How cucked is your country?

The UK isn't that cucked. London and Birmingham are finishe though

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>. London
Literally the city that the world knows the UK by. If London is fucked then so is the entirety of the UK

Not so much, desu.

>but, but there is degeneracy reeee
degeneracy is everywhere guys

Lol, shut the fuck up. You are fucked.

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Depends on which city desu
Milan is cucked af but we're not on Sweden's level

That makes me sad for my Italian roots. What is Italy like as a whole right now? I know the PM is a huge cuck so are there lots of sandniggers running around?

The UK is finished mate. There's a liberal hegemony in place in British universities. In 20 years or so being white and straight will be illegal.

Inner cities of Ã…rhus and Copenhagen are cucked.
Everywhere else is based.

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Germany isn't that cucked. Berlin and Cologne are finished, though.


Every cosmopolitan cities are pozzed to the core, user. They're death traps with a declining birthrate requiring tons of immigration to keep the housing scam afloat.

City life was always degenerate but it only got worse with increasing vibrant diversity. You'll just spend all your paycheck on living expense, still pay the nigger/kebab tax and end up washed out at 30 hoping you never moved there.

Mister President!

Yes, I live near Milan but go to uni there like everyday. You can barely see an Italian walking around. It's all black people and shitskins who are basically there asking you to give them money. Besides, you won't see any foreigners where I live (which is basically 20 km away from Milan).

Our PM is a cuck, just like Renzi. They're doing anything to not let us go vote even tho we are on the 4th tenchical govrnement


> tfw I stayed in both those cities and thought it wasn't as pozzed as Paris.

Thats fucked up. Can't believe whats happening to Europe. Were so lucky Trump got elected but I feel like even that isn't enough and were gonna be bombarded by shitskins as well.

America here from old Anglo/Scotch-Irish stock here

I visited England and was shocked by how terrible London was, it is not even an English city anymore. It is a third world metropolis with English enclaves. Other parts of England were great though, I loved Oxford and the English countryside is as picaresque as I imagined it. London is like Dawn of the Dead or something, it needs to be quarantined and the subhumans pushed out.

>tfw not cucked

I know that feel as well brother

You're still lucky you got the chance to vote someone like trump. England was lucky to have someone like Farage who made them leave EU.
In our constitution, we got an article that says we can't do a referendum on an international matter. It's an article that Mussolini did cause he thought that communism would've reached us.
In 2017, they don't wanna change this article because they don't want us to make Italy leave EU.
Now that I think about it, we are pretty cucked kek

We're cucked directly by Israel instead of being cucked indirectly by their extremist representatives that run the EU. I'd say that we're one of the least cucked European countries thanks to the fact that PiS chose the less aggresive "bull".