Le Skeptic Redditor Youtubers

usually i stay away from this cancerous plebbit shit,
but it seems like certain "figures" in this purped-pilled arena have come out as redpilled; to the cause of much drama

specifically: EdgySphinx has come to understanding on the primal importance of demographics, and even muholocost. [of note: "that guy t" appears to be defending him.]

now this atheist redditor bandwagon community have of course begun a counter-signalling campaign against hi
specifically: kuckandtea

this unfolding drama started happening within about the last 6 hours or so
culminating after the last 3 months

again: usually i would not make a thread on this lukewarm e-celeb faggotry; except that one has woken up it seems
i won't be linking to any tweets or jutubes, but here is the thread
truth be told

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bumping to get past all this other newfag cancer that now plagues the catalog

>bumping to get past all this newfag cancer that now plagues thie catalog
>posts newfag eceleb youtube drama cancer

Is this a shitpost ?

edgysphinx calls out kuckandtea:
kuck responds with based reddit intellectualism:

again; wouldn't normally post this stuff
your point only proves that this is less cancerous than 90% of the other unrelated shit in the catalog

bout to head off but wanted to get this thread up and running

>mandatory ass rape
>alt-light and non authoritarian
top kek!

final bump


this isn't Sup Forums.
if it's related to politics it stays.

I don't really give a shit which one wins, either one would be a YUGE improvement

the alt-right is a bunch of fucking literal faggots, stop sucking cocks OP

alt-right is newfag garbage you fucking newfriend

the far left and far right are both stupid sjws anti sjws.

social justice is garbage

identity politics is fucking garbage

Who's the girl on the right?

literally who?

I thought I understood the Sargon/skeptic guys who just made videos for ad revenue but I've never heard of either of these guys.

Why does every "authority" on culture, sexuality and ethnicity always happen to be some straight smug white person?


>muh centrism meme

I need to know this.

we can't keep punching right... if you guys want to win this you need to start accepting some centerists and lolbertarians

lana from redice

this group is not le centrists
its bandwagoners on the edge wave who stole our memes to be polemic to sjws and lefeminists but without taking an actual position

>"the real alt right" does not hate muslims
then I'm not intrested, I want to see sandniggers die that is all

dank u wel

Fuck off with your autistic attention whoring e-celebs your spastic cunt.

I'm pretty sure they also hate mudslimes and anyone who isn't white to a certain degree of purity.

your bait is refined
keep posting

>muh juvenile maximalism

lol u tk him 2 da bar|?


>muh ukraine is real

>Muh radical centrism

Says eurocuck rapebaby, who sold their country to Jewrmany.


You have zionist Trump, so what?

Ikr, he won't recover.

Also checked, prase kik heol hitler digits



Reminder that the girl he supposedly tried to fuck has posted here

By "he" I mean Kraut

please post cap

>implying im gonna watch any of this garbage

im a libertarian paleo-conservative you cuckold bitch

don't have it sorry senpai

>I am the constant loser party
I am sorry user

who is this semen demon?

you into autistic girls?

They're useful: they're bringing people to our side.

im into autistic incest rule 34 of her and her bro when

they're virtue signalling because they just can't accept that their delusions aren't reality. that's all it is, which is why those little faggots are insufferable.


i would have voted for trump u tard

Oh look, just as predicted, the unifying movement has now been discredited and splintered.

I wonder who saw this coming a year and a half ago...

>im a libertarian paleo-conservative you cuckold bitch
>vote for Trump

I don't know any of these people.

>this unfolding drama started happening within about the last 6 hours or so
at least write one line what it's about. I'm not going to watch some youtubefags all day

What has started 6 hours ago?

com on sis
u know you wanna