Sup Forums users you know

The spanish guy making communist threads

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this cunt

DESU I recognize every post I make


That sissy Spaniard who posts in every lewd thread.

The serbshill

The serb shill and that one asshole from Malaysia.

the "drumpf is finished" canadian

The Egypt poster who used to make blacked threads

serbian hillary shill
but looks like he's dead


Obama leaf

The guy who always posts


To dumbass Canadians

The annoying idiot typing rare in weird ways

Myself. Fuck you guys.

the canadian guy who always summons me

The Russian from the Western art threads. Love that guy.

The based tripfag from the Catholic generals

The burger with a big name saying all his posts are satire. But I guess only anons counts, right?

The only dudes I recall now is the spanish commie and the burger pretending to be the "sleepy bot".

>a fucking burger

The Shill who keeps saying Trump is another GWB and calling everyone on Sup Forums neocons because we're ok with trump following through with his promise of taking out Isis

the turkroach thread man

this, show trap dick desu

I can't tell if this is wasted or good.

the weeb

I didn't think it was possible to hate a faceless personae so much, until I came across him...

You have to break his arms.

>following through with his promise of taking out Isis
What's he actually doing about ISIS?

Oh, there's the monteNEGRO guy that shits on Sweden everytime.

>the weeb
Fixed it for you

Nobody has yet said me

The Irish kid that always says Sup Forums is pathetic and an echo-chamber, he also hangs out a lot of Sup Forums ironically.

You'll always see him posting similar comments.

>that german with deer fetish
>that britbong with cartoon alien fetish

That annoying south korean that keeps posting that basic bitch "waifu" of his.

the anti moon landing spanish guy


That faggot that keeps spamming the shareblue threads

The peruvian weeb

That South Africa jew in every holohoax thread..

Yeah, that guy shilling for Hillary, I think he is not real serb.

That retarded Malaysian faggot who keeps popping up.

Came here to post this. Start any thread dissing Obama to summon this motherfucker.

>the spanish communist who literally copy pastes from wikipedia for his communist threads

>Sup Forums users you know

My little cute aryan sister :3

the swede proxy who pretends to be a cuck

> that autistic Latvian memeball poster

the anti-brexit kraut and that Ukrainian #NeverTrumper

Leafy B. Peterson

The charming Canada man who is always referencing biblical stories to slander heterosexuals in homosexual bashing threads.
>and he's good at it


The bong who always posts about mummy in every poklonskaya thread

post tits

So far he's sent in more troops on the ground and artillery

Personally I wish he'd just go balls to the wall and squash them, but I don't know strategy. The shill I'm talking about tho wassaying that Trump is exactly like bush, going into Iraq, and that we're all hypocrites because we said Trump isn't a warmonger, (which he isn't)

that brit who always posts mummy

that one guy from Faroe who always posts in anti-sweden threads

I know he's using a proxy because one time a real serb started speaking serbian to him and he suddenly got real quiet.

bomb them on day 3

Recently, that Leaf obsessed with Peterson is becoming pretty infamous around here.

Also this.

Portuguese futa poster.
Spanish trap.
Finnish boipucci.

deal with her ass instead


That one guy that used to spam asian male white female

the latvian memeball poster

> spanish communist
> muslim bong
> amerifat that fails to understand this is a natsoc board
> turkroach
> pakistani that spams islam threads
> israeli merchant that recognizes his own jewry and makes good memes about it
> that fucking serbian shill
> german that posts "GERMANY YES" threads
> shameful swede
> finn that tries to convince everyone he is white but is just called a mongolian
> "India will be a world superpower" Loo
> based nippon
> liberal nippon
> "russia is bad" russian
> Anon5
> the fucking leaf "rural and suburban retards voted trump"
> Greek guy who posts about immigration and attacks Turkroach
> Brazilian that posts that mayan qt and tries to convince us all to racemix
> lebanese guy with US proxy that posts about the Khazars

The German who shills for Israel
And the other German who's always there to call him a kike.

qué pasa cerdo burgés

The one who would become their king. The one who freed them from the matrix.

>has pictures of his sisters ass
Reminded me of this desu


I think he is also obamaleaf

> and the latvian memeball thread maker

in portuguese threads
>(you) eanes poster
>libertarian portugal
>nationalview the holohoax pusher
>the guy who calls everyone cucks
>the OP who posts portuguese threads every weekend
>2 pepe posters
>2 aesthetics posters

This dogo

rude desu

just one then

I hate that guy so much
I can't tell if he's shitposting or just that stupid, it's his stupidity that annoys me the most

nice quints

you know that we have a shrine to him here right?

That one Canadian who knows more about Polish politics than Polaks themselves

that's a man, man

Seriously, is she actually your sister? If so why do you have a pic of her ass?

shhh… if she spots me posting her ass she will kill me (((

he fucks his sister

isn't it obvious?

the thai pizzagate denying faggot

Estonian shareblue shill, probably a proxy

The Jordanian sandnigger who keeps making pro-Islam threads and bomb threats thinking he's a master b8 troll.
That one guy from Trinidad and Tobago, bretty based.
The retarded leaf who's always saying that "countryside retards voted for Trump".
The Bong obsessed with Mummy.
Latvian memeball poster with shit grammar.

The non-American constantly obsessing over America and Americans.

Have sex with your sister.

Obamaleaf autism

That Thai guy who always posts anti-Trump cartoons

the "rural and suburban retards" Leaf

This guy is unironically my favorite.

Because she once had to prove she was a grill in another board, usually she just ignore the permavirgins but this time she posted some pics and I obviously saved them. She doesn't know so save them if you want but keep quiet.

I have to leave now

>that Serbian Hillary shill
>that Australian cuck poster
>that Canadian KANG
>that Albanian /nsg/ regular
>that German deerposter
>that German-Turkish eternal anglo poster (he's been quiet lately)
>that South African kike
>that Japanese faggot who wants multiculturalism for Japan
>that Russian who absolutely HATES women and women's rights
>that Estonian leftist (possibly a jew)
>that Greek guy (possibly a woman?) who really hates race mixing and MGTOW
>that Israeli catposter who hates leftists (haven't seen him in a long time)

post tits if you want us to believe you

he is on the verge of suicide.

serb shill
nationalist view portuguese person
south african jew
the malaysian persuasion autist
The gook with an Anglo flag that gets mad at WMAF threads

Also the leaf who only speaks in French and dumps random qts.

Absolutely disgusting Froggo, but uh....keep me updated on your relationship with your sister, you know for uh...research

Deer German
Anti-protestant Brit
Norwegian and German Croat diaspora
Serb CTR

Pinche judío

see He's a good lad. I would happily teach him EFL if he asked me. [spoiler]Not really. I don't have time for it.[/spoiler]

>that fucking serb
>that German muslim guy who always tries to downplay how bad the refugees are