Is Khamenei the most redpilled man on earth?

Is Khamenei the most redpilled man on earth?

>believes in fairy skygod fantasy tales

>implying Sup Forums doesnt believe in fairy skygod

At least he is as spot on as one can be with this tweet.

well he's perhaps 75% correct.
But its not only zionists, its also illuminists(like the Clintons, Merkel etc) who are pushing for such things.

They all have the same master though.

I love hearing the fucking Ayatollah talk about women being treated improperly


words mean nothing. actions mean everything

But women have okayish rights in Iran compared to other muslim countries

but designating them as goods & house appliances is A-OK!
jews - 0
Muhammad - 666
Islam wins yet again

Why isnt he verified

He's a crusty master of deception and you are a fool to be wasting your time giving him attention.

How do you pronounce his name?

>Khom Eeee Nay
>Kar mee neee
>Kam eee nay
Fucking weirdos with their strange names.

>muh BASED red pilled muslim

ha min eh

>It's a pro-Islam flavored slide thread

If Iran stayed Persian we would be fine.

He's right, but women no longer see it that way.

he's canadian?

he's finally caught on to how the jews are trying to conquer iran. took him fucking ages. god iranians are dumb.

What a with Sup Forums and it's Islamic bullshit all of a sudden?

I refuse to believe this is a natural development. Someone is trying some indoctrination meme magic bullshit and it needs to end.

Convert my brother

Like this
>سید علی حسینی خامنهای
Or, if you want IPA
>[ʔæˈliː hoseiˈniː xɒːmeneˈʔiː]

>not realizing that being God fearing is what kept the degeneracy we're currently living in check