Was her death in vain?

Did they sacrifice her in the hopes of stopping Brexit? Her assassination was heavily politicized and occurred right before the vote.

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literally who

Jo Cox

Samantha Shekelburg

must of missed all this

It was eclipsed by Obama's stupidity. If there is one thing I an grateful for, it was that stupid nigger going to the UK and talking down to all those people. His condescension was the straw that broke the camel's back for a lot of people. Thanks to him speaking out so vociferously in favor of remain, Brexit won out.

What the fuck was he doing in UK to speak against BREXIT in the first place?

Totally no globalist conspiracy you guys, its just a meme. Fucking nigger.

that was only a small part of it to be honest.
most people didn't really care but the leave side ran with it.

99% of people voted out because of the cancer that is ((Germany)) wether they realised it or not.

most of the brexit debate was based off of what Germany had done to Europe over the last few years.
we could feel it coming and said NO

Not leaving these trips unchecked.

she was a dangerous moron and im glad shes dead


They killed her for nothing. I actually feel A BIT bad for her.

>They killed her for nothing

The thought puts my sides into orbit every single time

She should have stayed on the toothpaste factory

Yes, she was sacrificed for a lost cause, but she was a Liberal so her death improved the world in some small way.

Remember when they said at first it wasn't a political motivated murder then they came out a week later and said, "Oh yes, the guy was motivated by Brexit." That was pretty weird and sketchy.

tell me about (((hope not hate)))

I honestly thought he was sabotaging it for remain, no way he or his advisors are that stupid.

MP got shot just before brexit vote, while out campaigning for remain.
Her constituency voted leave.


Quick rundown now, anons. Thanks.

>look at the shape of the text of this thread in the catalogue

I didn't happen. Her death was staged to encourage a remain vote.

Shes living on "The Island" with Elvis and Tupac

Oh to re-live the weeks before the vote and then voting day itself again.

Forgot that they even set up a memorial to her outside a voting station in her constituency.

And they STILL voted leave.

>actually go to the catalogue and look at this thread box

>held her funeral on the day of the referendum
>husband gave a speech about the EU at the funeral
>bbc broadcast it for an hour or two on tv
>flowers for joe cox left outside voting booth


>Wake up at 7AM and go vote.
>Spend the rest of the day working
>In the evening sit down on VOIP with some mates and browse Sup Forums/the news as we watch the results come in throughout the night
>Watch Nige give his speech with a glass of whisky in my hand, crying with happiness
>Go to bed in the morning.

What a time it was

>Brit labour mp
>One of few labour mps that had ever actually done labor
>Out in street stumping for remain
>Sees two people fighting
>tries to break up fight
>gets stabbes

>media tries to spin it as breggsit violence or her being targetted for supporting remain
>the guy that stabbed her is legally insane, incohetent, and was barely aware that brexit was a thing
>probably an mk ultra/monarch program assassin

That chick from Harry Potter's mom.

thread theme

I don't see anything unusual

Really makes you think

Advocate for staying in the EU, got shot out of nowhere and is deaded

I'm on mobile and it doesn't look like that. Funny though

I bet everyone in this thread listens to really shitty edm

Cox blocked


I listen to the best EDM. Just the best EDM, it's absolutely fantastic. You've never heard anything like it, they think they have good beats in Europe but I've got them beat bigly. My record collection is yuge, just a big beautiful wall of music all sorted by month of release with subcategories split by color. My son, Barron, he keeps it tidy for me. Such a smart boy, he really took a shine to this stuff after we had him vaccinated. But the problem with having such a yuge collection...really, it's fantastic...but the problem is I get a lot of loose discs just lying around, and then I can't put them back because I lose the sleeves. I have so many empty unmarked CD cases. Many such cases!

For someone who was shot/stabbed there was very little blood on anyone present.

i find the woman in the pic very attractive. this is exactly what good wife material looks like

fucking brutal

Wouldn't there have been a massive pool of blood?

I would have thought so?

Kek never fails to give his subjects keks
>mfw when leftist parties everywhere start failing

Gunshot wounds don't bleed as much as you'd think. If you want a smoking gun, point to the part of the official story where she quite coherently says "no, don't hurt them, take me!" AFTER BEING SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEAD

I don't doubt she's really dead, it might not even have been planned, but there was quite clearly a false narrative built up around the shooting. That's the part that should be focused on.

Didn't the guy supposedly shout something pro brexit related before killing her?

only one way to find out anons. find another female jew of similar size and stab away.
post results!

Remember when they released a single for her?


It tanked sadly.

Yeah and no photos of the "murder" weapons either which were meant to be big. The gun was supposedly home made and "as big as a cucumber" according to an eyewitness. (no joke)


that's a rare pepe

What did we do to get this timeline?

Here's a speech her sister gave.
And her parents are there too! There's no way there morning a dead family member. She's probably still alive.

They look pretty callous

She was a traitor to her country and her race. The stupid bitch deserved to die. Hopefully she's burning in Hell getting raped by a load of the Muslims she loved so much.

Nah here's the gun, a heavily cut-down bolt action rifle. This reduced the muzzle velocity so much it may as well have been airsoft, it did little damage to her so he had to use the knife.

I think it probably was a conspiracy though. Normally conspiracy theories are improbable because too many people would have had to be involved, so the secret couldn't be kept. In this case, all it would have taken is one agent to contact this known unstable individual and help tip him over the edge, supply weapons etc.

Must feel amazing to fire that thing

Christ - ive been looking for an image of the gun since it happened. Thanks for that.

Yeah - I rekon it was a conspiracy for sure. Something definitely amiss

Would he have been mentally sane enough to make something like that?

>still thinks Brexit was about muslims
Top goy

Needs a sniper scope.

if you carry two of them akimbo you won't need a scope

I am surprised that thing was capable of killing, the barrel was so short that the round must have had way less than an inch to accelerate. Velocity must have been super low, low recoil as well. Would have blown a lot of unburned powder since it wasn't being contained long enough. But it doesn't take much to kill a person, if the round was accelerated to even 500 fps it could have been lethal.

Mental illness isn't incompetence. Plenty of mentally unstable people are capable of a variety of things across the IQ spectrum. Stop being mental ableist.

It wasn't, he wounded her with it but ultimately had to stab her to death.

I always thought that the .223 pistol in Fallout (also a cut down rifle) would have the same problem IRL, in-game it's a good weapon.

What caliber is that, unless it's a .22 I dont think it would even work.

My suspicions were correct. That guy should have done his research before cutting it down.
That .223 pistol would suffer the same problem for sure.
Here's an IRL 7.62x39 pistol, it's a piece of shit. Hits with about the same energy as a 9mm. Don't get me wrong, a 9mm is lethal, but that round going down a full length barrel hits with four times the energy. 400 ft/lbs versus 1,600 ft/lbs.
I suspect this bolt action was cut down to have a barrel even shorter, the bullet must have been protruding. Again, well less than an inch of channeling before exiting the muzzle, probably wasn't even as loud as you'd think.

Forgot link.

It's too much.

I was so mad before the vote that she was killed, I thought we'd lost. Now I can't help but laugh.

Looks like they didn't like her all that much

Why wouldn't you use a .22 short bolt action or something, higher muzzle velocity and quieter.

Personally I just think she was murdered by a crazy hobo and then they paid the (((press))) to say that it was a leaver.

European press is way worse than American press simply because no on criticizes it for some reason, it's odd how people in Europe just deal with the fact that publications are either state run or post pure fiction. At least American press has the decency to base lies of some truth, like when they say "anonymous Washington insider" they mean the head janitor.

Nah, she got what she deserved. If this happened more often, we would be winning. It proved that violence works, or at least that it doesn't negatively affect things for us in any way.

>European press

You're describing British press.

Continental European press has a much higher standard.

Europeans tend to take great issue with going against the status quo. There are too many followers and not enough dissenters. If the status quo was for them to lean more right, they'd lean more right.

It's been useful for going after neo-nazis for the British ZOG.

Look at the financial markets one week before her death, then look at the financial markets just an hour after her death was announced.

Yeah, (((they))) thought they had it in the bag. Not even shitting you.

Her husband was shagging the nanny, was a known paedophile that had to leave his job because of accusations, he probably got a massive payoff from this, for his constant droning about what "Jo would have wanted" etc. Fucking scum.

>Husband shagging the nanny
Assumed or was it mentioned somewhere?

Assumed before Joe's murder, he was/is a sleaze and the nanny went with them everywhere, even on holidays etc. Joe spent time in Syria I believe, Brendan probably got lonely and wanted some ficki ficki of his own. He has the pervert face.

>I actually feel A BIT bad for her.
Thousands of English girls were raped because of her. She deserved much worse.

Based Hopkins.

Shot, as well as stabbed.

Couldn't try fucking the secretary anymore so he went for the nanny.

I remember watching this report in a chip shop with bunch of old people as we were fed lies about the Jews, and standing in an uncomfortable silence not knowing whether people believed it, or were too afraid to speak up.

I mean one of the nazi guys points out "you can criticize anyone else, but if you criticize one of them you get slaughtered" and it's fucking true.

was that rotherham or a different paki sex gang

I've lost count.

of your digits

PRAISE him now.

dumb frogposter

It was a great market opportunity for remoaner kikes.

Doesn't ring any bells.

>"I'm such an epic le oldfag"
>"Omg I'm so going to say go back to R*ddit because it makes me look hip and down with the kids on 4chungz".

You have to go back!


I doubt it.

What if he was using reverse psychology and secretly wanted to weaken europe.

People voted out because immigration.

>Did they sacrifice her in the hopes of stopping Brexit?

You bet your ass they did. They pulled out every dirty trick in the book for those damn week chinned aristocrats.

Don't listen to your people find your head on a pig pole.

>he thinks she actually died

Reaper here

tfw will never read stories to my child