The fact that you know whose mouth this is proves you have autism

The fact that you know whose mouth this is proves you have autism.

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i want lauren to suck my dick so bad

i thought poor recognition was a sign of autism?

explain that chrstcucks btfo'd

>tfw you have no idea whose mouth it is but that cursor triggers the fuck out of you

Making this thread proves you have autism


Honestly she has a weird mouth it's easy to spot.

How is recognizing that mouth a sign of autism?

She has a very odd mouth.

Whos that??

And you lot complain about Brit teefs

Trans champ, Lauren Southern Comfort.

Autism impairs facial recognition you pig-ignorant fuck

>dat manjaw

nice try bioware

People with autism notoriously can't recall faces. It's a major symptom.

She has become really unattractive. I blame jew genes.

OP made me laugh

Well, she's a guy, so.

Wrong, poor recognition is a sign of autism

who is it ?

My guess is Samantha Bee.


Everted lower lip = Jewish

I don't believe you.
What kind of bullshit will you spread next? "Molyneux is a kike" ? "Blaire White is a man" ?

i just want to be loved is that so bad

That mouth has been filled with black seed

Brianna wu?

Wtf is an everted lower lip

Oi shut up don't get em riled up

This will give you all you need to know.

only because the plebbit faggots have infested this board and shill her non stop 24/7

Everted, it rolls forward and the lower teeth are recessed within the mouth

It's more noticeable on a female since they usually have more prominent teeth