(((alt-right))) (((media))) in a nutshell

(((alt-right))) (((media))) in a nutshell.

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It's actually 100% true, Islam could be the greatest ally to the real right wing, but most Sup Forumsacks are totally bluepilled by the (((alternative media))) that teaches them to hate the most redpilled ideology on Earth


>Alt right is just a bunch of edgy lolbergs.
We knew this years ago.

Yep. Islam is a shit, but as long as it stays in the Middle East, I could care less about what they believe in and what they are doing.


think you misspelled "conservatives"

no alt-right content creator I know of advocates for any of that.

I don't care about Islam if it stays in Islamic countries. I don't want savages in mine.

Real traditionalists and fascists understand that Islam is the true redpill

but this is probably JIDF so why tf am I even posting.

facts to consider

>islam WAS en enemy of europe, of the white race for over a thousand years with its islamic conquests
>in modern times a lot of islamic nations became secular on their own and even neutral to europe
>the adventures of america into those places were led by kikes.

conclusion: less of a threat than the kikes

consequence: keep at a distance but dont genocide, apologize for being led on a leash by the kikes to kill them

but you have to understand that we kinda want to be left alone, we want to help you kill all the kikes though. That is one thing we completely have in common lol

>Islam has only been at war with the west since the enlightenment period
mudshit damage control thread

sage goes in all fielderinos

both islam and progrssivism should fuck off to the hell pits they spawned from

Seems like a Muslim shill raid desu.

/thread and digits.

This is actually a good point...

Islam is not an enemy to white people bruh. Muslims do not hate white people, they hate Western degeneracy

Islam ist shit

ironically they are the best antidote to the liberal bs that has taken over the US

There is a bit of that.

>tried to invade Europe for centuries
>n-not enemy to the white people
You have to go back

You know you burgers will probably be forced to actually pay repareations to the mudslimes for destroying their govs with CIA and other things if this all pulls through? Its your fault you got led by the kikes to kill somewhat neutral parties. I am not even kidding lol. You also lead us, europe on a leash to kill saddam, then syria, and that one african nation got deposed by soros himself. So you were led by the kikes, and you allowed the kikes to do harm to them.

and now there is still an after affect of that with syria and the ISIS you created.

Both Islam and alt-right are anti liberal, but they are still rivals.

>Muh based sandniggers
Fuck off shills.

SUBMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'll take your wife and daughter too. Peace out.

it was an age of war, even the europeans were warring with eachother by the droves. Yet in the industrial revolution everyone more or less calmed down. And then the jews came...

A fucking moon

No we keep them there, no immigration from those nations. They arent based but they are less hostile than kikes.

It's the best way to fight degeneracy nowadays desu

You've never met an Arab. Arabs all believe in race hierarchy, with Caucasians in general at the very top. Crusades had nothing to do with skin color you fucking idiot, it had everything to do with conquering and religious dominance


Faggots are faggots, but they're OUR faggots, and I'll be damned if I stand for a hostile group of foreigners coming into my country and posing a threat to its citizens.

Also regardless of how you feel about women's rights, honor killings and throwing acid in people's faces are unacceptable.

Hitler was a politician. He will say anything to please his allies, he said exactly the same thing about shinto.

I'd say potentially if Islam were actually as it's presented perhaps but there is so much contradiction throughout the quran/hadiths that there is absolutely no moral baseline and literal justification in just about all things besides murder/theft from a fellow muslim...

Example, there's a such thing as Nikāḥ al-mutʿah in shia, which is like a temporary swinger/cuckold marriage.
Al-Hakam II and many other caliphs in the revered Umayyad were openly homosexual and it was religiously condoned on the basis that homosexuality was used as a preventive method for affairs and wives were used as child bearers. Intercourse with animals is condoned by several sects on the basis of preventing "fornication".
Abortion is condoned widespread but the dates at which it's permissible are debated. Kaffir, i.e. non-believers are viewed as cattle and you can do as such to them, to engage in rape/theft/murder of kaffir is not considered criminal in most circumstances and it is not considered homosexual to have sexual intercourse with a male kaffir, i.e. why busha busha boys are most often not taught Islam.

There's overall just too many disparities and whether it's from the Quran or the Hadith, there is not a single religious sect that has so many problems, Muslims will try to tell you it resembles the old testament but they're just being dishonest for gains sake, read it for yourself look at the hadiths which Imams mostly wrote up and most sects shia/sunni have different hadiths in themselves, it's all a big gaggle fuck of decadent bullshit.

Should have known this would turn into a sandnigger circlejerk thread.

I know. I'm not denying that. We should never have been destabilizing Muslim nations. But we did so because we were convinced by the Jews, the same people who do not want Muslims and right wing Westerners to unite and see that we are more alike than different

Scram roach.

Then why are you here cuck?

>a trail of blood from your doorstep, through these nations
>like a good puppy you were led on a leash by the kikes to bite them
>"lol we dont owe them nothing"

You owe them the fact that you forgot to keep your eternal vigilance, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You shame your forefathers, the bank haters, the ones who created your nation and tried to escape all the madness.

You do owe them.

Look at all this Islamocuckery.

Bunch of goat-fucking faggots.


Mudslimes pretty much hate white people.

Fuck off. We don't need the 1% of muslims in america. Fuck we need them for.

What is wrong with LGBT?

>there is hypocrisy in religion

Wow. Color me surprised. Take a look at Catholic priest sodomizing with little boys. This doesn't mean that Islam isn't the most redpilled religion that is left when it comes to degeneracy though

no immigration of them tho, they have other genetic and cultural attributes that are bad for europe. But there is no reason to not to allow them to exist in their nations.

The relations that we should have with them should be pure, from a healthy volkish way, not for any kind of kikes.

Lets re-define us according to our bloodlines first and see what happens.

There are many other nations who arent complete shit and better allies, some asians like the japanese. They can come.

Shill! You forgot to mention degeneracy.


Well I don't care about Islam or their moon-crescent Satanic symbolism, but I do agree, the "alt-right" movement has been created and pushed by kikes since day one. Trump is a kike, he is an elite insider, and he's on the evil side just like pretty much every single media figure, government official or political figure. Everything that pol is into these days was fed to them by kikes, good job goys you're giving (((them))) exactly what they want, thanks for being complicit in the destruction of humanity.

> Arabs think Caucasians are top tier

AHAHAHAHA sandnigger plz

even evil kikes are right sometimes.
islam is the devil.

>anti alt-right thread is a bunch of dunecoons trying to push for civic nationalism
gee imagine that

What you see with the quote on quote "far right Islam" isn't really far right, they still partake in all this dirty shit it's just not documented/videotaped by them because it obviously makes them less palatable.
Islamic faith is in a sense retarded to me because they're batshit insane but they're extremely extremely deceptive and intelligent enough to know that the western world watches, they have widespread immorality and it's condoned but they don't document/broadcast this shit because it makes Islam less palatable to other communities, besides maybe faggots.

Homos might get thrown off a building on their head but most often it's not specifically because they're homos, it's because they're a homo of a different sect or a homo who's actually in a legitimate relationship with a man and not just fucking them.

nice try juden

Fuck off Muhammad

Mudslimes are degenerates. Not the same way than liberals but the turn all the countires they touch to shit.

Only faggots, degenerates and degenerate women fear Islam. True conservative, traditional minded white men will embrace it.

The church is dead and there's no other way.

Sure, maybe not mass immigration of them of course, but better relations with their nations instead of with Israel is what I want

I am so glad this wasn't posted with a german flag.

Also this.

It's actually very true though and if you ever go to the Middle East you will be treated like a god if you're white because Arabs believe Caucasian people (white and arabs generally) are the smartest and strongest people

>a jew
>telling white people to accept a religion that wants to kill all jews

Makes sense

the actual difference is that we dont tolerate such degenerated behaviour unlike Islamists which is on their actual doctrine

what's with the islamist shills flocking on this board lately?

Take the final redpill my brother

Oh shit I want open borders now! Gonna head to my local mosque now. If I don't have one then I can't wait to start one of my own!

Here's an idea: Let's say fuck you to both Jews and Muslims.

So MIDF is a thing now?

>The house of Saud had ancestral jewish roots

really activates my almonds

Nonsense, the difference is that it was never a condoned act by catholic religious aspects, Islam itself has Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, Umar for short and Sunni consider him a revered religious figure a specific hadith infact, he himself was homosexual but it was condoned for the fact that it was declared he had a anal disease which could only be stated by mens semen.

The difference is that the contradiction of catholicism is that several mens actions contradicted their religions established morals.
The contradiction of Islam was that it was openly endorsed by a religious leader if you will and is actually written into one of their hadiths and is actually part of their religion.

It's just Sup Forums learning the truth as all. Soon this board will learn that if they truly hate the Juden, want morals, order and stability, they will learn that they have been tricked for centuries and will unite with Muslims

kek saved

I call bullshit on this. They see us as degenerates and weak. You will be treated as god as long as you give them your money and endorse their politic (what usa do with petro-dollar) and one day they kill 1000 of your people because reason.

>the religion of Islam was partially created to prevent Jewish subversion

The ancient Meccans who Mohammed conquered were literally Jews desu. Mohammed was one of the first to mobilize people against their rule

nice meme rabbi

Roach trying to communicate

>Islamic society
>moral, order and stability
Pick one midf.

you stupid ass Mohammed converted Medina first you moron. Medina was predominantly pagan. Jews were kicked off from Mecca after the 1st Jihad

Shoo shoo, t*rkroach!

I'd rather kill myself. But before that I'd kill as many Muslims as I can.

Obama did many things wrong but bombing subhuman muslims is not one of them

>if they truly hate jews they'll adopt a religion extremely similar to Judaism

This doesn't mean that in the fundamental beliefs of Islam that homosexuality is ok at all, despite some hypocrisy man. Homosexuality will never actually be accepted in Islam

Meanwhile I drive past Lutheran and Protestant churches every day who fly faggot flags outside their churches because they want to seem accepting

> i really hope rich hyperautists and some shady .gov agency do a second pandemic run on the MENA region

Who? Never heard of them.
Why must you shitpost? Make no more threads.

>They see us as degenerates and weak

The West is degenerate and weak buddy. Muslims hate the West not because Westerners are white, it's because of the decadence. There's plenty of Arabs who consider themselves white you nigger

You can keep saying this, you can repeat it all you want but it isn't going to make anymore sense

There were plenty of Jews in Medina

> The West is decadent, says the Muslim, before excusing himself to relieve his sexual emergency in his six year old cousin and his pet goat.

>if they truly hate jews they'll adopt a religion extremely similar to Judaism

You say this yet you're probably a Christian lmao

No, Medina was predominantly pagan. Their warchief was pagan ffs

>Al-Banna wrote: “I interrupted one of the girls who said that Hitler was her favorite figure, asking her: ‘Are you serious or joking?’ She looked at me, amazed, and replied: ‘Yes, I am serious.’ This led another girl to add: ‘I too love Hitler’s personality.’ I asked the first girl: ‘What do you like about Hitler’s personality?’ She responded, very confidently: ‘His strength, and his ability to unite his country’s military and leadership and to stand fast in war.’ I asked her: ‘Do you realize that his strength caused an entire world war, and the destruction of Germany and France?’ She responded: ‘Yes. I read his book ‘Mein Kampf’ and was impressed by his strength, his faith, and his perseverance.'”

>The writer continued: “I told her: ‘But Hitler was a dictator who heeded nothing but his inner voice, and was a racist who recognized only the German Aryan race.’ She responded: ‘So what? It was enough that he was strong!’

>“The young girls’ admiration of Hitler’s personality and their inclination towards powerful [figures] led me to search for [material] on ‘Hitler adoration’ and fandom, and indeed, I discovered a wide spectrum of young Arabs who love Hitler. Some said they admired him for killing the Jews, but most were enchanted by his strength, determination, and steadfastness.

>This begs the question: What is behind these young peoples’ love of strength? Are they fans of the violence engulfing the region? Or does the sense of helplessness and weakness [cause them] to adore of a figure who challenged the world with his strength and led an entire people to fight the world?”

I actually agree, especially since our greatest ally is surrounded by these mudslimes.. we should be trying to work with them - in separated communities.

Have you ever been in contact with mudslime community? They despise white people. They think we are inherently weak, they forbid their childrens to mate with us.

You think we will fall for this Mohammed?

>six year old cousin and his pet goat.

Ridiculous stereotyping and ad hominems aren't an argument. This is exactly what liberals do when arguing with conservatives. They validate their own beliefs by telling themselves that conservatives are dumb, racist, and that Southerners are inbred or whatever. Pathetic tactics desu

Wew, shilling this hard. Nobody wants to worship your shit eating, child molesting, murderous Prophet. Fuck you, fuck Allah and fuck mohammed

> Muh stereotypes, abloobloo

Oh fuck off you SJW cunt.


Enlist in the army and go to the ME. You will see animal fuckers and child rapists everywhere are not just a meme. I saw it with my own eyes.

>Have you ever been in contact with mudslime community?

Yes. How do you think I know?

Muslims despise the West and Western values, they still see white people as intelligent people. White people have grown weak in the past half century, do you really think that isn't true?

>they forbid their childrens to mate with us
>there's something wrong with this

You can not want your children to race mix and want them to stay with their own culture, without hating other people