7 Days Germany

7 Days Germany

Tick tock...

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Sound as a Pound lads, steady as she goes.

I'm so jealous right now.

oh jeez, im sooo mad about this right now

>implying germany would feel any difference
prepare your anus Nigel because (((they))) are not going to be gentle when pulling out

Welcome to freedom m8, hope you enjoy your stay

Germany needs to pay NATO denbts right now

Daigo wops will be the first casualty of the EU army.

Cheers, love.

Vast Sums of Cash

Why can't you understand that's more jobs for the EU?

took you long enough :)
the pig is leaving the party.

You are leaving again?

You mean more jobs for refugees and lower wages for you.

pay denbts

Good riddance, anglos and aryans cant work together.

Why do i have the feeling the EU will become something good now that the evil eternal anglo is gone?


Do we give the money directly to trump or how does this work?

at least we won't be erased by nigger apes rioting, good luck with them you inbred wasp

7 more days

And then I buy new HP sauce and bacon and bread. Found the right bread last time around, but ran short of the sauce.

We might actually get gun rights to a decent place without them.

>be germany
>be richest country in the EU
>spend 2% of GDP on millitary
>become the most powerful army in the EU

gee i wonder why brits never wanted us to spend more money on our army

Your time shall come soon baguette bro

>we might get gun rights
servile instincts

Be happy we are dying out then.

>germans will defend this


Cash drop to Trump Tower payment window Hans

You know in a war Germany would just get BTFO hans. If Germany was to start a war you know who emperor trump would side with, it wouldn't be you guys.

This is a joke right?

>haha germany BTFO. cant even win 1vs2, your country sucks hans.

We would win Biggly

Trump is an aryan tho

You can team up with Austria again
Anglos vs Germans

Only if you promise to genocide us this time if we lose again.

you're gonna become a 2nd world country for a while, because nobody will trade with you (and yes, that's not a good thing, despite what Trump tells you)

but, in the long run, it will probably be better...

The Brits are scared shitless. They don't want to leave the UN. One Anglo who lives in Warsaw begged a friend of mine to marry him so that he could be a UN citizen after Brexit.

anglos vs germans?

nah that would be cheating. way to easy.
i want a little entertainment atleast.

Dont give up yet Hans
Its only bantz

Day of the fork soon.

>mfw Im only invested in US businnesses anyway


No it is true hate.
I am so fucking sick of being german and having german genes. Flags on Sup Forums have shown me just how hated we are.

I hope we die out soon so you all can be finally happy.

you have to go back.

arent you still 2nd world?

To where?

Nie wieder Deutschland tbqh

>Massive economy on a global scale
>No one will trade with massive economy

How did you get this goddamned fucking stupid? Is it your water? Your food? Genetics?

I like you Hans, your people has done great things.

Always remember, Europeans are superior to any other race and within different European groups, the aryans and Mediterraneans are superior to everything else.

Stop buying into anglo/jewish propaganda, they just want to destroy us

Did he actually say that? Madman

8 days then 2 years of negotiations. Don't get your hopes up, it's going to take a while.

I believe in democracy.
And democratically the world has voted for us to die out.

Anglos are some of the greatest europeans. And they hate us from the bottom of their hearts. Poles absolutely hate turks but they are happy for germany to get replaced and become turkey 2.0. Because as much as they hate living next to turkey 2.0 they hate us more.

I am done.
I will do everything in my power to make sure Germans die out so the world can finally be happy.

Pious Germany had a population explosion, filling the new world, building America from the ground up with Protestant work ethic. Great idea converting to atheism.

again, you have to go back.

tanned germans are not real germans, no matter what you believe. get out.

I'd like to think we would still be a part of the UN

I hate Germany, why can't they all just go away, stop fucking up europe

>I believe in democracy

lol why

That's what (((they))) want.
I cant blame you for thinking like that tho, (((they))) have been brainwashing you since the day you were born with jewish propaganda and nazi guilt.

In reality, go to most countries and ask people what they think about the aryans, you'll get positive responses. Your people is really hard working and honest, way more so than a dirty slav or anglo, their opinions are invalid.

Sure you guys are getting cucked atm, but its in your genes to fight against it and rise again

Give Article 50 now and pay 60 billion, Nigels!

Plus, give Scotland and NI. And then fuck off.

You sound like a fucking woman.

America is part of the anglosphere, Hans. They would gladly stomp your country into the ground if you chimped out.

>give Scotland and NI.
greece has a better economy than both of those nations kek

Nobody brainwashed the brits to hate us
Nobody brainwashed the italians to hate us.

Sup Forums is not brainwashing. I only started hating being german after coming to Sup Forums not after school or wherever you think the brainwashing happens.
>but its in your genes to fight against it and rise again
And then get stomped by the united world against us AGAIN?

I wish I wasn't german and was a tanned german. I think I have some Italian ancestry.
Maybe I should completely fall back on that.
Be even happier we are dying out then.

a annual deposit of 10,000 burgers

So. Close.

Not after article 15 is triggered I'm afraid

mate just kill yourself. why would you even care if brits or whatever hate you lol. you are beyond cucked. please dont spread your genes. pls just kill yourself

and incase you didnt realize, they dont really hate us. this is bantz. in the end we are white brothers. i would gladly give my life for 5 brits or americans or dutch etc. but i still insult them on the internet.

and no you are not a real german. again : you have to go back.

This is what happens when you call a slav your equal and give him democracy.

>please dont spread your genes
Don't worry.
Creating more germans would go against exactly what I want.
I want a national suicide of germany. One dead german achieves nothing. I want us to be systematically replaced. I wish we had a different group replacing us but in the end we have to take what we get.
>I would gladly give my life for 5 brits or americans or dutch etc.
Do that.
They will not thank you. In fact the thing they will be happiest about isn't the 5 saved live but the one less german.

Throw the package full of cash through a window in Trump Tower.

>Pay Denbts right nao!

Why arent strong German males leading instead of your bitches and cucks like that guy?

Germans are cancer.
I am on your side here. He probably is pro-EU.

>American Indian

The old stock. Original colonists, anglo.


You know I am right.

>Do that.
They will not thank you.

i dont care if they thank me. this is your problem btw. you care way to much what others think or say of you. newsflash : germany is one of the most liked countries on earth.

you have a very serious self esteem problem.
again : kys or get out.

You mean Coleslaw.

>germany is one of the most liked countries on earth.
I can not take you seriously if you say bullshit like that.
We are almost universally hated by everyone just the reasons matter.

You live in a bubble if you think Germans are liked in any way.
>you have a very serious self esteem problem.
On a personal level I am fine. My only problem here is that I was born as a german in germany.



McGuinness pops his clog as the clock counts down towards us leaving the EU.



tfw your state is 90% American.

>being this much of a tard
Germies have some good qualities I'll agree but when it comes to geopolitics they are absolutely autistic. Had the shittiest colonies, fought alongside jewsheviks against based Poland, completely autistic politically, Germans should just keep to making cars.

I hope you do start a war so we can nuke you into smitherenes. Russia France the U.K. The us and china could each contribute nukes to erase you.

And because you have 0 nukes there's fuxk all you or your pathetic country could do about it


Pathetic, let this be a lesson to all cucks.

Same. Fucking pathetic kraut


but hans if you spend that 2% on your army how will you pay for all the immigrants?

Get back to cleaning toilets you fucking subhuman. Leave the politics to the whites.

Norway and Switzerland are both in Schengen, obeying EU rules without say...and soon will be England and Wales

Needs more Turkey and less France

Thank you.
Can you get it into the other idiots here that that is not just banter.
That you truly hate germans and want us to die out.

oh fuck i wish that scotland secede from uk because of brexit

No I do really genuinely think Germany is a sick culture. I don't dislike nice individual Germans but I think as a whole the German culture should be wiped out.

You have an authoritarian culture that precludes dissent which is why you've brought Europe to the point of destruction now 3 times in a little over a century. No one questioned the Kaiser. No one questioned Hitler. And now no one questioned Merkel.

Germany should be dissolved and the citizens colonised to become French, or British.

godspeed eternal anglo

you are an inspiration to us all

Welcome back to freedom, old friend.

Stop attempting to guilt trip us you world war starting sack of shit.

I hate pathetic beta male gimps like you but not cause youre German.

I don't hate Germans as people but I think the culture is retarded and they should assimilate into other less authoritarian cultures. Like Britain or France.

Basically German people when they congregate seem to tend to authoritarian group think. They did it with hitler and now they're doing it with Merkel.

They need to be angloed basically.

Crashing the EU lads

Make France Great Again