Be me, three years ago

>be me, three years ago
>16 yo
>due to life situation have to move to poland with my family
>had zero friends back in usa
>heard poles are all racist as fuck
>scared shitless
>the day finally arrives, travelling on a plane
>on the way to our temporary apartment explore a bit of the city
>everything is white
>everybody seems to be focusing on me on the street
>dad seems to be liking it there, he knows polish
>some elder guy yells at me
>dad laughs and tells me that he called me a satan incarnation or something
>day ends
>still didnt get beaten up by nazi white supremacists, guess im lucky then
>fast forward few weeks later
>only left the apartment twice, mom and dad are usually at work
>dad gave me some polish lessons
>apparently you can translate "fuck" to 20 different words
>first day of school
>go there not knowing the language, still scared of racists, probably going to get bullied, but fuck it, I already have been bullied a lot back in usa
>it has begun
>have to say hi to my class
>go through the first hour
>first break
>the whole class just stands there around me in circle
>social anxiety kicks in
>they try to communicate with me speaking broken english (unlike me they know two languages at least)
>someone says "do you speak polish?"
>answer "no"
>go through the day listening to some inhumane words being spoken
>fast forward few days
>to my surprise I still didnt get beaten up and, they all seem to like me
>remember how to say hi "czesc" and bye "do zobaczenia", those are the only words I speak
>few days later
>the whole school knows me at this point thanks to my skin colour
>weeks later
>be the most popular kid around
>finally learned some polish, its hard but I can have very basic coversation
>never got bullied, just some elder people don't like me
>finally make friends with people, I never had ones in usa
>weeks later get a cute polish gf
>Life is good

I still live there and I learned polish. To this day I never met a true racist.

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Nobody is inherently racist, it as humans is impossible to hate someone over something as trivial as skin color

The reason people hate niggers is because of their behavior, the reason no poles are racist toward you is you actually behave like a normal human who appreciates western values

If you went there and started acting like a BLM chimp I'm sure they wouldn't put up with it

See how based we are. Just be good Pole, love your new motherland, work for Poland and everythink will be good.

When even poles become cucks I start questioning if the West still has any hope

In small doses, its harmless but what Europe is doing is completely trying to change the face of its native population. user, never forget the true demon behind all the worlds evil. Its the Jews incase you didn't know. Do not fall into their trap.

This. But poles are still crazy as shit. Remember what they did to that muslim? Just give them an excuse...

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>Nobody is inherently racist
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Fuck off pessimist

>In small doses, its harmless
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This guy isn't black, it's typical bait, just wait for two other guys to start shitting on Poland.It happens everytime.

Murzyni = ok
Dziki = not ok

If you aren't acting like a wild animal nobody will care if you're black. African American thug culture is the real problem.

Polish people are cucks. My cousin from Wroclaw went to Africa to volunteer for the blacks there and doesn't understand why Americans treat them like shit.


>i have polish relatives
>they hate russians the most then muslims then mexicans then blacks

Calling BS. Poland probably has 1 black person in its entire country

ITT: Stories that never happened.

Yea he just made this thread can't you read

>1 post by this ID
>dad is not black but OP is black
>polish gf

yeah no

fake kike propaganda.

I saw 2 in Warsaw when I went last year, but they were in business attire. Most likely embassy workers or something similar.

you were scared as shit, so your perception of tolerance in Poland was a bit wrong.

Poles doesn't see blacks much, so they will be mainly polite, becouse we are very friendly to foreigners as long as they doesn't change our world too much.

You will meet racist people tho, when you will live here speak Polish fluently, when you will be a black Pole, you will start to understand little jokes about you and stuff. Maybe you will be even beaten if you will have bad luck.

But racism in europe isn't same as racism in USA. Here we belive that you have your own identity, that you are diferent human being, which they like or not, whatever. Racism towards you will be political, so Poles will not treat you as a worse kind of human, becouse they don't belive in this as amerifats does. If Poles will say that you are monkey, it will be becouse they would want to ofend you, not becouse they belive in their greateness.

If someone will be racist, he will be simple bydlo who will like to pick a fight but, you can be easy target for bydlo-warrior, becouse if you are black as you say you are outstanding here. Don't forget about this.

Racism in USA is rather based on thinking, that niggers should hang, and you shall serve as a slave or that blacks have worse genetics and stuff amerifats think about the world. Ancient aliens and shit. America is rich becouse white people right? White people in their opinion achived everything with their own white hands, so there have to be something great about being white. And black people are guests in their beautifull utopia they made, liveing on their credit.

We may be nice, if we get to know you, but that doesn't mean we want 6 million of you here. There's always going to be some minorities even in 97-99% ethnic societies.

Ale kurwa coal burner.

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Ur a status symbol bro. Exotic nigger n whoever dates u is automatically popular.

t. Polak


>Has a dad

Sure user, sure.

This is the faggot that post white girls with shooped spades on them, he's a race mixing sub-human do something about it guys

Polak niggers best niggers.

Kurwa, jak dziwnie się słucha murzyna mówiącego tak płynnie po polsku xD

racism is not against colour you idiot nigger its against behaviour.

kek, Poland is taking the liberal pill

wtf im literally in shock at seeing a nigger speak polish

someone post the ugandan refugee that caused the HIV panic among the kurwa maupa connoisseurs

>He calls himself a "black Pole" and says that he proudly represents Poland on international arena. He often jokes that when he looks into mirror, he "doesn't know what happened", referring to his skin color as ethnic Poles are White

everyday, "no kurwaaaa, nowy dzien i jeszcze jestem małpa"


that's Izu- he's a nice guy with great personality actually
>his bbc is even better


hehe based polish people

>that's Izu- he's a nice guy with great personality actually
No, tylko szkoda ze jest murzynem. Nigdy bym nie chciał być murzynem .

This is how China is with whitey.

You can get a 'white monkey' job really easy, where you pretend to DJ and be a tourist attraction for a club.
Skip to 1:25

So that's the shitposter "pole" who lives posting about communism and interracial porn.

We're white negroes of Europe. Together with other oppressed races we'll destroy Europe.

>No, tylko szkoda ze jest murzynem. Nigdy bym nie chciał być murzynem .
well, but he's black. deal over it.

OP post pic of your hand or sth

>well, but he's black. deal over it.
And I feel sorry for him, it's a bad condition. Maybe one day they'll be a cure.


also you're a moron for leaving the US for Poland.

>Makumba: historia prawdziwa
BTW, to true story czy bait?

I am a black man who lived in poland and also had no problems with racists. Their women are nice. Too pale for my taste.


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tfw no qt polish gf and bullied at school
I wish to be black, everyone would like me

Fukken this. Our nationalism was never about ethnicity.

>immediately gets impaled by winged hussar after hitting submit.
Polish lands are pure once again

Never knew poles were such cucks
Basically Slavic girls are the biggest whore I've ever seen. I've been to Russia and the few niggers there are drowning in pussy. Girls straight up hit on them, which they never do to whites (traditional general roles and such).
Also the interracial marriage rate of polish women in the UK is more than 25(!)%.

Imagine how their forefathers must feel in the sky above now, securing the existence of their children amidst the most brutal countries-eastern Europe, cultivating AAA cuties trough centuries of adversion and preservation of owns bloodline to only see a Savage niggers show up and all these centuries of work flushed into shit trough an open cunt

And what are you going to do about it? Make us say Hat Trick?

Wtf you love muslims now?

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Nice to know that you were well accepted bro!!
Keep it up! White ppl are not the devil!
Hugz good luck for your future!

What does your (you) have to do with anything I said?!,
Are you mentally deficient , roach?
>Say Slavic girls are the most whorish, mudsharks in the world and that WITHOUT feminism and niggerest 24/7
>Post turk taekwondo chick

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It only makes sense that a nigger feels at home in Poland.

Fake news.
You can't seriously be black in a public school. You probably attended some private school for homosexuals.


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