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>Martin McGuinness: Sinn Féin politician dies aged 66

>Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday

> EU summit on 29 April to discuss way ahead

>Labour descends into open warfare as John McDonnell accuses Tom Watson of 'interfering' in Unite leadership contest

> EU mocks Britain with anti-Brexit Tintin poster on wall of Brussels war room

> Jacob Rees-Mogg leads the celebrations at Article 50 party: ‘to the Brexit heroes of Islington!’

Hansard Committee Reports

>The process for exiting the European Union and the Government's negotiating objectives: Government Response to the Committee's First Report

> European Union Committee - Brexit: trade in goods

> European Union Committee - Brexit: Gibraltar

> European Union Committee - Brexit and the EU budget

>European Union Committee - Brexit: UK-EU movement of people

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1st for fuck anime


No mourning for IRA scum


>tfw no signed photo

word, pleb shit

>not just buying those microwave baked potatoes that you can do in 5 minutes

>Women also submitted to Beria's sexual advances in exchange for the promise of freeing their relatives from the Gulag. In one case, Beria picked up Tatiana Okunevskaya – a well-known Soviet actress – under the pretence of bringing her to perform for the Politburo. Instead he took her to his dacha where he offered to free her father and grandmother from NKVD prison if she submitted. He then raped her telling her "scream or not, it doesn't matter."[43] Yet Beria already knew her relatives had been executed months earlier.
>Okunevskaya was arrested shortly afterwards and sentenced to solitary confinement in the Gulag from which she survived.

China vs Islam fucking when
It's the war we've all been waiting for

do you guys believe in ghosts ?


This is hilarious.

Where's the tweet of someone asking peter how much it is worth?


I don't care what the fucking ECHR says, it's perfectly legitimate to jail people for crimes against fashion.


One day we'll meet again, lad

What about the terrorist Churchill, who gave the order for the bombing of Germany? With the stated aim of damaging the morale of German Civilians, by the means of incineration of half a million women and children.

50,000 killed in the blitz by comparison, yet all we hear every year is muh blitz.

Fucking anglos are scubhumans

1st for 'parked in a particularly hot and unpleasant corner of hell' for our recently passed cunt.

Get back into the centrifugal blood extractor, Hans.

>he doesn't know that anything goes in war

Dresden wasn't worth the bones of a single grenadier m8

He was a Jew puppet unrepresentative of the rest of the Anglo race, we are not a blood thirsty as him.

Who's on Monday's QT?

Likewise those snotty anglo brats at Warrington

It should also be noted that he wanted the blood of anglos to flow just as much

>When general Charles De Gaullle visits him out at cheques, again a Sunday he finds him on august 4th 1940, mr Churchil standing in the middle of his lawn shaking his little fist at the sky, his little pink fist, and saying why wont you come


Depends if I need the oven anyway



he's right u know

I really don't understand the attraction people have to Irish Republican//Nationalist music. I've heard one, maybe two that are decent, and the rest are just an assault on my ears. I know that music is generally a subjective area but I don't understand the amount of attraction and love it gets, especially when you get all these Americans and other foreigners listening to it and then liking the IRA.


no fucking shit

>r-rule brittania right guise? Guise?

Which one or two do you find "decent" and which do you find to be an "assault on your ears"?

I really love Irish American ira punk music.

I listen to it while shopping at waitrose

>tfw everybody has already forgotten about me

What's a good source to learn about the IRA? What's Brit/pol/s take on them?


Saving thumbnails


Heh classic

For the most part I just think it's a fun line, to simplify down a terrorist group to "yeah but can we agree the songs were good?"


Maybe we could get him to do milk bottle signings

Read wikipedia from the start of it and form your own opinion on it based on the information.

>not saving thumbnails

egg detected

>tfw never massage Rimmer's glutes

Is this what happens when you don't pierce the skin beforehand? Never tried it.

National curriculum for History taught in secondary schools. Guaranteed to be accurate and fair

sectarian/political divisions

What would it take for YKTD to come back?

why are comments always a hoot?

Y-you too senpai

wtf i love the wizard of oz now

Didn't learn shit about the IRA in school, just WWI/II, tiny bit of interwar Putschy shite annd a drop of Cold War stuff. No actual UK history besides our involvement in the world wars.
If someone went to his house and doxxed his fleshlight gf, he'd probably come to pretend he was trolling us the whole time

Semi-Regular Reminder

>tfw can't celebrate McGuinness dying with my dad
Pouring one out for you Da

It's been almost a month, I think you can put it away.

>Proof voluntaryism in a capitalist world works
Why do normies have such absolute garbage political opinions?

tfw when no Pitt the Glint in the Milkman's Eye

Prepare to scream:

How's the missus?

who fucking wants him to

Tiocfaidh ár lá

>one week tomorrow
we need some sort of countdown


they nearly own pakistan lol

Who is England's/Britain's greatest king/queen?

Who is Britain's greatest prime minister?

brit Sup Forums is shit it's turning into britfeel
name fags ruined it

They eat from the trashcan of ideology.

The only day coming for you is that of the rope

>Who is England's/Britain's greatest king/queen?
vicky for the empire
>Who is Britain's greatest prime minister?
pitt the younger, without him we would be speaking french

At least he'll definitely return at some point.

nazis and communism are cancer

He's already here

kek we will see

Why didn't she reply?


Edward III

I genuinely think it's Thatcher, if she wasn't knifed in the back by the Wets in her Party she would have gone full Enoch. It was only her intention to go after the EU properly in 1990 that caused her downfall.

>germans bomb civilians in Guernica
>germans bomb civilians in Wielun
>germans bomb civilians in Wardaw
>germans bomb civilians in Rotterdam
>Germans bomb civilians in London

>Germans start shit then complain when their oppponents turn out to be better at it
They're like one of those autists who starts a bar fight only to find out the dude they hit as a boxer

>cant even reply to posts
Come on lad


We bombed Germany first, lad.

>Who is England's/Britain's greatest king/queen?

John Inman is Englands greatest queen

What is an airship dropping bombs on London

>greatest king

>work at a farm with pigs
>always extremely smelly
>flies all over my face
>working 6 days a week
>have to shovel shit for 12 hours
>literally working in a sea of shit
>rats all over the fucking place, have to be careful otherwise they bite me
>co-workers are annoying unintelligent Chads, all they can talk about is how they are cheating on their wives with teenage sluts, partying and muh football
>if they are bored they bully me
>"Hey wiz, have you fucked someone this week? No? Are you a faggot, mate?"
>boss is an asshole who always talks about how he started out like us, doing shit jobs
>"But I worked my ass off and now I have everything I have ever wanted! :^) You guys just need to work harder, young people these days are so lazy!"
>boss thinks we are his slaves - he is right -
>often makes us stay there even after the 12 hours, making us do other idiotic shit like moving heavy stuff around
>is an aggressive Chad overall, when I was new and first encountered rats I complained to him
>he literally slapped me and told me to man the fuck up or leave
>doesn't let us use the bathroom
>no toilet around and no bushes or trees anywhere nearby, if you have to pee or shit then you are fucked
>his whore of a wife and his kids are laughing at us whenever they pass us
>when I go home I need to have a shower and clean myself for 1 hour to get rid off the smell
>have to work even on holidays
>no pause, only have a 10 minutes long "lunch break"

Fuck you Tory-voting plebs who say being a NEET is bad. If I didn't have to, I would never fucking work.

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" Pretty much sums up people's reactions to Martin McGuinness's death. We have plenty of people willing to ignore the deaths he was responsible for and others ignoring his good work as part of the peace process. Cannot have one without the other. Complicated life.

NI is a better place now though for his work and that should be respected but should also hold respect for those who were hurt by his earlier work and help them cope with those losses. Today will reopen a lot of old and bitter wounds and people who feel that are right to do so. His later work helped avoid many other families having to go through the same pain though so that has to be respected. RIP.

Corbyn = Tony Montana

>Who is Britain's greatest prime minister?
There can be only one.

I work in an office

alfred was a fag at least he looks like one in at bbc show not picking richard the lionheart


are you a time traveller from before the industrial revolution?

>On 22 June 1940, France signed an armistice with Germany. Britain was determined to keep fighting. On 1/2 July, the British attacked the German warships Scharnhorst[106] and Prinz Eugen[107] in the port of Kiel[108] and the next day, 16 RAF bombers attacked German train facilities in Hamm.[109]
We bombed Germany first.

What, you believe what you were told in school, that Britain solely built Interceptors and didn't even have bombers?