Why do neo-nazis hate islam when it aligns so closely to what they want ideologically...

Why do neo-nazis hate islam when it aligns so closely to what they want ideologically? It's literally only because it's a religion mostly followed by brown people isn't it?

Yeah pretty much. Also why is it called neo-nazis? Why not just nazis?

Neo is cooler and better, see: Neo Zeon

stop comparing the two you stupid piggy tit.
they are not comparable.

just because there are similarities does not mean the fact that they all mentally retarded.

theres a huge divide and you know it.

I would make the distinction because neo-nazis generally don't believe in the economic policies of nazism, just the pro ayran bits.


White nationalist here..

I don't hate any group of people, just jews..but jews aren't actually human so...

A literal melting pot of friendship

The smart ones don't hate it. They recognise it as a rival.

>Implying i'm a fucking subhuman nazi

I hate islam because it isn't western


Kike identified

>whats an argument

>promotes killings
>faggot central
>followed by dumb monkeys

Neo Nazis love Islam or pagan religions.

As for why most of the people on this board hate Islam...
Most live in civic societies that abd don't want to see them get ruined by Islam and its followers.

Speaking from personal expirience as someone who had his home burned down by Muslims, they are scum that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth along with their enablers.

Because if you think that you are either a Muslim practicing taqiya or stupid

Probably because I'm not a neo-Nazi.

It's barbaric, encourages terrorism, goes way too far against women (I'm all for traditional values, but needing at least 4 men to confirm the testimony of a woman for it to be valid is retarded), is fundamentally against our Christian heritage, demands theocracies where it is in control and so on

Islam is a threat to White civilization

Mussie go away

Give me 10 similarities.

>being idealogically reasonable
( ´_ゝ`)フーン

i like how islam beat woman

The main three reasons:
1.) Islam is the big obvious enemy
2.) They're browner than most and while blacks don't really threaten expansion it's pretty clear what Muslims want to do via expansion
3.) Neo-Nazis are heavily feminist and feminism has been worming its slimy head into the alt-right

Frankly, as someone who believes anti-feminism (of all kinds, not just third-wave) needs to be rolled back, I think the Islamic countries could make great "you hate the Jews? We hate the Jews!" allies.

But you know what they say. Good fences make good neighbors. I wouldn't have any of them coming to my country.

Because I don't want to pay jyzia, nor do I want my pagan-fag friends to be beheaded, nor do I want my gay brother.
Pretty simple stuff.


Wrong. I love Buddhism and Sikhism and I'm Catholic.

I also have moderate Muslim friends.
Extremist Islam absolutely does not align with my views.
fuck off shill.

>moderate Muslim
No such thing exists dude :D

Actually, National Socialists, including Hitler itself, don't have a serious problem with Islam or the Arab countries just as they are.

It's just this relatively new active and radical anti-westernism combined with retarded amounts of immigration have presented themselves as threats to western culture (for the most part) since 9/11.

Enforcement of traditional values
Strong focus on family
Less rights for women and minorities
and the obvious one being the hatred or awareness of jews.
Should be noted, I'm not accusing people on Sup Forums of being neo-nazis, just asking why the neo-nazi groups don't ally with Islam.

>implying 9/11 was the full tipping point

It made many against Muslims, yes, but they were committing terrorism even before 9/11 on drastic scales.

its nearly as if /pol arent actually NatSoc but actually western supremacists

>>think nazi's only care about ideology

>>nazi dont care about race

kys and delete your account.

racial segregation is a part of the nazi ideology. they don't call 'em "nazis" because of their boundless tolerance for other people.

Like liberal Bernie voters can't identify what socialism or communism is, now-Nazis can't identify the full principles of national socialism or fascism. They think it's "dude, hate the Jews, lmao"

>they are not comparable.
>there are similarities
>does not mean the fact that they all mentally retarded
so when they believe in radical ultra-conservatism and that you they are the master race with the best culture that they need to defend at all costs while striking out in united opposition at their perceived antagonists, they are mentally retarded.

But when you do that, you are...?

Why is it called Nazi? Nazi was a German political party that was disbanded. The neo-Nazi don't even really align with the views of the actual Nazi.

Why is it called Nazi? Nazi was a German political party that was disbanded. The neo-Nazi don't even really align with the views of the actual Nazi


Becuase Islam only holds a redpilled code of conduct for very specific situations. Otherwise it actually advocates for it's adherents to act like Niggers.

He doesn't though. you've created a strawman.
Reread his post.
Also you sound like a child.

>>racial segregation is a part of the nazi ideology

nigga say wha????????????

>historically accurate
pick one. these fucks are still denying the holocaust while praising the guy whose only tangible ideological success was the holocaust. the mental retardation and cognitive dissonance of modern ""nazis"" (we hate le jews lol XD) is palpable. nazism has always been a retarded and irrational idea. these cowards will always be on the wrong side of history.

Neo nazis want to fuck kids and cut off every womens clitoris?
Really activates my almonds

Sup Forums is a bunch of feminists.

( ´_ゝ`)フーン

>Less rights for women and minorities
First women are put on a pedestal and second there are no minorities in an ethnostate, not to mention that i didn't count 10 similarities.

>But when you do that, you are...?

not simultaneously believing in some cunt called Allah...

you dozy goy

>when it aligns so closely to what they want ideologically?

We want individualism, not being stoned to death for calling childfuckers pedos or not waking up to pray at 6 in the morning.