Dave Chappelle pill

Dave Chappelle drops a small red pill into his newest stand-up comedy (((Netflix))) special that came out yesterday. A lot of people will see this -


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Fuck off, there were barely any niggers fighting in world war two.

No, but there were a lot of black men.

There were literally almost no black men in americas army.
The vast majority were navy and support roles, niggers make shithouse soldiers.

Similarly he said that Obama was a good president and also that Roosevelt said "I won't have another nigger in the White House again." after he invited Booker Washington to dinner. I couldn't find any source on this.

That's not Dave Chapelle. That's a clone.

>literally two straight blue pills about french girls getting blacked and muh wymyn
>follows it up with his fuckin whitey be do da cia and killin blacks and peace lovin niggas
>muh kennedy (this fag didnt get shot for being anti-fed he was literally pro fed you stupid cucks)

you can tell dave's OD on redpills and hes just trying to be real with people and they are just like >HAHAHA DMX HAHAHA COSBY RAPES

Why did this nigger decide to get back into comedy all of a sudden as soon as obama left office?

Nigger history, they say crazy shit and believe it because of their persecution complex.

any got link for full special without connecting to Jewflix

Because it was necessary.

His shit about gays was fucking hilarious. I thought it was well done. He knows most of his audience is white so he can't go too far left.

There were entire battalions of black troops. The 761st for example.

leans into mic...Wrong!
There were almost 0 black men in WWII in the U.S. Army.
They weren't allowed to fight, because they couldn't get along with whites.

Got offered large amounts of money by Netflix to do some specials.

I can put one up ill up it

Oh yeah? Well if DICE has taught me anything, blacks are the reason the war was even won they carried the entire world to that win.

Remember when Chappelle's Show was on? Wasn't that amazing that they could so openly joke about things like racial stereotypes? Seems like so long ago. Nowadays he'd probably be cancelled before his first season was over.

>who are the Tuskegee Airmen for 1000 Alex?

in case this gets archived, full special will be up at


grab before they delete it

currently uploading

Yeah those "millions" didn't rape those germans after the war rite

>muh lsd

No the Soviets did.

>a battalion

yeah, it's hard to go back once you hit the normiesphere.

We're regressing
Imagine the shitstorm if this was on snl now



Norm is the only Sup Forums approved comedian.



When will they realize that modern day political correctness just compresses all our feelings in to a ticking time bomb. Then garbage like Sam Hyde and "world peace" is the only shit we can relate to.

I get the feeling he didn't do any comedy during the obama years because he didn't want to criticize or make jokes about a black president.


I fucking love Dave, subbed to Netflix again just to view these specials he's putting out.

really makes your neutrons move

Actually he was so fucking sick of being world famous but making comedy central shekels that he just disappeared from public entirely.

You should hear some of the rants that got posted on Youtube before they took them down, makes Mel Gibson look like Ari Fliescher.

it doesn't work, or i'm too dumb to do it

It's okay to have someone with his ability around now that Obama is gone. It would've looked bad if he was still around on his show saying nigga and nigger and doing his Black President skits with the first black president around.

>giving George Soros shekels to watch a nigger pretend he is deep.
wew lad


Not only that but nigger was openly used on television without censoring

>Actually he was so fucking sick of being world famous but making comedy central shekels that he just disappeared from public entirely
Yeah that's what he claimed but within a week of Trump getting elected he's back to opening SNL and jumps right back into the media spotlight full force. Just seems a bit suspect.

Im supporting a product by being an active capitalist consumer you commie negro

The thing that makes me sad is that most people laughing at the punchline dont know why and never will - the irony.

>Im supporting a product by being an active capitalist consumer you commie negro
cant make this shit up

I saw this bit live at a different venue in 2015. He fucking nailed it. It was better the way he told it live though.

It's almost finished uploading, 524/545mb

Basically none of that was historically accurate and/or he drew assumptions that were incorrect.


452nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery as another more obscure unit. My point is, though not as numerous as white units, they were there on the ground contributing. They would kill the Democratic Party if they could see it now.

Norm's the man.



>muh based blacks
>muh red pilled negroes
>pls fuk my wife :)
kys faggot.

it all makes sense now

Everything you said after the first > was wrong

A black comedian criticizing a black president is dead in the water. His fanbase would abandon him faster than you can say 'uncle tom.'

Dave's new special


I answered why here People need to remember around that era when Obama first gained traction nationally and how Dave immediately got tossed aside. He was one of the few people making fun of everyone and gaining quite the following. You couldn't have someone like him around with what the Obama Era was going to do to fuck up race relations.

You're not from around here are you

>comedy has devolved so much it's just political monologues with a joke sprinkled in

Jesus Christ fuck today's """""comedy""""".

Hes been doing shows for a couple years now
Wrong. These specials are a couple of years old and he didnt release them Netflix bought them from him and agreed to another new one

badass user, thanks
also checked

>have you ever heard of the emancipation proclamation?
>I don't listen to hip-hop

Not even a million cumulative served in the army, God knows how many of them were in support roles only. Gtfo with this nigger worship.

I guarantee the only white womyn "sucking black dick" in Europe were hoping the Coon Platoon might spare them from the open-air starvation POW camps we set up.

He's a muslim btw

If you were from around here you would delete that jewflix subscription.


>all the normies in the audience clapping for all the bad stuff

DICE are probably just a bunch of muslims now, would explain quality drop.

>(((EA))) it's in the rape

>Not even a million cumulative served in the army, God knows how many of them were in support roles only. Gtfo with this nigger worship.
Well, they are a minority to be fair. While Dave Chapelle was wrong about the number, you have to look at the percentage of the black population.
White 118,214,870
Black 12,865,518
Somebody crunch the numbers, im stoned.

> are you pro choice or anti consequences.
Subtle red pill for normies

Absolutely lost it at spearchucker

(((They're))) going to get him.

>muh dik geetn suckd by da whyt wommenz
How is this redpilled you stupid nigger

Not working for me

this shit isn't "redpilled" he's implying white people are responsible for all that shit

Kill yourself degenerate

Chapelle is a Muslim and deserves no recognition.

Jewish propaganda characters

>Sure, we'll welcome you back Dave. You can even do some Netflix specials for lots of ((($$$))). But your acts better be divisive of white people, specifically along racial and gender boundaries.


Are you fucking kidding? This is that leftist denial or reality mindset. Hang yourself.

>Chapelle is a Muslim and deserves no recognition.
Ok, but the truth deserves recognition. Fuck your personal emotions about your personal experiencies about blacks today, a large percentage of the african-american population served in the army during ww2. Fuck your feelings.

>Are you fucking kidding? This is that leftist denial or reality mindset. Hang yourself.
It is statistics, maybe they were useless, they certainly were not needed to win the war, but a significant percentage if the african-american population served in the military during ww2, those are just the numbers.

i didn't notice any redpills. someone give me the redpills dropped

Lol Andy Samberg just goes along with the Hitler thing. That shows the normie mind which has no thoughts of its own goes along with any topic at that moment in order to fit in.

this is the other new special that isn't the one in OP.
the one in op is also on youtube but has not sound.

>a monkey in a suit isnt a monkey, its a monkey in a suit

>checkmate racist!

He may have been wrong about the numbers but it did happen. I have relatives(second and third cousins) that live in Europe because their grandfathers went over to Europe during WW2, realized racial discrimination was practically non-existent there, and either didn't bother coming back or got married and went back to Europe after the war ended.

Probably the only reason I'm not a European is because my Grandpa was never deployed and spent the entire world war teaching men how to read.

this is the most bluepilled shit ive ever seen

and im angry you convinced me to watch it

i knew this would be a garbage special.

angry lefty black man stewing on his rural ranch decides to cash in on his celebrity to get on a soapbox delivering no actual jokes or poignant insight.

He's implying there is some sort of conspiracy against world peace. Kennedy was shot by a commie lunatic, the kent state kids were throwing rocks at national guards and one of them hit a guy in the face, MLK was shot by a racist.


Why did the nigger airman destroy supply lines to labor camps killing thousands of jews?

The 9/11 airline joke always gets me
>I walked through blood and bones in the streets of Manhattan.... trying to find my brother... he was in northern Canada

Thanks bro.

is he doing holocaust denial in front of gilbert godfried? Holy shit, lmao

all that shit is still passable based on context and the messenger. chappelle was known for satire. now, if you take some random racist of Sup Forums and have his dumbass tell a million bullshit jokes under the guise of anti-pc, then you will get called out on it just as carlos mencia did.

>Hurr durr not all of the jokes were based on factually accurate statistics
>Hurr he used exaggeration in order to make a joke get more laughs
jesus christ he's a comedian not a journalist
The redpill comes near the end when he says that the CIA started gunning people down including JFK, RFK, malcom x and MLK.
That's shit i want more people actively knowing

Just listened to the first 10 minutes of the new standup....Dave Chapelle sucks now. Not nearly as sharp as 10-15 years ago

Leave Sammy alone.

Nah mate, he's got protection in his (friendship) with Amy (((Schumer))) there's no way a comedian with his talent would actually support her otherwise