White Genetics

Are white genetics dying out, and if so what can we do to preserve them?

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Have white men fuck white women and make families with them.

Nice thread.

>learn what made western civilization so fucking great
>find a decent white woman in her prime.
>start a family.

Encourage more religiosity and traditionalism. The Amish population doubles every 15-20 years (fertility rate of about 8). Mormon Americans have a fertility rate of about 3. Trying to get people to join either of those seems like a good start

You need more Christianity

The only solution, literally, is for tons and tons of young white folks to start having large families.

Pro-tip, if you think 3-4 kids is a large family, you've been brainwashed by kikes and you're part of the problem.

Fuck as many white women as possible (if you're white, that is) and produce lots of white babies

We don't need your opinion here, most of this is your fault

Breed with northern european women, obviously. Non-whites/italians need not apply.

Completely ignoring Western European women?

Northern Europeans went and created the USA. There's plenty of Northern European women in the USA today.

White people breed.

A guy I work with has 7 daughters with an 8th on the way.
All little white girls.
Fuck he is going to have like 16 years straight of nonstop pubescent teenage girls.
Press F to pay respects to this savior of the white race

Not my point at all, I'm saying why would you exclude Western Europeans? Unions between Northern Europeans and Western Europeans tend to create the best offspring.

>Asians have the best intelligence
>Black people are the strongest
>South Americans are the most industrious and cunning
>White people have the best skin, sometimes
I say we combine every race except whites, for the good of humanity.

We've always been a minority worldwide.

They've been dying out for the past 10000 years.
The Amish are way too inbred.

Frankly I think things are so bad e need any whites we can get.

Bless his soul.

The only mormon I know was raped by her father, who was obviously also a mormon.

Get white women to stop being sjws because then they fuck subhumans and raise their sons as cucks. It doesn't matter if white men fuck subhuman because then they become less subhuman. Women are the limiting factor in breeding and northern europeans and their pure descendents must fuck and breed like rabbits

>Are white genetics dying out
>what can we do to preserve them?
Have white children. At the bare minimum, three. But do aim to have as many as possible.

Define Western Europe.


>The Amish are way too inbred.
Are they though?


>Are white genetics dying out, and if so what can we do to preserve them?

whites need to selectively breed their offspring for hyperintelligence and health.

So we will need genius sperm banks and genius sperm donors.

Once we are much smarter and better than everyone else, we can rise above the filth of humanity and do whatever we want.

Then from this comfortable position, we can sell our sperm to the wretched masses, who are desperate to have children as successful as hours.

This hybridization process will make the world genetically healthier and smarter and there will be world peace.

More inbred then Iceland.

Almost nobody from the outside world joins the Amish. It's incredibly rare for them to even allow such a thing.

The same people have been breeding together for the past 200+ years.

So then it will be a good thing to add more people to the Amish gene pool. Convince 1000 churchgoing rednecks in Mississippi to become Amish. You'll rid them of degeneracy while exponentially raising their fertility rate

What have the french done lately to be worth saving? They're good farmers but plenty of people can come down from the North to replace them. Who are these western europeans anyway according to you? Europe is generally divided in North, South and then there's that outskirt of slavic nations called East.

It'll be over several generations, you and I will be long dead by then and it really doesn't matter who we mate with because politics are only something to pass the time while you wait to die.

Spain, France, Britain. Not the brown immigrant seed but the classic blue-eyed, brown-haired Atlantic Europeans.

Also I don't think three really counts as the bare minimum because that number is the replacement rate if each and every couple had that many children. In reality, so many aren't having children that those of us who want to have large families and help the white race need to compensate. You should really aim for at least 5-6, more if possible.

It'll eventually work itself out given enough time.


Implying that we didn't rise from the subhuman filth centuries ago. Unfortunately a lack of war for 70 years has allowed the weak and the cucks and the women to gain influence over the direction our society takes and thus it is going to shit now.

That's not how it works.

The bishop is the one that makes the calls. They don't just allow everyone in.

The issue is all culture based. Women are constantly told they need to go and be independent. They waste their lives being inferior versions of men, then attempt to be mothers too late in life.
Also the welfare state in the west needs to die. Whites pay too much and get too little back, meaning Abdullah can have 8 kids on your dime, while you'll struggle to feed 2.

I don't know what idiot told you that but the Amish are Anabaptists. All you literally need to do to join is be over 18, become baptized, and join their community.

You've also got to learn Pennsylvania Dutch and show you're committed to join the community.

Niggers run fast, they're hardly strong.

See my other comment. All of the groups of Europeans are like shadows of their former selves. They're each a piece of an older group that have over time developed into their own distinct racial groups, but because they both share the same archaic, ancestral DNA, when they mate and that DNA matches up so well, it tends to draw out the older classic Aryan features such as red or blond hair, green or blue eyes and height. Think about it like this, in the 20th century America was made up mostly of German and British immigrants. The two groups had been blending for a while and at that point, Americans were taller and more Aryan looking than any of the groups in Europe. It's because the genes match up!

You expect to be dead in 15 years?

Yeah every other race is breeding like rats we need to as well.

If a place like the Faroe Islands began only letting white people immigrate no one would notice.


>Spain, France, Britain. Not the brown immigrant seed but the classic blue-eyed, brown-haired Atlantic Europeans.
Yep. There should be no problem there then.

>Also I don't think three really counts as the bare minimum because that number is the replacement rate if each and every couple had that many children
True, I am thinking in outdated terms. If a couple has one child they are in a minus, two - evens it out, and three is one-plus. But I forgot to take into consideration the aging population.

stop being memey edgelords on this forum and become a normie

Mississippi is by far the most religious state. Even the niggiest of nigs go to church every Sunday. Doesn't seem hard to convince the Whites that joining the Amish community is the ultimate way to Jesus plus there's no blacks in the community.

Hell no normies get out REEEEEEEEEE!!!!

This exactly. If we really wanted to see a glorious revival of the white race, we'd need to change the way we raise our children entirely. We'd need to raise them with less of an emphasis on modern kike bullshit like independence, career development and "enriching experiences" and more emphasis on becoming mature enough to take care of a family. People pretend like young people are too immature to have children or marriages but the reality is that they're at their most optimal stage for that when they're that age. Girls think that they'll be considered failures or losers, and be judged poorly by society, or their family and friends, if they get pregnant instead of going for higher education. Both genders think starting a family is financially irresponsible and unreasonable. These are the lies we have to destroy if we want to help the white race.

>tfw Americans were the envy of the world
>start taking in vastly inferior genes
>average height is dropping for the first time in our history

No, that's just a consequence of living in a K-selected society.


If all goes well, yes.

I'd say with the amount of whites either having one or especially having just one or two, it's definitely better safe than sorry and people who care about this issue should really try to go above and beyond.

My favorite lie is the overpopulation bullshit.
>don't have kids, the earth is overpopulated
>but make sure you pay taxes so shaquania can feed her 9 future criminals and leeches

The solution is white people having children.

The reason the europeans are the target i because we have been given the secrets of the jew kikery in the hierarchy that is Freemasonry. Freemasonry is Kaballah/Qabbalah and it teaches the secrets of the manipulation of the physical realm whch allows you to control nations and the world.

(((They))) have used the white race to establish their global international "New World Order" (or whatever you want to call it) and there is no longer any need for the intelligent white people that constitutes thi hierarchy. So the plan is to destroy the middle class in western nations and have a mass of braindead plebby proles working the machines and they live the high life completly seperate.

Thats the plan. Thats why intelligent white people are not having children, the working class whites are out-fucking everyone else and no boarders europe to dilute the whiteness.

Yes, whites are basically finished, especially here on Sup Forums where not even Hitler is considered white.

Pic very related.

They're not even close to dying out. They won't be as common though. In 1910 or so whites were a quarter of the world. Now its like a tenth.

Oh I know, I have this one gossip forum I like to read on, kind of a long story but they basically just like to nitpick various "family vloggers" from Youtube. This is a really common activity for Mormon families so a lot of them are Mormon. One of the most common complaints is that these people have too many children and that they're "not living a sustainable lifestyle". Of course they also lose their shit any time a woman under 24 wants to get married or have a child. It's disturbing seeing what so many young people think about families these days.

Yep all of that "classic American immigration" from Europe and all over the place that people like to shill as a big part of our culture is just a part of what ruined our country- I think a lot of kikes came during that time and before long we were at our current state where you can't look up any corporation or business or fun group without finding kikes behind it.

That seems to summarize pretty well... How bad is their influence where you live? I'm curious about what it's like in the UK. In my very small town on the west coast, people don't realize but there is a small network of kikes, freemasons and other secret society members who run everything financially, run all of the social services and charities, and run all of the community programs- and pretty much decide what exactly will happen to any person in town at any time. There are also so many kikes living here, and it's getting to the point that I don't believe they're only 1.6% of our countries population.

It fucking sucks the worst part is I can't contribute cause my mom fucked a Mexican!

Is skin pigment that important to you?

Either way once mullatos start fucking mullatos we're just going to regress back into white skin

Fuck off, Mario.

>Balotelli believe he's Italian

top kek what a deluded man.

The cultural marxism is in full-on mode here. I live in a particularly lefty part of the UK (Bristol) as well which adds to the obviousness for me but those around me have no idea they are being maniulated and any suggestion (like mentioning the financial situation and bailouts etc.) results in a guaranteed triggering.

I guess many people here look to the US for their inspiration and role models. TV shows and Hollywood obviously are very influential. There are marked Freemason lodges around so people know they exist but think they are just clubs for old men.

If jews are around here, they have camoflaged in and can't be recognised. We dont have the black hat wearing, long temple side hair having jews around here, or none that ive ever seen.

We have a big public sector where a large number of fairly affluent people "work", so there is little motivation to question the status quo.

>white genetics
do people even agree on what is "white genetics?"
>and if so what can we do to preserve them?
Inbreeding has always worked in the past. genetic diversity is a liberal meme anyways. Just fuck your cousins ya dip.

>implying humans have the phenotypic plasticity of canines
>implying two white people breeding is the same as two dogs being inbred

Get out you normie REEEEEEEEEE!!!

That sounds terrible. I have no clue what this is like. I live in Indianapolis where even the liberals and are Christians and pro gun and would be considered conservative by all European liberal standards.

Ban abortions and jew media


Oh yeah I'm mostly talking about hidden corruption, I know everyone is hit pretty hard by the leftism crap.

Yeah the Jews here are totally hidden, they don't make it obvious but simply looking up their surnames reveals this. Here's a big secret, they pretend to be German. Notice how German is the largest ancestry in US. They pretend to be Germans but notice they only focus on Bavarian and other Central European traditions, because they're really remembering their Rhine river home.

They keep this stuff very hidden. I know because my husband has a job that reveal a lot of this secret stuff to him. Business owners are usually involved, they decide who gets money or land and who is allowed to thrive or not. People who want to do well have to join the club. That last line you described is exactly how it is here. All of the money can be traced back to a few board members.

We have this Elks Lodge which is also involved. They have this 6-headed owl statue in their parking lot. Pic related. Their address adds up to 21, or 777, both Satanic numbers. They also love hiding their Satanism in street numbers. Most of the addresses on that street, 12th, add up to "666".


Indianapolis sounds great

it's just nature your genetics are not made to exist in this planet

I live in an all-white town of farmers, rednecks, gun-toters, etc. It doesn't help or change anything, they're all a bunch of secret Satanists and the ones that aren't are just poor, lazy and unaware. It's not leftism that's the problem, that's only a symptom of the problem.

Fuck off, you divide and conquer kike.

See we need more of this in the us

Die in a gas fire.

>Oy Vey!!! Here we go again!!! Stupid goyim trying to fight our anti-goyim agenda!!! Die already you stupid white devils!!!

> asians have the best intelligence

Not true. Western science, art and philosophy is on par with, if not better than, their eastern counterparts. It's only Asian culture that propels them forward.

> black people are the strongest.

That makes them pretty good slaves and entertainment for civilized folk

> South Americans are the most industrious and cunning

Haha that's funny.

> White people

are the pinnacle of civilization.

Can't tell if a troll or not.

Yeah - the corruption is hidden really well or disguised as legitimate business as you described. I have blatanly worked for masons before. I know because when I mention I read Manly P Hall I get a shocked and "how do I react" reaction. But otherwise it is hidden to the point of being imperceptible..

The masonic lodge in Bristol only has the pic related murial above the door, but no compasses and squares symbols. Some lodges here have compass and squares on the door.

Yes, Yiddish is the German - Jew connection. I speak German so I can sort of understand Yiddish although the accent is weird.

The best bet to expand your business or wealth here is to get a local government job or to get a government contract. Im sure being on the inside or being recomended by someone on the inside helps.

No kidding - this was my Captcha just then

I love how you "correct" the bit about Asians which is actually true and then totally believe the lie about blacks being strongest.

>Goyim we are not a troll. We are just a large part of your real life. We control the Democrat party now and almost all the media. We also control your money via the federal reserve and your highest court for several years. Don't worry about that goyim... go back to being blinded by the new graphics in your video games or the new features of the next iPhone... don't worry about our plans you use our Muslim and pic pets to out number you in your own lands... go to sleep goyim... forever!!!

Pic related


you're retarded

>find a decent white woman in her prime
not nearly enough of those to go around for the decent white men out there

Total war. survival of the fittest either whites die out or kill every subhuman mongrel out there. Then we conquer the stars and do the same until every single entity and either enslaved or eradicated. It's what the universe is all about and what we're destined to do.

Find a white wife, and have children. And then ALSO RAISE YOUR DAMN KIDS.

The hard part is finding a women that isn't polluted with SJW toxins.


Hahaha, that captcha stuff happens way too often to me as well.

The symbolism is everywhere, I would bet if you looked carefully you'd start to notice- but I could also just be schizo. I noticed symbolism all over my town everywhere I go. Things like owls, pyramids, the crescent and star, Satanic numbers hidden in things, straight up "666"s or kike stars. Oh I was on the bus yesterday riding by some little shops down by the port (and I've already been able to confirm that all of the shop owners and small business people are involved in the lodges, churches and whatever bullshit) and noticed three of these upside down, Satanic stars hanging in the window. They really like hiding stuff in numbers. This one is probably my zaniest one, but I was walking past this business- on 12th, across from that elks lodge, and there is this dentist. (Things like dentists, optometrists, doctors, lawyers, property management, etc are all careers you have to be initiated to succeed in) The guy who owns it is literally an old wealthy kike and a member of the lodge plus all sorts of other chamber of commerce, board of directors, whathave you for community affairs. The address adds up to "666". There are shrubs cut into the shape of a crescent and moon, and two elks with huge antlers. I was walking past this place when suddenly I notice the guys black car parked out front, and along the back is the word "Saturn". I'm so paranoid at this point I literally would believe he'd buy this car just to add to the levels of symbolism they like to flash everywhere.

I think anyone who catches on and approaches them will be allowed to join, but that the initiation ritual itself is probably where they have you do something fucked up enough that they own you from then on.

My husbands coworkers constantly leave him hints, they're all very wealthy, some Jews, all involved in the community. They leave owl mugs on his desk all the time and someone sent him an owl valentine.

There aren't as many decent men as you think.

6 is the number of man, it only represents evil/devil when it is reapeated×3. 7 is associated with god and perfection, especually when repeated

No, you've been brainwashed by kikes.

For one thing, they love doing things in increments of 18 (6+6+6) so '6' and '12' can still be considered a part of that.

Ever notice how slot machines give you a "777" when you win? They do that on purpose. Gambling is a sin by the way.


6 is the number of man, yes.

666 is evil and that mark of the beast, because it represents man replacing the trinity.

No, genetics doesn't work that way. If you pass on your genes, your genetics isn't "dying out." It doesn't matter who you have kids with. For example, two mulatos can have kids together, and those kids can most of their genes from their white grandparents, since the mulato parents are mixed 50/50. Look up the myth of why gingers are dying out, and why that myth is wrong.

This is why everyone laughs are you idiots. You seem to care so much about genetics, but don't understand the fundamental concepts of it.

Now now this is Sup Forums you know this isn't a place for intellect kek

yes - theres buildings with some symbology on around town - but nothing too overt. No owls that I can think of. There is a statue of Neptune in the city centre that has on the plaque "from temple lodge no.xxx" (cant remember the number). Theres overt masonic symbolism all over "The Circus" in Bath - a big round circle building. pic related.

Yeah - apparently they are running short of young people joining. Im sure the ritual is depraved in some way to use as blackmail should you try to leave. I believe it costs you your soul to join for the luxuries of this world. Dont let your man join!

They don't make these symbolisms on purpouse, they consort with demons so they are surrounded with demonic symbols. Slot machines pay on 777 because it's considered lucky in association with it's connection to god.

Trinity was never replaced. The Oracle was replaced. Neo noticed this.


They definitely choose to place these symbols all over the place, architects don't just arbitrarily plan buildings and objects and decorations don't just magically appear, they're chosen for a reason. I know that these symbols are not a creation of theirs, but a demonstration of what they are loyal to.

It's not very overt here, I don't think anyone notices at all. Owls are such a huge one here, I'm still trying to figure out what it means but this is what I have so far: At Bohemian Grove (which, culturally, stems from the kike part of Germany) they have that giant owl statue. In my county, where German ancestry is most common, there is this mountain called "Bohemia Mountain", which has a little "Bohemia city" "abandoned" ghost town in it- probably makes a great spot for rituals. There's even a Bohemia Elementary school in a town nearby. Down the road from my city, there's a place called "Minerva" (which is just another owl reference). There's of course the Elk's Lodge statue. And, I'm on the Oregon Coast so I'm really not far at all from the actual Bohemian Grove. I've also learned something really interesting about an ancient myth about Athena (associated with owls) dueling Arachnia- which could have something to do with the "Weaving spiders come not here" sign at Bohemian Grove. The demon Lilith is also associated with owls.

That Neptune thing is pretty interesting- the planet or the god??

I think once you're initiated, you're probably forced to participate in a huge deal of murder, rape, abuse, whatever. I can't imagine how many people wanted to talk and have been killed for it. I think you can't truly succeed in anything without joining so yeah they literally keep you from a stable life without being evil. Sounds biblical. My husband doesn't any of that luckily, but it's spooky as heck and rather stressful.

Obviously they choose the placement of some of these stmbols but you're not thinking in the dimensions that demons exist in. It's not important whether or not they choose to display these symvols, they would exist regardless

Neptune the god

You just think that I'm not. You don't know anything about what I believe. It is important that they choose to display these symbols, otherwise they wouldn't invest so much of their time and resources into doing so.

That's what I thought, extremely interesting connection. Neptune is the counterpart of Poseidon, who was the father of Atlas, the king of the lost world of Atlantis. I haven't read much about it but I know that Freemasons are very interested in the topic of Atlantis, and I've heard that some want for America to be the "New Atlantis" as a part of the NWO. It would make a lot of sense because Atlantis was ultimately a corrupted, evil society ran by kikes. The half man half fish is a big figure in history. Also, I've heard some people point out the connection between the three-pronged spear and the devil's pitchfork.

They're just results of their communications.