Who's going to mars here?

Who's going to mars here?

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Uh no. Terraforming isn't a word so it's never going to happen.

I kinda want to but I guarantee martian dust exposure will give you mesothelioma

this loser didn't hear about the magnetic shield idea



If safe and "relatively cheap" infrastructure for reaching it becomes available during my lifetime, I'll probably go.


Implying based god elon doesn't have a plan, implying he won't be imortal.

Of course, MCRN master race.

>stopping at mars
The sky's the limit фam

how would life evolve on other planets? what kind of natural alien life would we see?

Should be dropping plant seeds on fucking mars 10 yrs ago, not trying to colonize it in two years.

its not possible for the plants to germinate in those environmental conditions you shithead, the air freezes at night and is so hot in some regions that if there was oxygen spontaneous combustion would be possible

In 500 years, man will terraform.

if its whites only

50,000 years from now the moon will be far enough that the oceans will say "fuck all" and wont know what to do and destroying earth anyways
im going into cryo or putting my brain into a borg, i aint dying that easy i know people in top places

Yeah and Mars lack of magnetic field makes life hard to live anyways. Even if we somehow managed to get an atmosphere going the sun would strip it away in a few thousand years

>people shitting on Trump when he's doing more than Obama ever did for NASA in his 8 years


>join a mission to colonize a planet with methane atmosphere
>light a match as soon as we get there


i want to see a space man pepe striking a match as wojak in the background is furiously crying and trying to stop him

>Even if we somehow managed to get an atmosphere going the sun would strip it away in a few thousand years

This is why I never make by bed, why bother man, it'll just get messed up again.

>earth is dying, we need a new home!
>move to entirely dead planet

I don't understand. whatever technology can fix mars could aid earth right?

Depends, if its sentient and on a gravity similar planet like ours, and relying on that things evolve in the same patterns like out world, we can safely assume that any sentient life would be homid in appearance, everything else is up to debate and speculation.


You can't terraform gravity

Yes, but by then earth would be very full of brown people, the task is to build the tech before we are nothing /but/ brown people.

No, but our bodies would evolve to the martian climate over generations allowing us to function on the surface with no problem.

Mars lost its magnetic field. It would consistently be hit with asteroids and meteors. Life on mars is not suitable for humans.

>wanting to be belter trash

It isn't unreasonable to assume not unlike us in terms of basic biochemistry, we are made of CHON, the four most common reactive elements in the universe. Amino acids (protein building blocks) are naturally forming- some have been identified in space.

As for morphology, it's hard to say. Back in the Cambrian explosion, hundreds of different body plans emerged, and were one by one eliminated. Most large animals have effectively the same body plan as us, stretch the bones and flesh here and there and you can make anything. Insects and spiders are different, so perhaps an insectoid species is also feasible?

It really comes down to the conditions that the planet has been, and is in, abundance of solvent (i.e. water), energy sources etc.

Tl;dr it isn't unreasonable to find humanoids that have convergently evolved. Pic unrelated.

Well then it's not terraforming then is it? And it won't be humans either if they evolve to live in martian gravity.

Held down by gravity.

they would be martians so it's ok

So for you to be satisfied Mars will need equal mass, gravity, and tectonics than Earth?

What are you referencing?

It's a dead planet moron. Enjoy your life without a magnetosphere.

Well good golly gee russia, wouldn't that just be sad!
Its almost like the only way to survive in different places to to evolve differently.
Sure, a Korgi and a Great Dame are two different dogs, but they are still fucking dogs. And a martian human and a terran human would look different, but they would still be human. Therefore colonization and the further survival of our race would be a success.

ASSWOLE wasn't a word until your mom starting pontificating about our multiple intercourse sessions last night.

This is a Christian board! why the fuck are we posting threads about space?(which isn't even real). Let the atheists virgins on sci jizz over """"""elon""""""" and his """rockets"""

Not necessarily, there is no way of knowing that. Evolution is not that fast in multi-cellular organisms, particularly ones with such a long gestation and maturation period. Forty generations is a millennium- bacteria do that in twelve hours. Likely we would have to adapt our tech, and we could teraform, but it would require continual supplies of carbon dioxide. Not much, Mars lost it's atmosphere over a billion years or so- but a steady flow could maintain it.

>implying we won't be able to control the moon's orbit in the future

I'm already there senpai.

Kek wants us to move the moon?

To this crater...

On what grounds are you basing that assumption?

the expanse

That still isn't a word, user.

We can fly to Mars with these!

Based in the grounds that a sentient lifeform must be either bipedal or similar in bone structure so that the brain of the organism may supported on that structure easily, and allow for the growth of the brain to take place to allow it to become on sentient levels.

>not terraforming venus instead

They'd have to evolve to do these 3 things really well:
>Some type of pollex like limb in the hand (e.g. thumb)
>The ability to escape and run fast
>Craft shit

Mind you its not just growth, its also the environment and the nourishment the brain receives over generations.


>Round planets.

I got some news for you bud.

Might be a stupid question but even if we did terraform mars wouldn't it still be too cold for us to inhabit?

i'm completely uneducated on this but how much C° would it be on mars if mars had the same kind of atmosphere as earth?

Nowhere on mars is that hot. The hittest it gets in 60ish degrees f in the summer on the equator.

The Federation is going to Mars. Glory to the federation.

Mars was of particular interest to Humanity for many, many years. Before the Mariner 4 probe was launched, it was thought that the planet was inhabited by intelligent life, known as Martians. After Mariner 4 made a fly-by in 1965 and the landing of the Viking landers in 1977, it was discovered that Mars was a barren, lifeless rock. Further robotic missions were launched, many of which failed to reach the planet for many reasons, giving rise to the notion of the "Mars Curse".

Liquid water was finally discovered on the planet in 2015, but it would take until the 2070s for humans to set foot on "The Red Planet", owing to government corruption, terrorism, and global war.

Mars is the capital planet of the Federation. The capital city Olympus Village houses the Federal Congress which consists of 500 congressmen (term for male and female members). It replaced Washington DC early in the previous millennium. Olympus Village is a sprawling metropolis.

You're retarded.

10-20 degrees warmer and that would literally be perfect. I dream of a place those temps everyday

why not both?

nobody, stop looking at mars and fix the ocean, thats easier

no. Most of the reason it's cold is the thin atmosphere. You fill it with greenhouse gasses and it'll get hotter, the same way that venus is hotter than mercury.

The real problem is that Mars has no magentosphere which means that solar wind will slowly strip away the atmosphere. You'd need to constantly be filling it with more light gasses and you may even have to resort to using methane as your greenhouse gas which can get pretty dangerous pretty quickly.

Depends on the reigon. I don't remember the exact numbers but I believe that it was you can expect everything to recieve 30% less solar energy on average which means that the only ass hot parts of it are the equator and the bulk of the place would be like various parts of Europe or North America, but ideally you wouldn't give it an atmosphere exactly like earth's because you need to compensate for less solar energy and no magnetosphere.

If we are really thinking of going to mars its like being on the lifeboats leaving the titanic. Nah

Zachary Hudson ( Donald Trump ) is the President of the Federation. He is a Republican, and like the rest of his party he believes the government has a responsibility to be as small a burden on the individual as possible, embodied in his policy of reducing taxes. This policy is popular, apart from with those who relied on government support before he was elected.

Hudson is an advocate of personal freedom at any cost, requiring individual responsibility for oneself. He supports the use of the CQC Championship simulation for recruitment and training of the Federal Navy.

Hudson made a speech to business leaders at the Banqueting Hall in Quenisset on Mars. "We need a stronger military, a military that gets respect from our youth. We need better soldiers, better fighters, better pilots. We need to be more outward-looking." He criticised the Federation's youth, saying excessive sim use had made them flabby. "They need to take part in the real world, and so we will be creating programs to allow them to do just that. Programmes that will excite them, engage them, train them."

cheers for the informed post mate

it won't happen in any of your lifetimes

Not all of us explode in our twenties, Muhammad

no in your case you get shot in your early teens


methane can't ignite if there's no oxygen source you dingus
worst-case scenario, there's a gas leak in your suit and you just light yourself on fire

Greek letters are pretty aesthetic

>implying kids are safe in Iraq

Kinda sucks that pretty much every other episode didn't feature tall skinny people as belters except for that one prostitute.

No one is getting past the dome. Sorry to burst your planet bubble

can confirm from my salvia divinorum trips, stare at the night sky while your're blasted and you will definitely see a massive grid/fence that encompasses the entire world

we aren't going anywhere, unless you plan on killing an archon or two.... and only the legendary swordsman from agathara can do that (oh god i should stop typing now i think they can hear me...)

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Other planets don't exist numb-nut.


yeah that's because it is you fucking moron

Do it. Colonise that planet in the name of Portugal. Fifth Empire now.