Trump Arrests More Child Abusers In One Month Than Oboner Did In One Year

President Trump destroys Oboners record on human rights in mind blowing assault on liberal perverts. 1500 sex crime suspects rounded up in first month, under Trump, while lazy Oboner, and Hillary, could only manage 400 in a year.

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Why doesn't MSM report this? What are they hiding? Why do liberals support criminal sexual assault?


Too busy morning the loss of their favorite pizza joints.

They want to get away with whatever they want, while forcing productive people to keep the machine running for them, this is nothing new.

They would have gone with bestiality if it was more popular, but it turns out that a lot of adults are pedos, so they become enablers.

The absolute madman never lies.

Conspiracy theories (whether they be true or not) aside, I think it's simply because the MSM doesn't want to make Trump look good.

This thread is not getting slid so easily.

How long till he arrests himself?

he'll just kill epstein if he really was involved

>human rights

You fail to realize that child sex is a 'positive' right to commie retards.


It's sad because they're going to get convicted with no evidence against them.

If Obama did this you would all be bitching that he wasted tax payer dollars on a harmless fetish.

thats not how the system works at all

prove this assertion with evidence

>arrested for thought crimes
Truly this is the lad of the free.

That doesn't include today's catch.


You deserve to die.

>prostituting children is a thought crime

but don't we all.


>trafficking children
>"thought crime"

>Trump Busts 1500 Pedophiles
It doesn't say child traffickers or child molesters.

are your parents brother and sister?

It says checkem.

gotta distract the FBI from all the clinton foundation donors who fuck kids

I mean I did suspect the globalist liberal cabal of this kind of sinister shit, but I didn't think such huge numbers and results would turn up so fast.

Why is this?
Could it possibly be a real coincidence rather than the (((coincidence))) I think it is?

Did you...not read the article? No fucking way, the meme of Leftists only reading headlines can't be real.

>Jan. 27: 42 arrested in a human trafficking operation in Tennessee
>Jan. 29: 474 arrested in California (28 sexually-exploited children were rescued)
>Jan. 18 to Feb 5: 108 arrested in Illinois sex-trafficking sting
>Jan. up until Super Bowl Sunday: 178 arrested in Texas sex-trafficking sting
>Jan: 16 arrested in Michigan for sex trafficking during the Detroit Auto Show
>Feb: 11 arrested in Virginia child-sex sting
>Feb. 14: 42 arrested in Florida child pornography related cases

All 1,500 were runners or customers of sex trafficking rings.

How many of these are arrests by the feds following investigations started after his taking office?

Also if Trump was that involved in the FBI, why didn't he know he wasn't wiretapped?

Basically what I'm saying is thanks Comey. I hope you can put that pussy grabber behind bars someday too. Perverts should rot in jail until they rot in the ground.

don't be a feminist you fucking cuck shill. There is nothing wrong with raping women as long as they are of age. This thread is about pedophiles being shot and killed, not whatever cuckold feminist fantasy you have about your balls being abused because you dared to look at a woman.

>most arrests in California
That's normal, since with many illegals also many children get smuggled. That's just a tip of iceberg.

Salon (((journalists))) aren't welcome here.

>Also if Trump was that involved in the FBI, why didn't he know he wasn't wiretapped?

You ever think maybe, just MAYBE, that is how he found out? By being involved?

Anything that makes Trump look like a good president they avoid reporting it. They don't necessarily support criminal sexual assault, because as soon as Trump gets caught doing it, it's suddenly a national security issue.

You can see it almost every day now.

>Maddow and the entire MSM thinking they finally got Trump pinned on his tax returns
>MSM getting played when they thought Trump was holding a press conference on Obama's birther issue.

The MSM despises Trump with all their soul and would love nothing more than to be the ones responsible for his downfall.

Fucking PR move. There are thousands of pedophiles, many of them are old and technologically retarded. It's good they're off the streets, but issuing executive orders to take action and compiling evidence against a litany of people are very different, and of those two things, Trump performed the former.
I have a discussion question; when will the President stop taking responsibilities for the actions of Government Agents?

Shut up, asshole. You're not "deep" or "insightfully inquisitive".

Found the pedo, enjoy your stay in gitmo.

Trump found out because he is the smartest man alive. The fbi is nothing but criminal liberal liars who deserve to be rounded up and executed.

He found out he wasn't wiretapped by being involved in the FBI?

So all that bullshit on twitter was intended to do what? Waste Congressional investigators time and money that could be spent on more constructive shit?

I thought he was just paranoid.

he is wiretapped you fucking shill. it's a fact.

>rapes okay
You sound dangerous. If you have any testosterone left at all, you wouldn't have to force yourself on women.

Post-ironic falseflagging alert?

there we go again

They are parasites that want to be able to get away with anything, too much exposure of wrongdoing on this level means the gravy train will end.

Hes not going to do shit to epstein they are friends and if you think trump does not have child blood from his pedo island on his hands then you are fucking wrong

you act as if women are capable of recognizing when they want sex or not. How cucked are you? does your wife even let you watch anymore? jesus christ...

You realize a number of these guys were probably under investigation starting during obamas presidency? Exactly what control do you think the Preaident has over pdeophelia related arrests?

>I have a discussion question; when will the President stop taking responsibilities for the actions of Government Agents?

President isn't taking responsibility. Everything bad and good that happens to the country is placed on the shoulders of the president even if he had nothing to do with it.

>people give Obama credit for killing Bin Laden
>people blame Bush for 9/11
>people give Clinton credit for being part of the internet boom

Happens all the time.

This your script for the week? That he totally wasn't wiretapped, because he specifically wasn't tapped, just important people in his campaign that would likely be communicating with him?

Am I not wiretapping you, if I wiretap everyone surrounding you?

Most animal mating particularly mammals is a competition for which male is the most dominant in the herd and then he gets to rape every single female he wants. But we've evolved pas that

Jesus Christ you people are stupid

comey literally testified that he is investigating trump. He is a traitor.

>Obama if..
But he didn't, and what's more telling, is he had 8 years to do something, but did nothing. You would think the left would herald Trumps thwarting these sex criminals, but to the contrary, they vilify him at every turn. The hypocrisy is palpable here.

love barstool, old row and tfm

I thought Sup Forums was quite less crowded these days. Finally an explanation

Jesus, are you still on this after the FBI and both the House and Senate said Trump is full of shit?

I learned a long time ago that liberals are not fully sentient. Zombies without a soul, who are literally incapable of moving away from whatever position the rest of their herd has taken.

But most of the arrests came from prostitution stings

>todays catch
Holy shit, yeah the above stats were just for January. This is odd indeed, how a president that actually cares about his country, can cause a tsunami of righteousness throughout the land.

You must be retarded. Everything that happens under a president's term is considered his action. Do you think Obongo wrote Obamacare?

This, they arent even fucking human

This here is a shame OP. I love Trump, I don't agree with everything but I love and support him.

I want every fucking pedo found and sent for life to some dark, underground prison with nothing more than their own thoughts to drive themselves mad.

Do you guys have some sort of CRM interface where you follow each other through threads? I'm genuinely curious.

You're retarded. If they had any proof they would have played that card already

>He found out he was wiretapped by being involved in the FBI?

fixed for you, and yes.


Do you know what "child trafficking" means these days? Niggers pimping(in this case it usually means selling their pussy to pay off their drug debt for their nigger dboy) out 16 and 17 year old junkie scum on backpage. I challenge you to find more than a handful of cases of any girl younger than 15 being "saved". Not even a dumb nigger pimp is going to put out a 13 year old on backpage, they're not that stupid.

Whatever happened with that Correspondents' Dinner?

Did it already come and go?

What is this? An image for ANTS?

Hey, Trump, can we bust another 1500?

Yes, because Vault 7 proves they tap everyone you fucking mong. The NYT literally wrote articles about how Trump was tapped months ago

Of course lol "hurrr church militants" would love this.
Well until the alter boys get interviewed.

Fuck, is Trump going to come after loli?

>the FBI, the DOJ, the former DNI, and both congressional committees say neither he nor his campaign was wiretapped
But he was totally wiretapped guys

>Am I not wiretapping you, if I wiretap everyone surrounding you?
Unless everyone surrounding him was Russian agents, which I'd believe, he wasn't wiretapped.

>16 / 17 Y/O's aren't children

I want you to take a step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE.

Jesus Christ, are you trying to sound mentally challenged?

With the popularity of all these hook up sites, kids are disappearing quicker than we can make them. A girl in my community disappeared a couple days ago, but they found her in Iowa.

I hope he does, you are fucking disguisting.

Don't think it's happened yet, "Time" and "People Magazine" have both pulled out of it in the last 48 hours because seeing nothing but news people isn't news.


Are you that much of a cuck to think that we need to "save" these junkie scum who've been shooting dope since their teens, and were stupid enough to get in debt to their dopeboy? Jesus you fucking people are retarded. Why don't we just go and give them free dope, too? No doubt they were out on the street turning tricks the next day after the bust.

Stupid minorities selling teens is just the low hanging fruit. It's painfully obvious that a significant portion of the world's rich "elites" are probably actually fiddling sub 13 year olds. Those are the monsters that can probably get away with just dumping the bodies somewhere after.

It's the world we live in, and not likely to change(even under trump). One tribe in particular has a thing for children, and they just so happen to control the world by their abnormally high representation in the media, entertainment, law services, and financial services. They're also a "victim" class, so short of them fucking up, and accidentally uploading their latest satanic orgy on YouTube, nothing will change.

Fuck off newfag. No one who's been here more than a year would dispute my point.

Good riddance.

They said he was not wiretapped but may have been surveilled through other means.

Because he doesn't have a fucking lan-line and "wiretapping" is a figure of speech in layman's term and a technical procedure in law terms.

Trump was monitored.

>TL;DR I support pedophiles and human trafficking

See, it's people like you that deserve to hung, drawn and quartered. Slowly.

this is a good start, but much work remains to be done
confimed by digitz, prepare to be burned alive in a wicker man

I think you missed the point. Sup Forums and 4 chan in general has been the most pro cp place on the internet for eons. I wasn't saying pedo was harmless.

not an argument

NYTimes didn't say that and you're just talking out your butt without any evidence and every major government office involved with this type of thing slapping if down. You have nothing to stand on.

>don't disagree with me on a public message board! :(

Pedogate general? Primrose schools need investigating.


Worked as a Mental Health Technician in a girls ward, age range was 9-14 and all were in there for child traficking aka sex traffic. Reality is worse than you think, places like Philadelphia and New York? 80% of traffic.

>muh pedophile conspiracy

Yeah, I hear the guys doing it are reptilians too.

Kys. You niggers claim that Trayvon was a grown man who shouldn't be called a child, but somehow a 17 year old junkie is an innocent child. Shame on you.

I hate stupid faggots like you

My dad works for Nintendo too. Bust out the stats or fuck off.

until the big guys get arrested, i assume this is just some fucking appeasement

neither lefties or righties are self aware.

Only independents/centrists (not Sup Forums)

Dont respond to this blatant troll/shill. Just filter by ID and move on please.

Yeah, the MSM isn't even covering the data that was sent to AJ and many law enforcement agencies. The Oboma admin, and intelligence communities have been spying on Trump for at least 8 years. They had his phone numbers to all his businesses, and residences. The lefties are so hurt, by Trump being elected, that I think they would prefer the devil himself in the White House, which seems to show how mentally deficient these people are.

Dude, Hillary was never the President. How did you get to be this dumb?

You're stuck though, you keep claiming "OH, THEY'RE ALL 16-17, THEY DESERVE TO DIE BECAUSE THEY MUST BE JUNKIES"

I mean, do you not understand that these people sell LITERAL CHILDREN TO PEOPLE? Everything goes in that market, from 5 to 17.

Pull your head out of your ass, you dumb motherfucker.