Agree Sup Forums?

Agree Sup Forums?

ukraines white but russia isn't?

fuck off paki.


Russians are baboons

I am a white man.
I just accept the truth that pakis are white.
indians are not white though.
they drink cow piss.



K Muhammad



Thats some tasty bait you got there, slide thread

yes yes very Aryan


>Northen Italy, Canada and America
>Not white
They are white, just with a large black population

Not sure if this is bait or op is a massive retard.

But that's correct.
There may be loads of immigrants recently, but we're talking about the native population.

>tfw Greek ancestry
I'll never be part of the race war -_-


op is clearly an inbred paki

Who else would be white then, you fucking degenerate?
Do you live in a world where whites don't exist?

Everyone will be. Maybe you won't be in the right side

> Sweden
> white

> France
> white

> UK
> white

> Pakistan
> white



>Agree Sup Forums?
India nuke Pakistan when?

>tfw too white to be on the losing colored side
>tfw too dark to be on the winning white
I'll just hide in a cabin in Montana.

here's more accurate map


Western Europe should be painted black too

Pakis. White. Are niggers colorblind now, too?

Packistan white?
You can't be serious!



Literally a paki who made this

>be half asian
>still whiter than an anglo
makes you think huh?

More white than you Muhammad.


Delet this fgt

stupid cunts.
We are pashtun (PASHTUN) we are NOT shitskin like fucking indians.
many brits laid with natives when they conquered and we are descended from that.
typical pashtun paki is white.

I am very disappointed that you dont consider us white. Pekka you fucking homo.

Ok Finland

OP is Paki trying to trick whites into thinking Pakis are white and trying to reduce Paki hatred because he is Paki and desires to be white. he probably has an obsession with white people

Fuck off paki

>not black

Strange, all pakis i know are a lot darker than this.
This really spins my wheel


>finnish bants
so many newfags

Insane detective skills

indian muslims (14% of india's population) call themselves paki
lying is in the indian man's genes

like a boy-lovers from Pakistan and Afganistan ?

This has to be a fucking joke
literally paki divide and conquer

Dipping your cock into a 12 years old bong-girl doesn't make you white Ahmed.

>not a roach

Hue hue hue

if germany is white i am as well you anglocuck

much bait

Laughing so hard at these monkies like you and the paki trying to tell others who's white and whos not

as long as they are muslim, they are not white. Islam is a shitskin's religion; non-whites are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

>italians arent white
>but pakis totally are

Just bantz, guys... chill

kek confirms bad brazillian bantz

>Pakistan casually making an appearance

t. nigger



Native population of most Mediterranean countries is white you mongoloid

t. Cockhole immigrant

Me too ...

>pic related
Top kek

Only Northern Italians are white. Southerns are mostly mixed.


You damn Mongolian nigger, how do you dare to say that we are not white??

>native population
> australia, newzealand and pakistan

le ebin trol frm da us prxy



Oh my sides !

Attention at the uruguayan pothead eyes


Pakistan but no Canada, what's it like being retarded?

This fucking board sometimes

Paki spotted. Fuck off!


Literally looks like a tall Roman, the fuck are you talking about failed state?

>Uruguay is there for some reason


did she broke her ankle?

Bloody welcome fellow pothead

You're the stupidest brit i have seen today.
Djokovic N. is whiter than your teeth.

>A literal shitskin wants to tell others who's white

why do third worlders always have Arsenal shirts?

Seriously it's ALWAYS Arsenal.

There are other teams you know.


>These people are telling me I'm not white

Go home drunk fag, if France is white Iberia is too

> ???????

Why do redditors always have to space?
Seriously its ALWAYS the spacing
There are other newfags you know..

>it's a paki thinks he's white thread

the ones starting white threads are always some disgusting shitskins, fuck this board

guise xD am whit lmao

>any bantz about Romania

Nope sadly, you know nigger a lot. All the time.

Post pictures nigger, 99% chance your skin is darker than my dick.

How is Pakistan white?

well tht's was nice

OP's a paki

>Sup Forums does DNA ancestry
>Sup Forums does a meet
>mostly non-whites
First as a tragedy, then as a farce.


>not white
Are you fucking retarded?

cheap bait

this is correct

I thought people were just memeing but he actually is. Wtf!