What are the root causes of feminism?


Single mothers

Guilt tripped beta males

Women who want to blame society instead of self improving their position



when men invented dishwashers, washing machines, electric irons, etc. women had nothing to do around the house anymore and got bored of fucking the milkman.

honestly, not a terrible development, in the grand scheme of things. if you think long and hard, it benefits men more than anything.

just look how many women are "abandoning" feminism (when it suits them) and you'll see what i mean.

maybe 1/2 the girls i graduated H.S. with are housewives now. all of them had opportunities to have careers.

probably jews

The sexual "revolution"


It is just a distraction created by the government to distract us from the real problem. Aka the Jews


Getting attention.

Cultural Marxism and therefore jews.

Weak men. Feminism is ultimately good for women and bad for men. Men get nothing out of feminism. Women get equal status, and potentially elevated status under feminism.

Repeal the 19th and you'll see it gone in a year.

penis envy


Letting women speak

Laziness and envy.

The current goal of feminism is not equality, it's 'equality of outcomes' (they litrially teach that at my uni)

Equality of outcomes basically translates to equal outcomes for unequal effort.

It's a way of getting rid of meritocracy, and creativity a new privleged class, for anyone with a vagina.

Giving women rights in the first place

If we on where truly a ting to be equal they would have to sign up for drafts too. But they don't want to so does that make men more dominate? But I think that it makes women more dominate because they can get out of whatever they want.

White privelige.


no. weak fathers, who won't put their foot down against entitled little princesses

short boyfriends, wimp boyfriends, small dick boyfriends, no boy friends, etc. All is result of men.

women who fail at sexuality are the ones that become feminist. you do not see happily married women acting this way.

but the root cause is usually bad parents.

Resentment towards the natural hierarchy of male>female>child reflected in the hierarchy of husband>wife>children

>weak fathers, who won't put their foot down against entitled little princesses
It's true. Girls are treated like entitled princesses by fathers, and they grow up to expect that from all males. My sister was treated that way, while i was beaten to shit, and now she even expects me to treat her like an entitled princesses. It's crazy. She cheated on all her boyfriends. She cheated on her husband, who then divorced her. Finally she found a man-child to marry her for 2nd marriage. Now she has 2 male kids, and she thinks she is the best thing in the world because she is a 'mother'. My wife hates her. Has hated her since she met her. Terrible person.

lack of intelligence and reason

give me her number so i can fuck that sluts brains out