China has launched their warheads at the United States. They will hit in 30 minutes time.

What would Sup Forums do in this situation?

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Light my emergency backwood

wait to die because i hate you cunts



Fucking disgusting. If you aren't rolling up with cannabis leaf treated with cannabis oil you aren't smoking.

Fucking hell that was funny.

Use my jinchuuriki chakra to disable them. Then I charge them back to life with my chidorii and send them back to China powered by multiple rasenshuurikens.

Are you stupid m8? They don't have the means to launch a significant amount of warheads against the mainland US.

Russia is the only power that could do a strike on US cities. China can only focus on military targets nearest to them and their nukes are very much a last resort.

Their main weapon against the US is sheer manpower and manufacturing ability which enables zerg rushes with mass-produced cheap chinkshit.

Fuckin chill out and get ready for mad max 4: syrup road in new hampshire/canada border land.

get baked
jerk off one last time or call some booty.
go up to the roof to ensure instant evaporation - nobody wants to be a living human scab because of a pesky brick wall or something.

China's developing moon landers; I think they can pretty much reach anyone they want.

Jerk off to my favorite porn one last time.

>fill containers with water
>pile clean earth around exterior walls
>seal windows
>install a makeshift air pump in basement
>Smoke weed for 2 weeks and eat cheese poofs

Emerge after 2 weeks only to be exposed to constant invisible lethal radiation.
Has deformed baby.
Die of cancer of the... everything.

>Emerge after 2 weeks only to be exposed to constant invisible lethal radiation.
Most active fission products will have decayed by then.

Dope thread about it, learn you some

>using marijuana
>not being degenerate
pick one.
good going falling for the herbal jew, user.


how do people just know that china has 250ish warhead? i mean what if they lied and have something really big?

>fill containers with water
>pile clean earth around exterior walls
>seal windows
>install a makeshift air pump in basement
>Smoke weed for 2 weeks and eat cheese poofs

>They will hit in 30 minutes time.


>believing nukes exist

Learn to live life Fallout style.

I live nowhere near a target, although downwind, fallout will take a while to reach.


came here to post this

put on all my NBC gear and hope i can kill some chinks if i live


>degenerate pothead hippy

Disgusting. Get off Sup Forums duuude

Jump into my lake once I hear a boom from miami in the distance

>USA get Nuked
>Riots in Brazil
>USA dont get Nuked
>Riots in Brazil

Open a bottle of beer and wait for the nuclear missile that will end my life.

I live too close to Fort Bragg to get to safety in 30 minutes.

>Grab a bottle of whiskey
>Climb on roof
>Toast the apocalypse

Nice shitpost but what is THAAD? Fuck you gook chink!

>Nothing happens
>Riots in Brazil

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I would ride my bike to the nearest thickest freeway overpass and hide under there until the bomb exploded. Theres no chance inside my house, its just wood and will be blown to smithereens. Concrete structures fare better in nuclear explosions. My bike will ensure I will have a mode of transportation if the emp disables my car. If i survive the blast I would have a chance to escape fallout without getting stuck in traffic.

Honestly I would probably die though. I live about 10 miles from seattle and 10 miles from the airforce base.

lol a talking monkey

Chad's retarded brother?

>10 miles from seattle and 10 miles from the airforce base.
Yea, you might as well just get naked and party

Where's the rest of your flag?

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense, is a United States Army anti-ballistic missile system which is designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase using a hit-to-kill approach.
Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - Wikipedia

Pretty much. Depends on how big of bombs they use. Bigger than 1MT and im done.

Tune into CNN, eat popcorn,

Try to brust out of my house, fucking any girl that I able to got my hand on. I dont want to die as a virgin.

It doesn't always work for multiple missiles at once. It has like a 50% success rate.

actually according to Nukemap even with their 5Mt current ICBM I would just escape the 3rd degree burn thermal radius. I might have a shot.

nice source gook chink faggot

Drive 30 minutes away from the nearest citis

Also bring muh guns and tell my most trusted friends (and maybe girlfriend) to meet me somewhere.

Wasn't talking about blast, the area around the blast will be so radioactive you better be in a professional shelter.

Feel sad for the one or two US cities which might actually be hit once a combination of US ABM systems and shit Chinese "quality" kick in.

Laugh as China is promptly turned into a glass ricebowl.

Feel sad as I realise I can't get cheap shit any more.

Laugh as I realise oil consumption & pollution will go down, and contemplate the irony that a nuclear war was the best thing for the environment.

I'm English you cunt. Get the fuck off this board and go crawl back into the cave you came out of.

What do you mean no ,ore cheap goods?
One word: India.

wind is blowing to the northeast right now so I could have a shot. I dont think the bomb ionizes anything outside the blast zone. I might get gamma rayed though.

>I'm English you cunt
prove it faggot gook chink

Go to the vault 101

No more cheap goods!
Fucking arthritis!


You'll be fine, ~50kt and up blast radius eclipses prompt radiation distance

Nothing. No one is going to bomb where I of the many advantages to living in rural middle America.

thats what you think farm fag

>designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles
China to US is neither of those classes

probably celebrate becoming the strongest superpower again
might even send a few tridents to america just to be sure

Hide under concrete.

The biggest problem would be trying to get out of the cities. Disabled cars and traffic would be everywhere. Thats why having a bike would work well. Another problem would be looting and hysterical people and theives trying to steal my bike or rob/kill me. I have a revolver with like 30 bullets but that wouldnt be ideal protection. At least its something though.

I would bike to a friends house who lives on puget sound south of seattle and use his dads boat to cross the sound to the west where its less populated and rural.

His dad also has an arsenal of ar-15s and bullets that I could possibly buy off of them since they live out of state at the moment.

We have to activate them first.
We didn't give you the keys.


Is this enough evidence you fucking monkey?

Shut off all my electronics and shove whatever I can into the microwave, I know the EMP is coming.

At least have room for decent farms island fag. At least we don;t have the accent of some roofied dizzy faggot about to get gang-fucked by 20 muhameds. Enjoy your life in Londonstan.

Ya thats what you think until you realize that there are a ton of hidden ICBM silos near you. The Chinese already know this from espionage and will bomb the shit of of your area. Middle america isnt safe its where most of our ICBMs are stored.

Sup Forums will shitpost, faggot.

we have pretty much invented everything ever
im pretty sure we can bypass your shitty ignition systems

I'd sit and wait. Maybe some minor disruptions happen here like the power flickers. I'd turn on the news. Expect WW3 within the fortnight.

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Laugh because America has the most sophisticated missile defence system known to man. Riceniggers warheads wouldn't even make it close

Fast as hard as I possibly can to interracial cuckold porn. It may be years, if ever, before I jack my shit to BBC again with no power.

I don't know that my brain can survive the withdrawals. If I last through the nuclear bombardment, I'll probably kill myself when I can't get my BBC fix. It is literally the only way I can get hard or orgasm.

The jews are the ones keeping it illegal


If China could where would they nuke first,?? Or rather which US city

Look slavic

Any city and base on the west coast. If they launch from a submarine however they could attack the east coast.

Genetic deformations and radiation would be the least of worries, it's the lack of food and exposure that would off most people and the comeback of diseases like the bubonic plague. The radiation and nuclear winter are literally just a meme, nukes aren't salted cobalt bombs what most people seem to think they are and seeing vast majority of nukes are used air burst it means they won't shoot nearly as much soot up in the atmosphere as hacks like Sagan think.

People base their fears on the nuclear apocalypse from entertainment like the Fallout series or propaganda like Threads, but in reality it's business as usual after approximately 30 years from the global thermonuclear war. Maybe 50.

Enjoy all those liberal retards from the coast that storm your peaceful rural communities in search of food, weapons and supplies.

I think if they were going to nuke they would go all out. They have 300+ warheads. They would nuke all major port cities and the most important military bases and cities. Probably nuke major airports, railways, and power-plants as well.

Yeah I get that a lot. People say I look Russian even though I have English and Irish ancestors.

>hey will hit in 30 minutes time.
Just enough time for the tanks to arrive.

Fillon-Le Pen will save us

>go to the closest grocery store with a duffle bag
>steal tons of food and water
>find an abandoned place
>go to the basement
>put on this playlist through the muffled chaos above
Fallout 3 & New Vegas soundtrack: