Brazil isn't wh-

>brazil isn't wh-


>Las Malvinas son Argenti-


that's Gondolin

Those farms arent enough to supply that city kek

What if they also import food?

Minas Tirith is in Brazil?

>Minas Tirith
That's fucking Gondolin you uncultured dago.

Paranaense here.
That is an aerial shot of our capital, Curitiba. Feels good to be white mane.


Brazilian here, can confirm as accurate.

>tfw PJ butchered the Pelennor Fields

whats up with all this shilling for Brasil Lately?

I hope you rott chink




No, that's Highgarden.

Brazilians confirmed for Tyrells (white).

Argentina isn't whi-

Go brush your teeth

was about to say. nice one mate

>Canada isn't wh-

Weak banter son. I'm dissapointed.

Shut the fuck up you poor unemployed EU cuck
What did you faggots wa$te all the gold you stole from us on?
Elephant hunting?

school finish early lad?

This is a middle class neighbourhood in Southern Brazil


Yeah my sister got home without getting raped by Muslims,nothing you'd know about

Negrito is mad because his capital looks like this.