Roll Predictions

What is going to happen in the next 30 days?

Digits confirm.

OP will still be a faggot.

Hillary becomes a bedridden vegetable from a massive seizure.

We go to war with North Korea


The kabah gets blown up by Russia and all socialists, communists and liberals immediately power down.

Julian Assange will become kill

Trump will continue to reveal the inherent weaknesses of the Right.

The Clintons will suicide Podesta.

The endphase of the endtimes will beginn and the antichrist will finally take action

There will be religious war everywhere.

Wikileaks will release false information

My toilet will complete being constructed

She's going to jail.

Trump impeached and then convicted in criminal court

Martin Schulz will become gay

Trump doesn't get impeached or resign

Boy George R.I.P.

FBI will conclude investigation clearing the Presidenbt of all charges. Trump will unveil something great that will cause his approval ratings to skyrocket, forever BTFOing MSM and the left.

Soros dies in next 30 days

Was going to say she dies but good enough

WWIII Starts

Islam will be the religion #1 in the world
European Union collapses then 4th Reich
USA governed by Mark Zuckerberg
50% babies born are sold to rich families.

Trump's in jail


Trump becomes dictator

Major politician will be arrested for pedo

The next exciting episode of He Will Not Divide Us.

>establishment will continue to get BTFO
>media will continue death spiral of anti-trump coverage
>clinton will continue to not be POTUS
>scalia will be replaced by another originalist
>democraps will continue to have daily meltdowns about everything including the way trump breathes
>trump will continue to have massive rallies bigger than his campaign rallies
>construction bids on the wall will continue to pour in
>desperate libshits will act like them boycotting the construction companies will stop the wall
>brexit will be triggered causing more globalist panic
>sessions will continue to drain the doj swamp and replace it with clean fresh water
>wikileaks will release more information BTFO'ing obaboo's deep state holdovers
>more liberals will commit suicide
>kim jung un will continue to be a fat nobody reigning over starving peasants
>trump will get tired of not doing things the andrew jackson way and will begin ignoring courts on immigration
>jewtube will continue to plaster home page with late night professional clowns whining about trump
>blacklivesmatter will continue to be BTFO'd
>jobs will continue to flourish as they have in the two months trump has been POTUS
>george soros and son will get a closeup view of a predator drone missile payload
>trump will purchase twitter for $5,000 USD

All this and more, the best part is, it's happening and will continue to happen regardless of whether I get digits or not.

Leftwing men loose their dicks in masive protest against Donald Trump.

KEK wants you to be patient.
Trump will not be impeached. Soros will have an (((accident))) and Hillary Clinton will suffer a heart attack.

8 years, shadilay.


Digits confirms.

Cap it, it'll all be news soon.

Reroll. Bill Clinton has a (((heart attack))) after Weiner spills the beans about him.

you're going to riverside?

He confirms

Every single BLM'er is shot by the police

OP comes out as gay.

Unified Korea.


>I would like to add that i hope that Geert forces a EU ref in Holland and they vote out
>Le Pen sweeps the polls in France and becomes the president
>France has a shot at the EU ref and also vote out leaving Germany with all the debt nations
>Scotland continue to cry about 'muh independance' and get nothing
>Brexit continues and we begin to reform the commonwealth for the sake of free trade between member countries while sticking to our own immigration policies
>EU begins to collapse under the weight of the smaller debt countries who pay nothing in but leech Germany dry
>Merkel finally gets BTFO and the EU collaspes while all EU countries move back to there own currencies
>Trump continues to fix America and trigger liberals
>Liberals convince black people to move back to africa
>South africa has a civil war and becomes a military state ruled by white people
>The west finally ignore the ME and let them implode on each other
>Japan makes anime real
>I also win the lottery


OP will gobble 40+ black dicks.

Only 10 less than usual in that time frame.

OP commits suicide for creating this stupid thread.

praise kek. i love the internet

>EU begins to collapse under the weight of the smaller debt countries who pay nothing in but leech Germany dry

Which will cause Adolf Hitler Jr. to become the next head of Krautland

>Roe vs. Wade overturned
>Women who had abortions recognized as murderers
>Mass arrests

niggers continue to nig

It's gonna be a great 30 days for us. For the libs not so great hahahahah. Mark my words motherfucker . THE DIGITS HAVE SPOKEN AND THEY'RE FURIOUS WITH THE LIBS SHIT. The digits gave a date and please, respect the digits of predictibility...April 16th...Truth be told and libs will fold. Watch for the hour to strike 2000 and I am sorry to say for that will be the day for whom the bells told...

Trump gets impeached, Sup Forums bursts into tears.

Hillary becomes president somehow.

Trump supporters get put into concentration camps.

America becomes great again because of Hillary.

Lithuania will become monarchy and re-establish Grand Duchy of Lithuania with all lands which was in 1420s

Well this was obvious

How I trigger you with reality the cucks most hated enemy

This person dies

Sup Forums will JUST themselves when trump is impeached

ISIS attack a major European city

Kikes gassed; race war begins


islamic terror attack

the whole world will finally realise hitler was right.

fuck reroll come on daddy needs another dead globalist.

trump getting impeached

All kikes will die

Lies and misdirection with plausible deniability in the forecast.

We annex the leafs as our 51st state

Oooohhh baby a triple 6 and a double 5 words from the mouth of kek

and her pussy will explode

Islam banned internationally throughout the western world.

The left and all of its ideology will die in a series of mass executions and Sup Forums will arise as the leader of the free world

Race war now?

Aliens land. Trump shakes hands with tentacle monsters.

I have a happy 30 days.

Yes! Haha!


ayys confirmed

Japan Shall Be Brutally Attacked By "PrOjEcT gOdZiLlA" - SJW Squad To Bring Immigration And DIversity To The Nips... But They Reject Dat Shit

Also I Get Buttsecks With Zombie Bill Clonton

George Soros will die of natural causes.