‘Black Authors Only’ Book Store Facing Closure Because So Few People Shop There


I tell you, I'm shocked.

Duh, niggers can't read

>all of those WE WUZ KANGZ books going unread because niggers are too illiterate to read
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Business 101:

Vocal minorities are not a large representation of any society.

Niggers reading, lmfao

This is actually kind of depressing. This woman is actively trying to perpetuate reading and learning among the Black community by selling books written by Black authors so hopefully the readers can relate and be more motivated to read.

However, what this has shown is that the Black communities in America have been overwrought and overtaken by Niggers.

>Black Britain

the store is in London, not America

Best episode ever. I bet he is on Sup Forums right now

Then why push this shit in such a focused way! They could have just put their history in with the rest of british history but they had to make themselves an exception for leftist propaganda purposes.
...ffs. Hope their kids enjoy Londistan.

>However, what this has shown is that the Black communities in America have been overwrought and overtaken by Niggers.

The business, which claims to be the UK’s first store specialising in black literature, has cut its opening times to just 18 hours a week to save cash.


It's the UK actually, but your point stands. London's population is larger than ever, yet after 50 years the shop is now in financial trouble. More niggers, less black people trying to educate themselves.

it isn't just blacks. Nobody reads anymore

so, theres no philosophy section
no non-fiction section
no science section
no self help, ro self reflection section
no diet and lifestyle section...
how is this even a book store?

>As such, the store says it faces imminent closure unless donors give them £10,000 and free labour.

>A video posted to the store’s GoFundMe page called on volunteers to repaint the premises, install new shelves, build it a website and an online sales system to help it compete.

>Run meme business into the ground
>pls gib free stuff

Fucking nigger racists.


I wouldn't say that's entirely true. I think there's been a move to e-readers and the like which has drastically cut into physical book sales.

Is there a we wuz kangz book I could read that pretty well sums up the Bullshit they believe? Just 1 tho

>only carry products that focus on 13% of an already niche audience
>whine and cry when you can't make a profit

>First black bookstore

>First bookstore to ask for welfare

Fun fact: Martin Luther King couldn't read or write


Kek I wonder if they had Thomas Sowell


well we read, of course. But what do normies read? Certainly not Culture of Critique or Julius Evola. You can't find any of those books at the store

>start White Authors Only book store
>nobody can tel the difference between it and a regular book store

>Nog opens book store (with the help of public funds)
>Nog authors only
>Business fails as expected
>Help me whitey!!!

No, because there's no such thing as black consensus or polite compromise, Honorobo Membah. The only way all of that nonsense could be compiled into a single volume is if a white man did it.

Fun fact: Martin Luther could.

or just open a book store that sells all the classics from Homer to Mark Twain. Literally all fucking white males

>and no one with more than a dozen functional neurons is surprised
thanks, OP

>not stocking yurope because the author only pretends to be black

good riddence

>physical bookstores are all shutting down
>decide to open a new physical bookstore
>decide to limit products to an unpopular niche whose target audience is impoverished and prone to larceny

If not even blacks read one of their own authors, why should you?

>that is the only bookshelf in the store
>most of the books are 2 copies of each

>people actually believe those are steps
yep- they're black


>falling for the afrocentrist lunatics who have been BTFO'ed by historians over and over again




settle down, Pinochet. I was just being ironic

KANGS memes are so funny.

Michael Bay is a brother.

He ain't no white.

Explain why his movies be so poorly written.

wouldn't you want to convince yourself that you wuz kangz if you came from people that didn't even have a written language or infrastructure?

>the store
you can say a lot of shit about Amazon, but they started as a bookseller and they have about everything you can think of.

Amazing headline.


It's only a problem when whites win, of course. This narrative is so one sided and soaks through society I bet it'll continue after white people become first just another minority, then a de facto minority.


Segregation never works.

Wasn't this a Portlandia Sketch? Feminist book store

>Go there to buy kangs book
>Told I can't buy it because I'm not a kang descendant

Even dumber. Can you imagine making a book store that excludes 90+% of all books, and specifically serves 13% of the city's population, and 3% of the country's population?

A Jewish bookstore might survive, but black people don't read books.

do black people even know how to read?

You're truly the dumbest nigger.

>they have about everything you can think of.

for now. They just banned a lot of Holocaust books

>William Luther Pierce

Eh i think its leas to do with blacks and illiteracy and more to with the fact that books are a dying art so trying to corner the "specfic genre or author" market is a bad idea

Shouldve made a website and uploaded all the pdfs for cash

It was working well here for a while until niggers got tired of getting shot by cops who interrupted their crimes

Why doesn't she sell other books as well

Speaking of books
Which books by Evola are required reading?

Why can't I hold all of this smug?

One part of me feels bad for the old lady. Another part of me knows what type of person she is. Halp

Who the fuck wants to go to a book store with like 12 books? I'll bet it's Dem raciest from books a million who stole the business from the Blackman, and Dem raciest white folks for shopping there.

>open your own business
>work 18 hours a week

lol niggers

>Feeling bad for the idiot
You do know we are supposed to make mistakes and learn from them, right? Let the mistake happen, and hope that they and/or others learn from it.

>even business owners and literate niggers want gibs me dat

jesus christ

Hmm maybe they should introduce family days in this store !

>open muslim bookstore
>gets burned down for having other books than the Koran

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The old lazy looks sad though user. Most of the time i wouldn't care because they're fat with dyed hair and look like they're on drugs but she looks so sad. :c

i guarantee you only self-loathing whites and mixednoods ever went in there.

>muh civil rights


Sadness is a good thing if it's not involving tragedy. Decent people embrace it, find out why they are sad and fix it. Or if they can't fix it they try again with something else.

Never ever feel sadness on behalf of another adult unless it's caused by genuine tragedy.

U might be right user. But i do have a soft spot for sad old people.

The new book industry is driven entirely by teens who only read Millennial era YA fic and chicks who just buy the new hot shit TED talker's NYT Best Seller and leave it in a pile of unreads on their studio apt floor.

That woman should have opened a Harry Potter Only bookstore if she wanted to make a buck. She'd have gone out of business just as fast trying to peddle literary classics written by white males.

You already said that.


Should open a pottery wing.

it's because of slavery

It works, just not for both sides.

If there was a whites only bookstore the authorities would have it closed down

I remember watching the London riots a couple of years ago where every store was smashed and robbed except the bookstores which were untouched.

From what's available in translation, Revolt Against the Modern World, Men Among the Ruins and Ride the Tiger are the main ones and will give a good overview of his development. Heathen Imperialism is a more lively read if you can find it.

His esoteric books are more a matter of personal taste, but I'd suggest reading Meditations on the Peaks as it's short and gives an idea of how he incorporated some of his ideas into his own life.

Frank Gelli's ebook also makes a good supplement for how he was viewed in his life by the circle around him, if you can dismiss some of the exaggerations about his involvement with Sufism.

Also his essay on Codreanu.

Can't speak for London, but bookstores everywhere are hurting. Nobody reads anymore, and the few people who do buy digital, shop online, or go to chains like Barnes and Noble.

Obviously this is Sup Forums and the pre-made conclusion here is that niggers don't read, but the state of bookstores in general is pretty damn sad, nigger or not.

>This is actually kind of depressing.
White people being empathetic to a fault again.

> Black communities in America have been overwrought and overtaken by Niggers.

Blacks are niggers, no real difference outside of a few exceptions. I hope a nigger kills your family.


Well, books are expensive as fuck now and I'd image blacks have less money to spend on that even if they wanted to.

It's the only part of the legacy media I'm sad to see dying, but if I can buy an ereader for the price of two real books + shipping, and put stuff that Amazon already banned on it instead of the same generic Harry Potter tier shit everyone else seems to reading, it wins.

How many times do I have to say it? The Free Market fixes

>E V E R Y T H I N G

Thanks for the help. I'm putting together an order right now

How'd he write his thesis then? Sure, a good part of it was plagiarised... But even plagiarism requires literacy.

>Obviously this is Sup Forums and the pre-made conclusion here is that niggers don't read, but the state of bookstores in general is pretty damn sad, nigger or not.
That's because of the niggerization of our society. Even when I was a kid, when the internet was new, people weren't reading books

There's a bunch of awesome shit from antiquity that isn't white...

Sun Tzu, the Epic of Gilgamesh come to mind. Plenty of Japanese authors and poets, etc. There's legit art...

... and I notice all I mentioned were far east asian authors.


Good, any bookstore succumb to nepotism a.k.a black only book, instead of selling good book regardless of skin color, should goes out of business. It is fucking racist too.

>free labour
ironic, isn't it?

i think he ended in prison

>make a bookstore for the most illiterate race
>go out of business

Free market wins again!