She's an 8.
I'm a 6.
So that's a ratio of 1.33333

"Female" not female
It was a boipucci


More like 60% are a bunch of pussies.