Is war between Israel and Russia possible? Who would win?

Is war between Israel and Russia possible? Who would win?

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In all-out war Russia would win, but something tells me the JIDF would teach us a few very costly lessons.

Oops, I meant IDF.

If you shoot a nuke filled with shekels at Israel will they all run towards it?

Russia has a large Jewish population and many Israelis are from Russia. This doesn't make sense.

I have a feeling we'd get dragged into it too

Israel has no chance

Russia. easily

Edgy Artiom

I hope Israel, fuck Russia !

Why would we go to war with our own people?

Moreover, Israel should be our greatest ally.

Israel is a butch of cowards, If you could resist the Germans, you will be able to resist the Jews.

Both would lose

This is no match for Russia, they can nuke us 1000 times before we'll even ready our men.


Israel is bretty bad at war, give them a real enemy and they will collapse and cry in fetal position

You don't know how much you are right, we have so many Russians here. Cant complain though as a Slavic myself.

Unrelated question: what are your thoughts on pic related?

What do you consider "a real enemy"?

Honestly, it wouldn't get to that point. Israel isn't suicidal enough to wage war against Russia outright, and Russia would have almost no benefit, but huge losses in fighting a war with Israel.

It would literally be

>Alright... so Israel has nukes and a missile defense shield that actually tends to work.
>Israel also has a competent airforce that can protect its air space. This is also focused in a really dense area.

Like it would just be a grueling land campaign assuming that Israel just doesn't dick wave nukes at Russia.

russia, them jews can't do shit. all they do is complain and ask america to help them when they can't defend theirself. the only things they can kill are palestinians after they exiled them to gaza strip.

Novorossia is absolute cancer and should be glassed.

It cost us money (military spending) and a clown position at the world stage.

>Jews only exist because of Americans
>Israel only wins wars because of American funding/tech
What a meme nation

must be nice having the US pay/give to you all our nice technology

isreal has powerful jew allies around the globe also you have nukes to


see ?
That was was on day one we became a country. And not just that, the US refused to help us because we ignored their request to delay the declaration.



You should make it a vessel/puppet, and force it to join the CSTO

yes that's the one I posted

supposedly, yes they have nukes.

I find it amusing that the US gets all bitchey about countries developing nukes which violate the NPT but when our jewish overlords do it, the US doesnt say shit.

Really shows whos jewing who.

oh shizz
jews BTFO



Also you can't really brag about beating Arabs in warfare. Its like beating up a local sped

We don't own them officially.

wow, you're pretty good at killing civvies. quick, get this guy a medal

Neither does Iran, ((Officially))



Read the bottom

Germans beat the Jews
Russians beat the Germans

Unless military engagements function like Rock, Paper, Scissors I'm pretty sure the answer is clear.

And we don't wanna get nuked by Iran, officially.

to jews we're all just mindless goyim anyway
hope israel does try some shit and russia goes full gulag on them

>it is widely reported that most of those killed were civilians

you can dream about it

babylonians kinda fucked you guys up in 560BC
I mean, you guys didnt even have a country of your own for the next 2000 years

instead of boasting about beating down a bunch of uneducated tribal folk who are angry your taking their lands, maybe you should just be grateful you have a country

The LEBANESE government does not differentiate between civilians and combatants

its only use is a bargianing chip with Kiev
we feel sorry for the people there, but we can't support them, no money

I am, but I want it to stay for a while

Neither does your government.

>The LEBANESE government does not differentiate between civilians and combatants
sounds like jewish propaganda to me

and not all the figures are from the lebanese government. are you soft in the head schlomo? hezbollah only had a few hundred paras. most of israels kills were civvies.

And we killed 250. What's the problem?

This. Both countries are run by jews of same origin.

Is there a solution for such a country to exist without being your leech?

>80 nukes
yea right.
Anyways, russia will win. But we will use our entire nuclear arsenal against them, and we'll use much more deadlier weapons than nukes. Both sides will suffer major loses. Neither of us will want it.

It does.

I could literally hear your nose while reading this.

>But we will use our entire nuclear arsenal against them
you jews would.
youd sooner send the world into a nuclear winter than risk losing your jew gold

Alot of Russian Jews escaped to Israel from the USSR

>all this jew squirming
i said most of those killed were civvies and you sperged out about the lebanese gov not distinguishing. stop being a disingenuous kike and maybe people wouldn't want to gas you.

Thank you for your 17 educational posts.

>implying you wouldn't do the same.

>and we'll use much more deadlier weapons than nukes

weaponized interest rates


Keked loud

a weapon to surpass metal gear

I hope not this but Trump will probably take israhell's side. All while dems will be screaming "Russian puppet!"

>deadlier weapons than nukes
Jewish magic?

>Alot of Russian Jews escaped to Israel from the USSR
And now their children are required to serve in your military when they turn 18. Sounds like you guys jewed them as well.

Too many jew sleeper agents in russia

Shekel Gear

And what we will gain from it? From wasting ammo on bystanders instead of shooting on soldiers?

>Is war between Israel and Russia possible?
Sure. It's possible. War between any two nations is technically possible. It isn't especially probable though.

>Who would win?
Are you kidding? Obviously Russia, if we're talking about a one on one war.

>mandatory army enlistment is a bad thing
It's one of the most massive redpillers out there.


I watched a documentary about Jewish American ww2 pilots smuggling planes from America into Israel after you became a country. You guys are bad asses despite being the eternal jew.

Just gonna leave this here

Both countries are controlled by jews. Why would they wage wars??

Gas. Never forget about gas.

>Israeli kids know to write in english

>we'll use much more deadlier weapons than nukes.
were on to your jewish tricks

Israel's probably got more like 500 desu.

Bioweapons nigger. AFAIK we were trying to buy an agent from them to use on the blacks back in the 80's.

kek'ed loud. The guy that was talking to him was an asshole though

i highly doubt it. they have very close ties. there are too many russians/former soviets living in israel for that to happen. Although that happened between ukraine and russia, which i never thought was possible.

Israel is Developing 'Ethnic Bomb' for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal



I think id rather keep this bumped, I can see it makes you uncomfortable

>Israel is Developing 'Ethnic Bomb' for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal

Fucking no one.

Soon we'll all die

ITT: a bunch of (((national)))-SOCIALISTS get mad against based Israel AGAIN

you're spotted mudslimes

Russia is literally a mudslime country. Who even cares.



Trying to shut down a discussion... Not scared are we (((jewboi)))?


Jews control Golan heights. Russia suppressed goatfuckers dumping oil prices. It's all ok for both sides. We never had any reasons to fight with joos. Jewsih top guy just want to play a Big Bad Boy. Who fucking cares anyways?

Ah yes, muricans care, because they pay for it. Hahahahaha.

>Russia is literally a mudslime country.

You misspelled Russia and France, Ahmed.

Back to box Moshe

>jews escaping a jewish state