Winter War

What the fuck went wrong?

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It was a testing field for weaponized autism.

They failed to account for Finnish Mongolian DNA.


Because the soviets are starving slavs with stone age weaponry.

>let's send underequipped undertrained conscripts into a hellishly cold even by Russian standards shithole
>absolutely nothing can go wrong

Stalin murdered most of his officers/generals and put young inexperienced boys in charge of waging a war, resulting in catastrophic failure.

These, mostly. Simo Hayha may have been a good shot but he'd never have had such a high kill count if the Soviets had been halfway competent in the Winter War.

the fuck went wrong?

fuck went wrong?

USSR liquidated all the decent generals

finns have mongol blood they are good at war

What, you mean those Mongolian Russians did?'

We should've killed also the other half. Feels bad man :'(

Because commies can't fight.
The idea of the tough, rugged slav hardened by gruelling labour is pushed by marxist jews, useful idiots and millennial faggots.

>Russians not giving a fuck about their soldiers lives
>Finns fighting on their own territory
>Finland's defensive qualities

a lot

So why did Russomongols die by the thousands then?

what went wrong?

The soviets won though


>Commies can't fight
>Soviet did a Moscaw-Berlin trip in 3 years and fucked eastern europe for 45 years.


commies can't figh-

Mostly... winter

>left, a proud Suomi warrior defending his sauna
>Right, a fenno-swede sheltered in Helsinki

nothing, everything went right

>Nothing can survive Russian winter comrade, we Russkies are dreadful snowmen of death, we can handle any cold, Russian wash their balls in ice water
>What about the Winter War?

I'm sorry, how many casualties? That's what I thought frog legs.

how did they beat Germany then?

Reminder Finland ultimately lost to Russia in WW2 and had to give up a huge amount of land.

Gangraping retreating german soldiers with the help of the Allies is not a show of good fighting. Also, check the death numbers

WWII, then America occupying Europe.

They could not Finnish the job


That part is true. Your KDR don't mean shit if you lose, it all goes into trash. What is Vietnam?

Finland lost some land, but they remained independent.

Let's not lie, a few years of war and Finland could have easily won.

...Okay, so here is the quick rundown.
Russia basically lost WW1 because it couldn't produce as much artillery shells as it needed. Losses were also terrible, biggest in the Antanta if I recall correctly, millions upon millions. The war was lost. Obviously, big portion of officers died in combat. Then 1917 happened and Civil War began, killing even more competent officers, plus lots of them emigrated. Fast-forward to 30s — whoops, the Great Purge. Last remaining military commanders who were somewhat apt had been wiped out too.
So by 1939 the Red Army was very decently equpped, but was led by a freshly formed officer corps who could defeat Japs with the 1:1 K/D ratio at most

>went wrong
It was totally worth it, though.

Women can make birth soldiers but clay is finite, precious resource.

Ukraine better share their land with us, because we hunger for more.

Well yeah they would have taken Finland if they threw a few more million soldiers into the grinder but the fact that they got their asses handed to them so hard when it should have been easier to take than it was for Hitler to take France is what's unbelievable to me

Well they did get a lot of casualties because they didn't hide on an island like a bunch of pussies.

Show yourself out

The Soviet military only had strength in numbers. Despite being one of several members of the allied forces, the Soviet Union alone managed to rack up more casualties than the entire axis.

zerg rush.

You really want to start some banter? You sure you're not gonna surrender? (As is customary of the French people)

>Soviet Union alone managed to rack up more casualties than the entire axis
We've killed 3/4 of all Axis too, chump.

unpurging a lot of generals out of the gulag

They got carried after losing tens of millions of men. This is what happens when you let a parasite lead your nation.

Literally the only reason (they) didn't lose the war

Finngolian master race. And commies sucks.

By throwing a number of soldiers that was the equivalent of like half of the entire German population at the time

It was the Winter War that showed that Red Army is shit and needs to step up their game. During the finnish war reds didn't even use automatic weapons while finns were armed with machine guns

Death by spurdoposting.

>mostly winter
As if the Russians were not used to it

Not enough commies died.

A win's a win though

It's not like when things started to get bad you just fled on your fucking Island.

If the UK had been connected by land you guys would have surrendered even faster than the French.

Half of the Soviet casualties were caused by soviets.

Finnish winter is perkele-tier

>muh k/d

Ehm, winter? How it usually goes
>some1 invades russia in summer
>fights till early winter
How it happend in finland
>USSR invaded in December
>while the winter lasted finns managed to find
>March happens
>uh, surrender?

Military reforms, allied war materiel aid, not one step back order, german overextension, supply lines and the general winter, quite simple really

I wasn't busting balls, Vlad. Even though the Soviets did most of the heavy lifting, the axis killed nearly 2 Soviets for every 1 of theirs.


>managed to fight
Fucking phone.

Soviet were such keks, would have gotten completely btfo without allied help just look it up Boris.

There are many reasons why this went wrong, but the biggest three are:
>Soviet army was in the horrible shape and in the middle of rearmament
>Waging an offensive war during the fucking winter
>Russia not being good at offensive wars. They really are not our thing.

>B-but muh Stalin muh purges
Good job falling for the 60 gorillion-tier liberashkan propaganda. Just a year before the Soviets completely fucked up Japan during the Khalkin-Gola offensive. I guess all those generals decided to come back from the dead or something.

America beat Germany you fucking cuck

>winter 1941
>USSR getting its ass raped by Germany, ruskies quivering like bitches behind the walls of Moscow
>USA sends Russtards literally 500 million dollars worth of tanks, equipment and raw materials
>takes them four years to reach the capital of a country less than half their size that's also fighting another front on the opposite side of the continent
>"hurr durr gommunism brought us to victory!"
>proceed to get to cucked out of Berlin by your American overlords

>tfw nobody replies to your post

Saami people are the definition of not master race. Got completely subjugated by Baltic Finns. Some of them were absorbed like when a white man goes to Thailand and fucks some whore.

Kys stalinist scum.

>>let's send underequipped undertrained conscripts into a hellishly cold even by Russian standards shithole

That's my country you're talking about. Now say you're sorry or I'll curse you

Soviet Union cared more about equipment than men. Also Great Purge fucked up tactician leadership

>implying we haven't been paying for these tanks n stuff till the fucking 2010 or so

> France and the UK proposing to give Finland military support, The mighty USSR shitting its pants because it might have to fight the allies, decides to accept the peace deal
> Cucked by your 'allies'

Name some examples, sissy French boy?
Yeah nah

>be Soviet
>win the battle of Berlin
>struggle to win over some farmers with guns

Slavs a shit

>proceed to get to cucked out of Berlin by your American overlords

One of the highlights of the war

nice meme, I'm saving that

Uk and France were basically our enemies till 41 or so.

Russians can't Ski

I'd love to take lessons on how to lose wars from Serbs since they lost like 4 in 10 years.

back then it was a shithole


>back then

why do the chinks die so much in war?

Horrible conditions that made offensive logistics near impossible.
Finnish soldiers were higher quality.
Stalin's purges severely weakened the Soviet officer corps.

Up until 1942 the Red Army was a headless chicken.

kek wtf, greece lost more than italy?

Japanese used to be the most merciless people on the planet

It has something to do with a rifle being worth more than the life of the guy carrying it.

It is easier to defend than it is to attack. In a war where defenders are outnumbered 2:1, the safe bet is still on the defense.

They didn't. They served as Germany's punching bag while the USA won the war for them.


They attempted to fight the most powerful race on earth, the Finnish.

Looks like Ivanka Trump.

Also the purest

Most powerful is anglo

>25,000,000 casualties for 6,750,000 kills
Truly brilliant.