I am in the United States Capitol right now

I'm in the United States capital right now while I just saw Bernie sanders go into the senate hearing. lol what shoul I do and I'll update it to this thread.

take a better picture

Very funny Baron!

Run into senate meeting and scream "pizzagate is real!" then get detained.

go to Kaine's office and laugh in his face.

kill a random senator

for the lulz of course

looks like hospital

That's a terrible picture of your school hallway.

Get to class, you degenerate.

It's the capital because you can see the flags along the doorways.

It isn't a hospital, look.

It could be literally fucking anywhere, can't see jack squat

are you incapable of taking a good picture

Why would you take a photo like this?

Look who's office I am at, she did not attend trumps inauguration. Rep from Illinois.

Teleport behind him and strike him down with your katana.

find the ayyliens or punch some security staff dudes

Oh! I'd totally smear a booger on that plate, dude. Pick a winner!

High School tour?

Also, user is not in the "Capital", he's in one of the office buildings. Big whoop.

find a pen or green marker and draw a pepe on one of these shields / plates

Why are you there, user?

I am here because I'm an intern, I'm from Texas.

Take a dump in front of the door!

Write Sup Forums with a marker on something then post pics

Ask him if you can have some money for the vending machine.

But seriously, why post this thread? LOL. Apparently you went there for a reason. Why ask people here what you should "do"? I can crack booger jokes, but this thread seems pointless, or just inviting dumb comments.

///red ball
///red ball

an intern, maybe. definitely not a photographer.

Well if you're an intern, you'd best be on your super bestest behavior. No shenanigans. :P

Cus it's fun and I'm not creative
Gotta share it with my family of shit poster faggots

Well, disclosing on a public board that you're there as an intern while asking what to do.... Doesn't seem like a well thought out plan....

And I'm at the supermarket. Who gives a fuck where you're at?

Yell Shadilay in the Senate hearing from the balcony.

Ask him his thoughts on shrimp. Go full Bubba

What an ugly fucking store

Crash the senate hearing with no survivors

Learn how to take a picture you fucking faggot

To the snobs saying why am I posting: my friend and I just saw Bernie sanders sad drinking coffee

Punch him

Ask him if he's going to give out refunds

Kill him ffs

Coopen på Fausk

Shout PRAISE KEK! at the top of your lungs

I used to think those cup covers were to keep people from spilling their coffee. Now I see they are there to keep some people from burning their noses.

We learned from the best.

do america a favor and shoot that commie


Slap that coffee out his hand and tell him he sounds like a mong

>that bowlcut tho
Is this what communism is?


Jepp. Min Sölv Camry med sigöynerlasta bakpå.


I am reporting this thread to the FBI.

fuck your grocery store FAGGOT

lol yeah ok, looks like a typical commie block store

Motherfucker and his free coffee


Record him talking to you, pretend to be a fan, and then scream KEK WILLS IT and run off.

Dokker har tidlig vår

Tells Bernie sanders the holocaust was a lie- we are both Jewish but I am red pilled my whole senpai is

Periscope or gtfo

funfact: D.C. os more than 50% blacked.

If DC weren't the capital, it would be second Detroit already.

Yeah okay.

of course Jan Schakowsky didn't attending Trump inauguration. she's a Jewess.


Should I periscope it? I only have my real Twitter though don't trust u guys with it I'm an intern in a member of Congress's building can't be doing stupid shit

Tatt i sommer. Jeg er ikke egentlig på Coop nå. Men har nettopp kommet hjem derfra.

Ask him about his 3 houses and sports cars user

>mfw denmark blows himself the fuck out implying his education is just watered down american education

ok, you proved my point?


Are you even supposed to be filming there at all?

Piss on McCain's door


dont DO anything stupid but SAY something legit to bernie or someone. Ask him if he wants to buy super male vitality below market price. and yes periscobe mang

Tell them the South will rise again

Friendly bump

>posts gay thread about his Capitol adventure on Sup Forums
>"lol I can't be doing stupid shit you guyz"



are you currently teleporting behind him?

Nah america is still a fucking ugly ass country.

>Ask him if he wants to buy super male vitality below market price

Some anons are not pleased with my actions - they are with the Jewish agenda. Don't ruin the fun faggots when a shit poster is next to Bernie u celebrate


Ask him why he paid half of what Trump paid in taxes even though he owns three houses in a rich part of the country.

Or bill yourself as a refugee activist and ask him how many immigrants/refugees he could take in.

The south will rise again

>standing next to bernie
>not dropping jew truth bombs

ask how big is rotschild influence in world finance




actually didnt have this one yet thanks

just depends on perspective, my dude

OP takes 4 pictures of which 3 are just utter trash and expects attention on an anime message board.

What a faggot. Filtering this tripfag OP, goodbye forever :)

Houston is the outlier of US cities. Your argument is invalid.


Anime messaging board also ur mad fag how does someone user want attention we are user

Yeah thank God that Norway don't have your education

please tell me that this is a shop

>yfw Sup Forums has infiltrated American politics even further